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Chapter 386: Chapter 386: The Truth Back Then (2)

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Chapter 386: The Truth Back Then (2)

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Han Qianye explained, “At first, I thought of this possibility, but I still rejected it. It was because I didn’t know at that time that Li Xiwu was the former Li


At this point, Han Qianye looked up at Madam Di Xin with a serious expression. “Li You and Jingzhou were in love. I wouldn’t be too surprised if she had a child. But at that time, I thought she was Li Xiwu, someone who looked like Li You but wasn’t her. How could she have known Jingzhou early and given birth to a three-year-old Yaoyao?

This was very unreasonable.

Madam Di Xin spoke for Han Qianye. “So you thought at that time that Yaoyao was the illegitimate child of Jingzhou and another woman, or… that the child he gave birth to with Li You back then had nothing to do with the current Li Xiwu. It was only when you knew that Li Xiwu was Li You that you had a complete reason to suspect that Yaoyao was the child the two of them gave birth to in Country T, right?”

Han Qianye nodded. “Yes, that’s what I thought after that.” When she found out that Li Xiwu was Li You, was very sure that Yaoyao was Li Xiwu and Jingzhou’s son from Country T. After all, Li Xiwu had survived back then.

Yaoyao’s existence also became reasonable. Except, no matter how sure she was, she still needed to do a paternity test to confirm it. There was that tiny 1% even with that 99%. If she was wrong, Yaoyao had nothing to do with Li Xiwu. When the time came, things would be huge.

It affected Li Xiwu’s relationship with Jingzhou. So she’d been cautious and kept it to herself.

Madam Di Xin asked, “Then are you planning to do another paternity test for Yaoyao and Li You?”

Han Qianye nodded. “Yes.” After a moment, Han Qianye continued, “However, something went wrong in the process and temporarily hindered this plan.”

The hair follicles in Yaoyao’s hair could no longer be used. At that time, Yaoyao had already been brought back to Country T by Madam Di Xin. If she wanted to get Yaoyao’s DNA again, she had to come to Country T personally.

Seeing that dinner was about to start, Han Qianye took the opportunity to ask Madam Di Xin, “How was Yaoyao born back then? Was the age of Yaoyao correct? Also, was he born by Li Xiwu?”

Madam Di Xin could tell that Han Qianye was anxious. Han Qianye must have been holding it in for a long time after chatting so much just now. She had only asked now.

Madam Di Xin smiled and gave Han Qianye an affirmative answer. “Yaoyao was born by Li You. During Li You’s pregnancy, I accompanied her to many prenatal checkups. Also, Yaoyao was born prematurely. The ages you knew before didn’t match. Yaoyao wasn’t three years and four months old, but four years and three months old.”

When Han Qianye heard that Yaoyao was Li Xiwu’s biological son, she was extremely happy. Hearing that Yaoyao was a premature baby and about her age, Han Qianye held her breath. “Madam Di Xin, what happened back then?”

“Don’t be anxious.” Madam Di Xin looked at Han Qianye. “I know you’re very eager to know all this. Don’t be anxious. Let me finish first.”

Han Qianye suppressed the worry in her heart and nodded. “Go ahead.”

Madam Di Xin recalled everything that had happened back then and said tirelessly, “Yaoyao was a premature baby that was cut out in advance. His various physiques are not well developed, so he needs to stay in the incubator.

“Not long after Li You’s accident. I rushed to the and picked up Yaoyao, who had been in the incubator for more than fifty days. At that time, Yaoyao’s body had developed much better. He could also be fed at a normal temperature.”

Hearing Madam Di Xin’s words, Han Qianye sighed in her heart. “This child is lucky.”

“Not only is he lucky, but he also has a hard life.” A bitter smile appeared on Madam Di Xin’s lips. It was her heartache for Yaoyao. “Not long after he was born, his grandparents were no longer around, and his mother was no longer around. I originally planned to send Yaoyao back to Pei Jingzhou after I could contact him. At least, he would have a close relative to take care of him. However, when I planned to send Yaoyao back, I found out that Pei Jingzhou was married, so I decided not to send him back for the time being.”

Han Qianye lowered her eyes. “Three years ago, Jingzhou suddenly married a woman and she looked a little like Li You. Although I didn’t think that he had really moved on, I treated that woman as Li You’s substitute. It was the comfort of Jingzhou i s longing for Li You.”

Therefore, she did not investigate Li Xiwu’s true background at that time. Of course, even if she checked, she wouldn’t find anything wrong.

The atmosphere was a little gloomy.

Han Qianye blamed herself for not paying attention to the outside world back then. If she had been a little suspicious back then, even if she could not investigate it for the time being, as long as she was suspicious, it wouldn’t have taken so long…

Madam Di Xin asked Han Qianye, “Are you blaming yourself now?

Han Qianye did not speak and used silence to indicate her tacit agreement.

Pei Qingji, who had been sitting at the side without saying anything, suddenly asked) “Madam Di Xin, why was Yaoyao born prematurely? Did something happen back then?”

“It’s not an accident.” Madam Di Xin paused for a moment before continuing,

“You should know about MO Zhu’s illness back then, right?”

Pei Qingji nodded. “I know a little.”

Han Qianye said, “It’s leukemia. I heard that she left in pain.” She didn’t know why the topic mentioned MO Zhu, but since Madam Di Xin mentioned it, there must be a reason.

Madam Di Xin sighed. “Yes, leukemia. MO Zhu’s beautiful hair was all gone because of leukemia. Later on, she wore a wig for a long time.”

Although had never seen MO Zhu fall sick later, she remembered MO Zhu’s previous appearance very clearly.

In her memory, she was a very intellectual, capable, and beautiful woman. She had become the female mayor of Shen City at a young age and had contributed a lot to the development of Shen City. Many people remembered her, but they did not know that she had passed away due to illness.

At this moment, Madam Di Xin revealed the truth. “The MO family has no history of illness, and MO Zhu’s body has always been very good. There have never been any lesions in her hematopoietic cells. In addition, leukemia is not contagious. At that time, no one suspected the real reason why MO Zhu had leukemia.

“It wasn’t until the last few days of MO Zhu’s late stage that they knew that a virus had caused the abnormality of the hematopoietic function in MO Zhu’s body. And the reason for the virus was that MO Zhu followed Li Huaisheng to the neighboring countries around Country T.

“MO Zhu has always known, but she didn’t tell anyone and has always hidden it from Li Huaisheng.

“Later on, Li Huaisheng broke down when he found out the truth. After MO

Zhu passed away from illness, he was already prepared to leave with MO Zhu. However, at that time, there was chaos in Country T and my grandson was kidnapped. At the last moment, Li Huaisheng went to negotiate alone and successfully saved my grandson.”

At this point, Madam Di Xin suddenly became very agitated. Her voice was trembling. “He was able to send my grandson out. Actually, he could have survived, but he didn’t want to live like this at all. He made preparations in advance and handed Li You over to Pei Jingzhou. Then, he made everything right. In the end, he chose his own place and was obliterated by the cannon fire.”

Han Qianye’s eyes turned red when she heard this. “So much happened in

Country T back then…”

Pei Qingji had already guessed the answer. “I’ve heard that umbilical cord blood can save people with leukemia. The reason Yaoyao was born prematurely was because Li You had cut him out in advance to save her mother, right?”

Madam Di Xin nodded. “Yes.”

What Madam Di Xin said next shocked Han Qianye and Pei Qingji. Madam Di Xin said, “However, Li You didn’t expect that she would get pregnant without Pei Jingzhou knowing. Twins can’t reach their full term. If it was brought forward, it would be very risky for the two fetuses to survive. She knew very well that she had let Pei Jingzhou down and selfishly chose to save her mother, so she had been hiding her pregnancy from Pei Jingzhou..”

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