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Chapter 39

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Large-scale (Divorced) Blind Date Scene!

“Female guest number nine.”

“Female guest number nine?”

The host called her number nine twice before Li Xiwu came back to her senses. She wanted to see if Han Qianye had left, but she actually saw… Pei Jingzhou! Was it a hallucination? Wasn’t Pei Jiao originally sitting in that seat? How did it become Pei Jingzhou in the blink of an eye?

It had to be an illusion.

She ignored the host who called her twice and looked in the direction of the audience with uncertainty. The man was wearing a gray shirt and black pants. He sat there calmly, as if he had just come from a business trip. Even though the surroundings were noisy, he could not hide his elegance. He looked at her calmly, his lips curved, but his eyes were cold.

This time, Li Xiwu was sure that this was not an illusion. The man sitting there was really Pei Jingzhou!

The moment their eyes met, several hot entries floated into Li Xiwu’s mind:

# Large-scale (divorced) blind date scene: live! #

# Husband came to watch his wife’s fancy blind date! #

# Going out on a blind date behind her husband’s back and getting caught! #

Li Xiwu swallowed and silently wondered if she had spoken too loudly to Pei Jingzhou on the phone tonight…

“Female guest number nine?” Yu Qingye shouted for the third time.

At this moment, everyone on and off the stage looked at the ninth female guest on the stage and wondered what was wrong with her. Why did the host shout her name three times in a row?

Li Xiwu came back to her senses and looked at the host, Yu Qingye. She raised the microphone and said apologetically, “Sorry, I was a little distracted just now.”

Yu Qingye tried to smooth things over. “I can tell. Guest number nine must be thinking about what to have for supper tonight.”

The audience roared with laughter. Male guest number three laughed too.

Li Xiwu also replied, “Yes.” She looked calm and smiling, but she was actually extremely guilty because Pei Jingzhou was sitting below the stage.

At this moment, the male guest even asked her a question that added fuel to the fire.

The male guest asked, “I want to know more about female guest number nine. What do you think about having a child as soon as possible after we get married?”

For once, Li Xiwu was nervous. Her grip on the receiver tightened repeatedly. “Just… just let nature take its course.”

Male guest number three said, “That’s what I thought.”

Li Xiwu raised a very faint smile.

Because of Pei Jingzhou’s sudden arrival, Li Xiwu, who had always been calm in the face of everything, could no longer be calm. Her hands were not her hands, and her feet were not her feet. Every move she made felt very uncomfortable.

Han Qianye’s mood was similar to Li Xiwu’s, uneasy and guilty. She looked at her son, who was sitting beside her, and scolded Pei Jiao, this silly girl, in her heart several times.

The smile under Han Qianye’s mask was dry. “Son, that… that, I remember that I still have something to do. I have to go home.”

Pei Jingzhou did not even look up. “You haven’t seen your daughter-in-law hold someone else’s hand with your own eyes. Are you sure you want to leave?”

Han Qianye said innocently, “Son, if I say that I’m here to get rid of your rivals, would you believe me?”

Pei Jingzhou was expressionless. “Why wouldn’t I?”

Han Qianye couldn’t sit still anymore. She walked in a hurry. “Half of the rivals have been ridden off. You can get rid of the rest yourself. I’m going to do a full set of skincare tonight. I’ll leave first.”

After saying this, Han Qianye quickly slipped away.

On the stage.

By the third round of questions, Li Xiwu was once again named by the male guest.

Guest number three seemed to be quite interested in her. “I want to know more about Guest number nine. Do you have any opinions on being a full-time wife after marriage?”

The question was not as difficult to answer as it had been for Li Xiwu.

She tried not to look at Pei Jingzhou, who was under the stands, and adjusted her hand gesture to hold the microphone. “Girls should have their own careers at all times. Of course, this doesn’t mean that girls have to be strong. If two people are married because they love each other, then they should maintain their pre-marriage status even more after marriage. Both parties have careers. They shouldn’t be too clingy to each other. When they are close, they should warm each other up. When they are apart, they should be kings.”

She did not directly say that she disapproved of being a full-time wife. But the meaning of the words had been outlined.

The male guest expressed his thoughts. “I think girls should be used to be protected innately. There’s no need to be too strong. It’s best to rely on men more usually. I like this sense of accomplishment and it will give her a sense of security.”

There were already female guests who agreed with the male guest. Girls should be weak and dependent. Only then would they be happy. Girls who were too dominant were never happy.

Li Xiwu smiled and leaned forward with the microphone in her hand, but she placed her arm on the pillar in front of her and looked straight at guest number three. “My point is that girls should have their own careers. I didn’t say that women have to be strong. Also, all girls are human, not objects. They shouldn’t be described with the word ‘used.’ Please watch your words, guest number three.”

Guest number three felt a little embarrassed. “I just think that when both parties are in love, if the woman goes to work, and the couple spend more time apart than together, it will slowly fade away the originally good relationship.”

Compared to the rational explanation of guest number three, Li Xiwu replied bluntly, “I don’t agree with you, guest number three.”

Male guest number three paused. The host wanted to stop the conversation at the right moment. This was a dating show, not a boy-girl rivalry show. However, seeing that the two emotional analysts did not speak, Yu Qingye could only control his mouth first.

Li Xiwu did not want to attract too much attention. She could have answered casually and perfunctorily, but it just so happened that the question of the third male guest really happened in her life. She had also tried to save it.

Compared to before, her tone was calm and steady. “Whether you’re a full-time wife or not, attached or not attached, someone will regret it. Neither man or woman is an Aladdin. They can’t completely satisfy the other’s wishes and thoughts. Don’t try to reverse the other’s worldview to what you think is right.”

Male guest number three was at a loss for words and smiled awkwardly.

The conversation ended. There was a small round of applause from the audience. Some agreed with guest number nine, while others disagreed. She didn’t need everyone’s approval in the first place. No one was born the same when it came to opinions. What everyone was looking for was resonance, not a few empty words.

The third male guest did not ask Li Xiwu any more questions. The other female guests had probably been influenced by Li Xiwu’s point of view. They had wanted to leave the lights on, but in the end, they all went out. In the end, the third male guest could only leave regretfully.

Li Xiwu breathed a little easier. Fortunately, the first male guest had already left when Pei Jingzhou arrived. Otherwise, that scene…

There would be moral constraints when it came to openly cheating. She was definitely not as immoral as Pei Jingzhou. Even if… she wanted to make Pei Jingzhou a cuckold, she would do it behind his back. That way, morality would not restrain her.

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