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Chapter 390: Chapter 390: Being Firmly Chosen

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Chapter 390: Being Firmly Chosen

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The atmosphere in the dining room was very good.

Yaoyao also ate obediently. However, compared to the continuous conversation with Li Xiwu, there was much silence during the meal. Whatever Pei Jingzhou and Li Xiwu picked up for him, he would eat a little. If he couldn’t eat, he wouldn’t eat too much. He didn’t force himself.

However, the problem they had to face after dinner was how to persuade Yaoyao to go home with Li Xiwu and Pei Jingzhou.

Pei Jingzhou was already communicating with Yaoyao.

It was obvious that Pei Jingzhou’s communication did not seem to be very effective. Yaoyao was very obedient in front of Pei Jingzhou, but it seemed to be a relatively difficult task to follow the two of them this time. Yaoyao was clearly unwilling.

As for why…

Boyuan saw Li Xiwu’s worry and pulled her to the side. “Actually… there’s something I haven’t told you.”

Li Xiwu turned to look at Boyuan. “What is it?”

At this moment, Li Xiwu was too sensitive. When she heard Boyuan say that there was still something she had not told her, she was afraid that it was something serious, especially if it was related to Yaoyao.

Seeing that Li Xiwu looked a little nervous, Boyuan quickly said, “Don’t think too much about it first. It’s not a big deal. I just found it by chance after you left this afternoon.”

Li Xiwu nodded. “Go ahead.”

Boyuan looked up at Yaoyao and then at Youyou, who looked a little unhappy. She said slowly, “The reason why Yaoyao ignored you after you came today is actually because he saw you walk past him with Youyou in your arms that day.”

As she spoke, Boyuan couldn’t help but sigh. “Although children are carefree, their minds are also very sensitive, especially children like Yaoyao. Their minds are several times more sensitive than other children.

“When he returned to Country T, I heard from my mother that Yaoyao was actually in a very bad state. He should have been fantasizing that you could meet him or pick him up, but you didn’t come.

“My mother instructed my brother to send Yaoyao to the capital and tried to contact you to probe you. Then, he would find an opportunity to explain

Yaoyao’s identity. I thought that when Yaoyao saw you, his mood would improve a little, but he bumped into you with Youyou in advance. Therefore, in Yaoyao’s opinion, he was simply chosen by you once and was decisively abandoned by you.”

Upon hearing this, how could Li Xiwu not understand? She lowered her eyes and said in an extremely self-reproachful tone, “So what Youyou saw that day was Yaoyao. Yaoyao also saw Youyou. It’s just that we were out of tune. No wonder…

Yaoyao thought he was the one chosen. However, when he saw another child about his age being hugged by Li Xiwu and Pei Jingzhou, he would also be disappointed and sad. He would think that he was not good enough and was abandoned.

Li Xiwu said, “No wonder Yaoyao was unwilling to acknowledge me after seeing me today. It was like seeing a stranger. At that time, I was still wondering if Yaoyao had forgotten about me because I hadn’t seen him for a while…

Boyuan said, “How could that be? How could Yaoyao bear to forget you?”

Li Xiwu looked up at Yaoyao, who was not far away. The child’s face was tense and his lips were tightly pursed. He looked like he had no intention of compromising at all.

Li Xiwu was about to go over when Boyuan stopped her. “Wait, Li You.”

Li Xiwu paused and turned to look at Boyuan. Boyuan reminded Li Xiu,

“Concern makes you confused.” This reminder did immediately remind Li Xiwu. Boyuan continued) “Now that you know why Yaoyao ignored you, are you going to coax him with a promise? Yaoyao is on guard. He only believes in the temporary and not the long-term. He’s very afraid of being abandoned.” That was a very important reason. However, Li Xiwu ignored it.

That was why Boyuan reminded her that Yaoyao would not believe her if she only promised him. He would only appear obedient on the surface, but there was a barrier in his heart. Knowing that he was not the only one, he would seal his heart even more.

Boyuan gestured to Li Xiwu. “Look at Youyou beside you.”

Li Xiwu turned her gaze to Youyou, who was standing at the side. Because Pei Jingzhou was talking to Yaoyao, Youyou stood there quietly and watched with a lonely expression.

“Li You, you’re a very smart person. You can see clearly at any time and understand the most. The reason why you’re confused about Yaoyao is because you’re worried.” Boyuan got to the point.

Because she did not remind Li You at this moment, Li You realized that she had missed something.

Boyuan said, “These two children separated before they were even full-term, let alone grew up together. Neither side knows that the other is their twin brother and sister. Not only Yaoyao, but Youyou will also wonder if she will be abandoned if another child suddenly comes. Will the joy she obtain be short-lived?”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips. “I know what you mean.”

Boyuan breathed a sigh of relief. “I’m glad you’re rational now and can listen to me carefully.”

Throughout the entire process, Boyuan advised Li Xiwu sincerely. To Li Xiwu, this affection was especially precious.

She already understood Boyuan’s intentions and nodded at her. “Yaoyao will stay here with you for now. I’ll come over often to see him during this period of time. When he’s willing to open his heart to me again, I’ll take him home.”

She paused for a moment and brought up something more important. “The psychotherapist contacted by Pei Jingzhou will come over tomorrow if nothing goes wrong. I’ll come over too.”

“Mr. Pei is indeed efficient.” Boyuan was relieved to hear that the psychotherapist had been found. ‘You can just come over tomorrow. I’ll be at home.”

Li Xiwu nodded. “Okay.” She turned around and walked towards Pei Jingzhou.

Seeing her come over, Pei Jingzhou stood up and shook his head silently at Li Xiwu. “No matter what I say, he will listen. But he is still unwilling to come with us.”

Li Xiwu took a deep breath, and her originally tense expression softened. “Boyuan’s words just reminded me that it’s understandable that Yaoyao isn’t willing to come with us now.” With that, Li Xiwu shook her head at Pei Jingzhou. “He doesn’t feel safe.”

Pei Jingzhou quickly understood what Li Xiwu meant. Li Xiwu gestured. “Go coax Youyou. I’ll talk to Yaoyao for a while. After that, we’ll go home first. I’ll come back tomorrow.”

Pei Jingzhou understood that this was the only way.

After Pei Jingzhou went over to accompany Youyou, Li Xiwu walked to Yaoyao. She leaned over to hug Yaoyao. Yaoyao was not in a good mood, but he did not resist Li Xiwu’s contact. He let Li Xiwu pick him up and place him on the sofa beside her.

Right on the heels of that, she squatted down in front of Yaoyao and reached out to touch his hair. She said gently, “Baby Yaoyao, I won’t be very busy with work recently. I’ll have a lot of time to come over and play with you. We have to go back tonight. I’ll come back tomorrow.”

Yaoyao listened quietly and said nothing.

Li Xiwu smiled faintly. “I mean what I say. I’ll definitely come tomorrow because I like you very much.”

That “I like you very much” made Yaoyao’s pupils lose focus for a moment..

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