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Chapter 392: Chapter 392: A Burning Look

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Chapter 392: A Burning Look

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The next day, Li Xiwu was going to the company for a morning meeting and asked for leave from the higher-ups. Pei Jingzhou would send Youyou to kindergarten this morning. Pei Jingzhou was holding Youyou’s small school bag. Youyou stood on tiptoe. “I’ll carry my own school bag.”

“Okay.” Pei Jingzhou agreed and bent down to place the small bag on Youyou’s back.

Youyou wrapped her hands around the straps of her bag and looked up at Pei Jingzhou. “If only Yaoyao would go to school with me in the future.”

Hearing this, Pei Jingzhou squatted down and carefully tidied Youyou’s bangs. “This day will come, and this day will come soon.”

Li Xiwu, who had already packed up, walked out. Seeing that the father and daughter were talking, she brought the milk to Youyou. “You’re so happy. What did Dad tell you?

Youyou held the glass of warm fresh milk. “Daddy said that I can go to school with yaoyao soon.”

Li Xiwu looked at Pei Jingzhou.

Pei Jingzhou said, “It won’t take long.”

Li Xiwu smiled gently. “Yes, not for long.”

Pei Jingzhou stood up, and so did Li Xiwu. She helped Pei Jingzhou tidy his collar bow tie, and Pei Jingzhou looked at her deeply.

How could Li Xiwu not feel Pei Jingzhou’s burning gaze in front of her? When she was almost done tidying up, she looked up at Pei Jingzhou. “I’ve already received a call from the psychotherapist. We’ve agreed on a time. I’ll go over to see him after my morning meeting. There’s no hurry to come over. Deal with your work first.”

Pei Jingzhou lowered his eyes and glanced at her hand. Then he raised his hand to hers and kissed it. “Okay.”

Li Xiwu asked, “Fourth Brother, do you have something to say?

Hearing this, Pei Jingzhou smiled. “You know what I’m thinking with a look.

Look what this means.”

Li Xiwu smiled. “What does that mean?

Pei Jingzhou said, “It means that my wife loves me very much.”

Li Xiwu snorted and laughed at him. “Look at you. You don’t look like a man who’s turning thirty. Instead, you look like a young boy who has just fallen in love.”

Pei Jingzhou leaned forward slightly. “A young boy who has just experienced love will say sweet nothings to his girlfriend. It’s nice, but it might not be reliable. And I’m your husband. Not only are sweet nothings nice, but they’re also reliable. That’s the difference.”

Li Xiwu chuckled and pushed him gently. “Alright, alright, alright. Reliable, especially reliable. I have to go out.”

Pei Jingzhou replied gently, “Okay.”

The morning meeting would take about half an hour. It would take another half an hour to apply for leave and leave the company. It was estimated that the time to meet the mental therapist was just right. If she was delayed at home, there would not be enough time later.

Youyou had already finished her milk. But she took it and put it away herself. She hopped around with her small school bag on her back. Li Xiwu walked forward and bent down to kiss Youyou’s forehead. “Mommy is going to work. Daddy will send you to kindergarten today. Mommy will pick you up after school.”

Youyou nodded obediently. “Okay~” Then, she raised her hand and waved at Li

Xiwu. “Bye, Mommy~”

Li Xiwu smiled.

It was true that she was very happy, but there was something missing from this happiness. Previously, she didn’t know and couldn’t say what it was that she was missing, but now she knew. What she was missing was Yaoyao.

The family of four was considered complete.

She waved goodbye to Youyou before leaving. She drove to the office. After the morning meeting ended, the other higher-ups left. Li Xiwu stayed.

Qi Jiangchi, who had yet to leave, adjusted his posture to a comfortable and lazy sitting posture. Without anyone around, he did not have to maintain his image as a boss. He could do whatever he wanted.

He looked up at Li Xiwu, who was tidying up the documents, and teased, “It’s said that people are in high spirits when they’re happy. It seems that Miss Li has encountered a happy occasion. Tell me about it and make me happy.”

Li Xiwu organized the documents in front of her and pushed them to the side of her hand. “Did I really put my feelings on my face?

Qi Jiangchi raised his chin. “There are five words written on your face: I’m in a good mood.”

Li Xiwu smiled. “It’s a private matter. I’m happy. I’ll enjoy it alone.”

Qi Jiangchi pursed his lips. “Tsk!”

At this moment, the morning meeting was over. There was no need to talk about work.

Putting aside their superior-subordinate relationship, the two of them chatted as friends. When they were almost done chatting, Li Xiwu planned to cut to the chase. She naturally couldn’t be self-righteous about always taking leave, so she didn’t mention it directly.

Qi Jiangchi seemed to know what she was going to say. Before she could speak, he said, “I’m sharing something happy with you.”

Li Xiwu asked, “What is it?”

Qi Jiangchi adjusted his sitting posture and leaned forward. “Hua Guan Media is about to be listed.”

This news came so suddenly that Li Xiwu was surprised. “When?”

Qi Jiangchi smiled meaningfully. “Probably at the beginning of next year.”

At the beginning of next year. It was the end of the year now. That was almost immediate.

Li Xiwu asked, “Why didn’t I hear you mention this at the morning meeting?

Logically speaking, the morning meeting would definitely mention such an important matter like the company’s listing. It would quickly spread internally in preparation for next year’s listing.

However, at the morning meeting just now, Qi Jiangchi did not mention that the company was going public in front of the higher-ups. This puzzled Li Xiwu.

Seeing Li Xiwu’s reaction, Qi Jiangchi couldn’t help but laugh. “Are you guessing if I was lying to you just now?

Li Xiwu continued, “I’m guessing if something happened inside the company.”

Qi Jiangchi laughed. “As expected, we’re not on the same channel.”

Li Xiwu looked puzzled. “What do you mean?

“It means that the company is indeed going public. The time will be faster than I expected. I didn’t lie to you when I said that it’s the beginning of the year. It’s just that I’m not prepared yet, so I didn’t mention this today. But soon, the entire company will know that Hua Guan Media is going public at the beginning of the year.”

Qi Jiangchi finished speaking in one breath. Although she did not say why the company could be listed as soon as possible, Li Xiwu understood the reason after some thought.

Qi Jiangchi took in the expression on Li Xiwu’s face and knew that she understood. “In a week, the shares will be approved by the securities regulator. After they’re completed, they’ll be ready to be issued. There’s a big boss overseeing the fund-raising. I’ll just cross my legs and wait for the day the company goes public.”

Who else could it be other than Pei Jingzhou when it comes to ‘big boss’? Li Xiwu did not expect it at first because the news that the company was about to go public was very sudden. Under normal circumstances, they had to wait until the end of next year for Hua Guan Media to be listed. The company had to make a hit to drive the listing.

And just now, Qi Jiangchi had deliberately revealed the reason why it was listed. Li Xiwu’s reaction was not slow, and she quickly understood why it was listed so quickly.

Pei Jingzhou had spent money on Hua Guan Media!

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