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Chapter 395: Chapter 395: So Gentle That One Can ‘t Refuse

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Chapter 395: So Gentle That One Can ‘t Refuse

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Pei Jiao was at a loss. “Mom, who are you talking about?”

Han Qianye thought about it seriously and could not remember that person’s full name for the time being. “I forgot that kid’s name. Didn’t I give you his contact on WeChat some time ago? Anyway, his surname is Qin, and he’s MO Yujin’s son.”


Pei Jiao thought about it carefully and roughly remembered who it was. However, she didn’t admit that she remembered who it was. She said in a perfunctory tone, “I don’t remember. I’ll look through the recent friend addition records later.”

Han Qianye said angrily, ‘Your memory is bad at such a young age. Eat more walnuts to nourish your brain. It’s fine if you’re at home every day, but you only know about Makka Pakka outside.”

Pei Jiao was speechless. Seeing that her mother was about to leave in a hurry, Pei Jiao shouted, “Mom, where are you going? Are you coming back tonight?” Han Qianye said, “I’m going to see my grandson and granddaughter. I’ll be back later.” When the words came, Han Qianye had already walked far away. Uncle Dong had to jog to catch up and arrange the car Han Qianye needed to go out immediately.

Pei Jiao raised her hand to support her chin, savoring her mother’s words. “Grandson? Granddaughter?”

Sister-in-law gave birth? No, how long had it been since she last saw her sister-in-law? That slim waist was even thinner than hers. How long had it been since she had a child? It should be someone else’s child.

Buzz buzz buzz.

The phone in her pocket vibrated.

Pei Jiao guessed that it was a call from Beike. Last night, Beike had sent her a message saying that there would be a list today. He should be calling to dump the list for her. It seemed that she was not far from the day she would live an early retirement life.

Just thinking about it made her feel good. She took out her phone and was about to answer Beike’s call when she looked down. It was not Beike’s call, but an unfamiliar call from Nanzhou. Nanzhou, how far away was that…

It wasn’t easy to guess.

After hesitating for a moment, Pei Jiao picked up the phone. “Hello.”

A warm voice came on the line. “Hello, I’m Wei Yu.” wei Yu?!!

Of course Pei Jiao remembered the name Wei Yu. But how did Wei Yu get her number? And call her?

“Are you Pei Jiao?

Just as Pei Jiao was wondering why Wei Yu had called her, Wei Yu’s question came from the phone.

She cleared her throat. “Ahem, it’s me.” Then she asked, “Um, why did you call me?”

She wanted to ask him where he’d gotten her number, but on second thought, the two of them were engaged as children, and they were both in aristocratic circles. It should be easy for Wei Yu to get her number. She just didn’t know why Wei Yu had called her.

On the phone, Wei Yu asked her, “Do you remember me?

Pei Jiao nodded through the phone. “I remember. You’re Wei Yu.”

Wei Yu’s voice was as gentle as before. “Then do you remember that there was a betrothal between us?

Pei Jiao wondered if there was going to be a marriage alliance when Wei Yu suddenly called her to mention the betrothal.

So soon? She had yet to live a retirement life. If she got married, wouldn’t she have no freedom?

Just as Pei Jiao was feeling all sorts of worries, Wei Yu on the other end of the line said, “Are you at home tomorrow? I want to visit the Pei Residence.” Pei Jiao gestured with the tip of her nose. “Visit our house…?

Wei Yu: “Yes, do you think tomorrow will be okay? If so, I’ll tell Uncle Pei.”

Pei Jiao changed the topic and asked, “You just returned to the country, right?”

Wei Yu: “Yes.”

Pei Jiao smiled and said, “Look, you just returned to the country. Your old friends should be waiting to meet you…”

She wasn’t finished, but the meaning to be expressed was more obvious, when

Wei Yu said, “Is tomorrow inappropriate?”

His voice was just too gentle. It was hard to refuse. The new list that Beike had mentioned would be completed tonight. She was indeed at home tomorrow, so it was really not easy to refuse. This time, Pei Jiao did not hesitate and replied, “Yes, it’s appropriate. I’ll be at home tomorrow.”

Wei Yu smiled gently. “Okay, I’ll come over tomorrow.”

After the call ended, Pei Jiao’s mind was filled with that gentle voice. It was no wonder that she was impressed. It was mainly because her brother was cold and her brother was noisy. The friends she knew were either unrestrained or unruly.

And Wei Yu was something that had happened when she was a child. Unexpectedly, after decades of not seeing each other, Wei Yu had become her ideal type just by relying on his voice.

The cell phone vibrated in her hand again.

This time, it was Beike. Pei Jiao picked it up.

When Beike heard this, goosebumps rose all over his body. “Did you take the wrong medicine?

Pei Jiao’s expression instantly darkened, and her voice returned to normal.

“You’re the one who took the wrong medicine!”

Beike asked, “Then why was your tone strange just now?

Pei Jiao was overjoyed and unaware. “How is it strange?

Beike: “Damn coquettish.”

Pei Jiao:

Beike’s call was indeed to dump the list, but Pei Jiao did not remember what list Beike had dumped for her until the call ended. Her mind was filled with the gentle voice of Wei Yu. She realized belatedly that she was infatuated!

She told herself that a gentle voice was secondary. She had to look at his appearance. If his voice was gentle alone, what if Wei Yu’s food had been too good all these years and he became a fatty?

Shell think about it tomorrow.

At this moment, Pei Jiao did not know what would happen tomorrow. It might even change the choice she would make in her life.

On the Lu family’s side.

Ever since the appearance of the psychotherapist, Yaoyao had been very resistant to meeting the psychotherapist, let alone communicating with him.

He hid in his room and did not even see Li Xiwu.

Although this situation was troublesome, the psychotherapist had his own way.

At this moment, Dr. Xu had already communicated with Li Xiwu and chose to use the aromatherapy on Yaoyao.

Li Xiwu didn’t know much about aromatherapy, but she was concerned about Yaoyao, so she still asked carefully about the effects of aromatherapy.

Dr. Xu answered her, “Mrs. Pei, aromatherapy can be inhaled through the sense of smell and enter the cerebral cortex and peripheral system, thereby improving the patient’s nervous system and reducing the extreme reaction to sensory stimulation in autistic patients. It can allow the patient to relax and calm down before slowly undergoing speech training.”

Although Li Xiwu did not understand psychology, Dr. Xu’s words were easy to understand. She nodded. “Then let’s begin.”

The aromatherapy could indeed be very effective on Yaoyao. Compared to the resistance he had when he first met Dr. Xu, after the fragrance was inhaled into the cerebral cortex, Yaoyao’s emotions were clearly much calmer.

After Yaoyao calmed down, Li Xiwu needed to go out, but Yaoyao refused to let go of the corner of her shirt. Seeing this, Dr. Xu turned to Li Xiwu and said,

“He depends on you.”

Li Xiwu was slightly stunned. She knew that Yaoyao liked her. However, she did not know that Yaoyao relied on her. As Yaoyao had never expressed it, Li Xiwu did not feel it.

Dr. Xu added, “In this situation, patients mainly express themselves from the bottom of their hearts..”

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