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Chapter 396: Chapter 396: Being Followed

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Chapter 396: Being Followed

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Li Xiwu understood what Dr. Xu meant. In other words, whatever Yaoyao was not good at expressing or what he really wanted to do, at this moment, he would bravely do it and say it. Li Xiwu leaned over slightly and asked Yaoyao, “Do you not want me to leave?

Yaoyao replied, ‘Wim.”

Dr. Xu said, “He expressed his true thoughts to you and dared to say them.”

Li Xiwu smiled knowingly and held Yaoyao’s hand. “I’m not leaving. I’ll stay here with you.”

Yaoyao’s lips curved, and a faint smile appeared on his lips. Seeing the smile on Yaoyao’s face, Li Xiwu realized that Yaoyao had dimples like Youyou. To be exact, his dimples are at the bottom of his mouth.

He had to grin to notice the dimples. Previously, she did not realize, so there was no comparison. After comparing, she realized that other than their looks, the siblings were much similar.

Next, Dr. Xu began his treatment. Two hours passed and finally Yaoyao fell asleep. Dr. Xu exhaled and whispered to Li Xiwu, “Mrs. Pei, the treatment on the first day was very successful.”

Li Xiwu had accompanied Yaovao the entire time, so she could naturally tell that today’s treatment was very successful. Especially with the help of the fragrance, Yaoyao’s current state was equivalent to recalibrating. The subsequent speech training was also very smooth. She said sincerely to Dr. Xu,

“Thank you, Dr. Xu.”

Dr. Xu quickly said, “This is my job.”

Afraid that they would disturb Yaoyao’s peaceful sleep, Li Xiwu and Dr. Xu came out first. After closing the door, Dr. Xu continued, “Coupled with the aromatherapy, the initial effect is very good for the patient. However, we can’t use this method all the time.” Without waiting for Li Xiwu to ask, Dr. Xu continued, “The treatment method after that will gradually progress to ABA training. I’ll tell you and Mr. Pei in detail after this training.”

Li Xiwu nodded and asked, “How long will that take?”

This time, Dr. Xu did not give a definite answer. Instead, he hesitated for a moment before saying, “We can’t estimate it with the minimum number of days yet. We’ll have to see the effect next week.”

Li Xiwu understood what Dr. Xu meant. “I understand. I’ll cooperate fully with your psychological treatment of Yaoyao.”

After Doctor Xu left, the smile on Li Xiwu’s face increased.

Yaoyao’s condition was improving, and as the treatment progressed, it would completely improve. How could she not be happy? Boyuan looked at the smile on Li Xiwu’s face and walked over. “The psychotherapist that Mr. Pei contacted is really good. The one overseas really can’t do it.”

Li Xiwu asked, “Did Madam Di Xin arrange a psychotherapist for Yaoyao when she was in Country T?”

Boyuan replied, “The psychotherapist never interfere in the past. Just some time ago, when Yaoyao was sent to the capital, his condition was really bad.

He didn’t eat and even fell seriously ill…”

Boyuan quickly stopped talking. She turned to look at Li Xiwu and blamed herself. “Look at me. I spoke too quickly. I didn’t realize that saying this would make you feel uncomfortable.”

Li Xiwu shook her head. “It’s fine. Continue. I also want to know what happened to Yaoyao some time ago.” Boyuan hesitated.

Li Xiwu said, “I’m really fine. Tell me.”

Seeing that Li Xiwu really wanted to hear it. Boyuan continued. “A while ago. after Yaoyao returned to Country T from the capital, his condition was still a little better at first. I heard that after watching the variety show you went on, his emotional state completely collapsed.

“My mother was too worried. She took care of Yaoyao for a few days and exhausted her body. My brothers heart ached when he saw Yaoyao. He was afraid that his body would not be able to take it if Yaoyao continued in this state, so he arranged for a psychotherapist.

“This psychotherapist used medicine to interfere from the beginning, causing Yaoyao, whose stomach was already weak, to vomit and have diarrhea. After my brother discussed it with my mother, my brother hurriedly sent Yaoyao to the capital.”

With every word, Boyuan would sneak a look at Li Xiwu’s expression. She was afraid that she would break down.

Fortunately, Li Xiwu had been quite calm and composed.

Li Xiwu understood the reason and took a deep breath. “Yaoyao was waiting for me to pick him up in Country T, but when he saw that I was still happily participating in the show on television, he was disappointed in me.”

Boyuan comforted her. “You didn’t know at that time, did you? But this will never happen again. You and Mr. Pei will always be by Yaoyao’s side.”

Li Xiwu nodded. “Yes, I will.”

Before three o’clock, Pei Jingzhou came to the Lu residence to guard the unconscious Yaoyao. He did not mention to Li Xiwu about his meeting with Gu Lanshi today. After that, Li Xiwu and Boyuan went to Shuoguo Kindergarten to pick up Little Jingzhe and Youyou from school.

On the way, Li Xiwu and Boyuan chatted. Neither of them noticed that a car had been following them.

Until Li Xiwu received a call from Han Qianye

“Xixi) are you home?

Li Xiwu guessed that Han Qianye must have returned. She did not ask immediately and answered Han Qianye’s question first. “Auntie, I’m not at home now. I’ll go back later.”

Han Qianye asked, “Then are you in the company?

Li Xiwu said, “No, I took leave.”

Han Qianye asked again, “Are you going home tonight?”

“Yes, but it might be a little late. Auntie, are you and Uncle back?” After

answering, sne asked.

Han Qianye slept until the afternoon. She rushed to Lake Lu and learned that there was no one at home. Then, she rushed to Hua Guan Media and learned that Li Xiwu had applied for leave. Every time she was left out in the cold, Han Qianye was not discouraged. She quickly called Li Xiwu again.

After knowing that Li Xiwu would only return at night, Han Qianye was a little disappointed. She replied, “Yes, I came back this morning and slept.

Unexpectedly, I slept until the afternoon.”

Li Xiwu smiled faintly. “Did Auntie have a good time overseas?

Han Qianye immediately said, “You know that I’m overseas?

“I know,” Li Xiwu said. “I heard from Fourth Brother that you and Uncle went to Malaysia.”

“No, I didn’t go to Malaysia.” Han Qianye told Li Xiwu the truth. “Xixi, I went to Country T. I went to see Madam Di Xin.”

Hearing this, Li Xiwu lowered her eyes and remained silent. It was unclear on the phone. Han Qianye was afraid that she would disturb Li Xiwu if she spoke for too long. “Since you’re back tonight, come back tonight. I have something to tell you.”

Li Xiwu agreed. “Okay.”

After ending the call, Li Xiwu held her cell phone and her eyes lost focus for a moment.

Boyuan, who was beside her, could tell that there was something wrong with her expression. She asked with concern, “I saw that your expression was a little strange after you answered the call. Did something happen?

Li Xiwu looked up and shook her head. “Nothing.”

“By the way, I realized that you seemed to call Mrs. Pei Mom on the show. Why do you call her Auntie in reality?”

No one could be blamed for conspiracy theories.

After all, Li Xiwu and Pei Jingzhou were so loving and had a good relationship with her mother-in-law on the show. However, she called her auntie so distantly in private. Boyuan couldn’t help but think more. “Is it true that Mrs. Pei didn’t accept you at all? Is everything on the show for the audience?”

Li Xiwu shook her head. “No, I’m not used to calling her Mom.”

Boyuan restrained her voice and whispered, “Is it because of your mother?”

Li Xiwu smiled faintly and was about to answer when the driver in front

lowered his voice and reminded her, “Mrs. Lu, Mrs. Pei, there’s a car following us..”

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