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Chapter 41: 41 Husband and Wife

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41 Husband and Wife

Qiao Qiao: [Sisters, remember to mention the name Qiao Qiao when you go to the plastic surgery hospital you want me to share. I’ll give you a 20% discount.]

Qiao Qiao: [I only asked the plastic surgery hospital manager for a 20% discount after using all my spit. Remember to tell him my name when you go!]

Qiao Qiao: [If there’s no 20% discount, then you must not have mentioned my name. Don’t blame me!]

These were three consecutive WeChat messages from Qiao Qiao in the group.

Many people were replying to Qiao Qiao: [It’s true sisters to share good plastic surgery hospitals.], [20% discount. Why don’t we form a team?], [Qiao Qiao, I’ll ask you out another day. Can you take me there?]

The replies went on and on.

Li Luo saw Lu Cheng’s expression change drastically and added fuel to the fire. “Mr. Lu, I’m not lying to you, right? Qiao Qiao has a plastic face. She didn’t look like this in the past.”

Now, Lu Cheng had no choice but to believe it! This woman who looked like Mrs. Pei actually had a plastic face. He should have known. A fairy like Mrs. Pei was rare in a hundred years. How could he easily meet someone who looked similar to her? It turns out she had actually undergone plastic surgery.

At the thought that he had been deceived by this plastic face, Lu Cheng was very angry. He stuffed the milk tea into Li Luo’s hands and went forward to grab Li Xiwu’s arm. “You used all kinds of reasons to reject me on stage. I thought you were so lofty and cold. But it turns out you had a plastic surgery face. It’s fine if you had plastic surgery, but you even did it according to her face. Why are you so disgusting!”

Li Xiwu, who had been harassed and scolded for no reason, looked at Lu Cheng in confusion. “I’m disgusting?”

At close range, Lu Cheng looked at those beautiful eyes and his heart palpitated again. However, when he thought that these eyes should have been modified, he immediately looked disgusted. “What’s there to be proud of with your plastic surgery face? It’s really disgusting.”

Li Xiwu smiled. “May I ask which eye I disgust you with, Mr. Lu? Your left eye or your right eye? I have a familiar hospital here. Do I need to help you contact the hospital to remove your eye that was disgusted?”

Lu Cheng was stunned.

Li Luo, who was watching the show, walked over. “Qiao Qiao, Mr. Lu is very sincere to you, but you don’t appreciate it and even brought your mother to humiliate him on stage. I can’t stand it anymore.”

Li Xiwu narrowed her eyes. “If you can’t stand it, don’t continue watching. Don’t abuse your eyes.”

Li Luo choked and was about to say something. Then a man walked towards her. This man’s appearance immediately diverted Li Luo’s attention. Her eyes widened slightly, and her heart raced.

What a handsome man! How could there be such a handsome man? All the male celebrities in the movies paled in comparison to this man. Besides, he seemed to be walking towards… her? Is this real? He was really walking towards her!

Li Luo could no longer hide her excitement. Just as she was prepared to welcome the man, she saw the man standing in front of the Plastic Face!

Li Luo: “…”

It was Plastic Face again! This Plastic Face was really a vixen. Li Luo was furious and was about to step forward when she saw Mr. Lu walk forward faster than her and address him in a very respectful tone, “Mr. Pei.”

Pei Jingzhou glanced at Lu Cheng coldly.

Lu Cheng did not expect to see Mr. Pei here in person. He was very excited.

Thinking back, the last time he saw Pei Jingzhou in person was at a large business cocktail party. He had to fight tooth and nail to get a spot to go to that large cocktail party. It was also at that cocktail party that he not only saw Pei Jingzhou in person, but also saw Mrs. Pei, that woman who was as beautiful as a fairy.

And tonight, he saw Pei Jingzhou in person again, and it was at such a close distance. This was too flattering for Lu Cheng.

Lu Cheng knew that he was not qualified to shake Pei Jingzhou’s hand, but this was a rare opportunity. He bent down and extended his hand respectfully. “Mr. Pei, I’ve heard a lot about you. It’s my greatest honor to meet you.”

Lu Cheng was not in the mood to investigate why Pei Jingzhou was here. He had to take this opportunity to speak to Pei Jingzhou. Even if it was just a few words, it was enough for him to brag to his friends for a long time.

Pei Jingzhou looked at Lu Cheng. “Is it your greatest honor to see me?”

Lu Cheng nodded quickly. “Yes, Mr. Pei. My name is Lu Cheng. I’m from United Technology…”

Before Lu Cheng could finish introducing himself, Pei Jingzhou’s thin lips curled into a cold smile. “Since it’s your greatest honor to see me, what about meeting Mrs. Pei?”

Lu Cheng was stunned. Meeting Mrs. Pei? Could it be that Mrs. Pei was here too? He craned his neck to look behind Pei Jingzhou. It had been several months since the last cocktail party. At that time, he had a glimpse of Mrs. Pei’s cold appearance and could not forget her.

Lu Cheng looked around a few times but did not see Mrs. Pei. He could only ask, “Mr. Pei, is Mrs. Pei here too?”

Pei Jingzhou’s voice deepened. “Isn’t she behind you?”

Lu Cheng: “…”

He turned back slowly.

Li Xiwu looked at Lu Cheng’s frightened expression and raised her lips. “Mr. Lu, your eyes are indeed not very good. I suggest that you take off both your eyes. When you can’t see in the future, you can only rely on your nonsense to strive.”

Lu Cheng’s eyes widened in shock. “You, you, you… are Mrs. Pei?” He repeated the word ‘you’ several times before he finished his sentence.

He was clearly shocked and… in a state of disbelief! Didn’t this woman have plastic surgery? Wasn’t she here to participate in the blind date show? How did she become Mrs. Pei?!

No, no! He must have opened this the wrong way. But the truth slapped him twice. He heard Mr. Pei ask Miss Qiao, “Are you done playing?” His voice was slightly cold and deep, and there was also a hint of anger and helplessness.

Li Xiwu looked up at Pei Jingzhou and replied indifferently, “It’s alright.”

Pei Jingzhou smiled. “Go home when you’re done playing.”

Li Xiwu did not respond. She was recalling a similar sentence that Pei Jingzhou had said to her not long ago: Remember to come home when you’re done playing.

Not far away, Li Luo was dumbfounded. She was standing a little further away and could not hear their conversation clearly. She took a few steps forward and saw that Mr. Lu’s face and lips were pale. Her heart was pounding.

What happened? What did they say to be so frightened! Li Luo looked at the handsome man again. When she looked at the handsome man talking to Plastic Face as if no one was around, she sighed at how brilliant this Plastic Face was.

First, there was Mr. Lu, who was already so outstanding that he was comparable to a top-notch man. Now, there was another top-notch handsome man. From the looks of it, he was quite prestigious!

Li Luo went forward indignantly. “Sir…” The moment Pei Jingzhou looked over, Li Luo’s heart raced. “Sir, may I ask what your relationship is?”

Pei Jingzhou was expressionless. “Husband and wife.”

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