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Chapter 411: Chapter 411: Can ‘t Forget It Until Now

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Chapter 411: Can ‘t Forget It Until Now

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In order not to miss their first meeting after so many years, Pei Jiao rushed back.

It was all Beike’s fault for giving her the job yesterday. Something happened in the latter half of the night, so Pei Jiao had no choice but to go out and stay up all night. Originally, she could not come back so soon this morning, but she gritted her teeth and resolved everything. She rushed home immediately. She thought she would be in time to see Wei Yu, but she heard her mother reply—

“He left!”

Pei Jiao was stunned. “Left?!”

Han Qianye nodded. “Yes, he left.”

Pei Jiao walked forward and put down her hands on her hips, still panting. “Shouldn’t he have just arrived at this time?

“He came early.” Han Qianye looked up at Pei Jiao. “You rushed back in such a hurry just to see him?”

Pei Jiao nodded. “Yeah.”

“There’s no need to see him.” Han Qianye shook her head in disappointment.

“Your father and I have already seen through that bastard for you. He’s not worthy of you.”

“I haven’t even met him yet, and you’re already so sure that he’s not worthy of me. At least let me meet him.” Pei Jiao was speechless.

Pei Qingji, who was sitting beside her, asked) “Jiaojiao, are you feeling a little regretful that you didn’t see him?”

‘I A little, apparently.” Pei Jiao shrugged.

Not only was she physically tired from rushing back, but she was also mentally tired. She could not wait to see the gentle and elegant Young Master Wei before they met. It was all that Beike’s fault. Something had actually happened to the order he had introduced. If she had not gone out last night, she would definitely have seen Wei Yu this morning!

“Jiaojiao, you don’t have to feel regretful.” Pei Qingji said to the disappointed Pei Jiao, “This kid isn’t worthy of you meeting him. He’s not worthy of you meeting him specially.”

No matter how disappointed Pei Jiao was, she could tell what her father was implying. “Is he very ugly?”

Han Qianye spoke first. “Yes, he’s very ugly. Too ugly to look at directly.” Her daughter was obsessed with looks. This sentence was enough to dispel the filter in her heart about Wei Yu she had faced when she was young. However, after Pei Jiao heard this, she did not believe it immediately. Instead, she was skeptical. “Are you sure he’s very ugly? Why don’t I believe it…”

Han Qianye nodded with certainty. “He’s really ugly.”

Pei Jiao asked, “How ugly?”

Han Qianye described, “He looks like a pear lump in June. Liu Yong has to call him big brother when he sees him.”

Pei Jiao raised her eyebrows. “Liu Yong?”

Pei Qingji continued faintly, “One of the four ugly men in ancient times.”

Pei Jiao was speechless. “Damn, so ugly?”

Han Qianye said to Pei Jiao, “You can’t blame Dad and Mom for judging people by their appearance. If they’re a little ugly, it won’t pose much of a threat to their genes, but they’re too ugly. Even Nuwa’s reconstruction can’t save that gene.”

How exaggerated Han Qianye was now.

It was so exaggerated that Pei Jiao believed that it was not Wei Yu who came to annul the betrothal, but that the Pei family did not like Wei Yu. Otherwise, if Pei Jiao knew the truth, she would feel frustrated.

Pei Qingji and Han Qianye echoed each other. At first, Pei Jiao was indeed stunned, but she was still very sober. “If I didn’t remember seeing Wei Yu’s parents when I was young, I would have believed you.”

Han Qianye did not know what to say. She threw Pei Jiao a sentence. “Believe it or not.”

Pei Jiao reasoned, “The probability of having an ugly son from equally superior and good-looking parents is too low, unless there’s a genetic mutation.”

Her mother was very beautiful, and her father was also very good-looking when he was young.

Han Qianye’s lips were worn out, but she realized that her daughter was still not fooled. For a moment, she did not know if she was a little frustrated or if she should think highly of Pei Jiao’s intelligence.

She was about to say something.

Pei Jiao suddenly said faintly, “Why do you think I chased after Wei Yu to kiss him when I was young? It’s because he’s good-looking. He shouldn’t have become ugly as soon as he grew up!’

Han Qianye:

Pei Qingji:

When Li Xiwu, who was sitting opposite her, heard this, she couldn’t help but smile. She knew that Pei Jiao had a big personality, but she didn’t know that Pei Jiao was so brave when she was young.

Han Qianye rolled her eyes at Pei Jiao. “Your brain is usually stuck. Why is it spinning so fast today? Did your gears go haywire?”

Pei Jiao said, “I just don’t believe that Wei Yu is very ugly.”

Han Qianye really could not speak to her daughter who only look at looks.

Pei Qingji glanced at Han Qianye from the corner of his eye. Han Qianye simply did not say anything and gave Pei Qingji a look to let him decipher.

The atmosphere froze a little.

Pei Jiao also knew that the outcome would be the same no matter what she asked about Wei Yu’s appearance. It was better to ask something else. “What did Wei Yu say after he came? Also, are Wei Yu i s parents here too? Are they here to mention my engagement to him when he was a child?”

Han Qianye did not want to answer a single question. In the end, Pei Qingji answered, but he told Pei Jiao in another way. He did not mention that it was Wei Yu who brought up the nullification of the betrothal.

Pei Jiao was a little disappointed. “Is this betrothal annulled just like that?”

Pei Qingji comforted his daughter. “Young people should advocate free love. Besides, this betrothal is equivalent to a marriage alliance. When did my daughter need to sacrifice her marriage for an alliance? Therefore, I suggest that this betrothal alliance is officially annulled today.”

After hearing Father Pei’s words, Pei Jiao felt an indescribable feeling. She was not sad. After all, she had not seen Wei Yu for more than ten years. Their relationship was even more ordinary than ordinary friends.

It was just a little regretful.

The voice on the phone was so gentle that she couldn’t forget it until now. She wanted to see what Wei Yu, who spoke so gently, looked like more than ten years later. She did not know if she would have the chance to see him again in the future. As she thought about it, Pei Jiao’s gaze suddenly turned and landed on Li Xiwu.

Li Xiwu, who was looking at her, pursed her lips quietly. She and Pei Jingzhou did not speak just now. They just sat at the side and listened quietly. It was related to Pei Jiao’s life. After Wei Yu came, Li Xiwu had roughly heard everything from Han Qianye and Pei Qingji.

The reason why Wei Yu came was clear, and he insisted on canceling this betrothal. In that case, it was no longer possible for him to be Pei Jiao’s match in the future.

Receiving Pei Jiao’s gaze, Li Xiwu thought that Pei Jiao would ask her. After looking at each other for a few seconds, Pei Jiao looked away first. It was obvious that she wanted to ask, but she held back.

Pei Jiao left not long after. She said that she wanted to go back to sleep and yawned as she walked. It seemed that she did not take it to heart.

Seeing Pei Jiao leave, Han Qianye heaved a sigh of relief. “This girl only knows Makka Pakka. It’s getting harder and harder to fool her if she’s smart.” Pei Qingji retorted, “When is my daughter not smart?”

Han Qianye said seriously, “She doesn’t have much on her mind. She likes simplicity and yearns for freedom. If she marries, I’m still afraid that her future in-laws will bully her. In the future, be it her own boyfriend or someone else’s introduction, I only have one request.” Pei Qingji asked, “What request?”

Han Qianye said, “Marry into the Pei family..”

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