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Chapter 414: Chapter 414: Bad Fate

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Chapter 414: Bad Fate

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Along the way, Beike maintained a constant speed and tried not to let the car in front discover them.

Pei Jiao was not worried at all, because Beike’s tracking technique was just as she had praised just now. It was indeed very powerful. No matter how long they followed, it would be very difficult to discover them!

They followed him for about ten minutes.

Pei Jiao clearly felt a little hungry. She had yet to eat dinner. When she yawned, her stomach keep rumbling. Beike was focused on the movements of the car in front of him. When he heard Pei Jiao’s stomach rumbling, he glanced at her. “Are you hungry?

Pei Jiao said, “I didn’t eat dinner when I went out.”

Beike chuckled and reminded her, “There are snacks in the storage box in front of you. Eat them to fill your stomach. When you encounter Wei Yu and beat him up to vent your anger, I’ll take you to eat a good meal.”

Pei Jiao listened to Beike and opened the storage box in front of her. There were really a lot of snacks. Pei Jiao casually took a chocolate-flavored sachima. “You actually have the habit of stuffing snacks in the storage box. Why didn’t I know before?

Beike said) “That’s because we used to drive motorcycles. This car is rarely driven.”

“That’s true.” Pei Jiao took a bite of sachima.

After that, she followed him for another half an hour from the city to the suburbs, from the suburbs to the remote area.

Bei Ke finally realized that something was wrong. “Damn it, this place is too remote.”

Pei Jiao, who was feeling sleepy after eating her snacks, suddenly woke up when she heard Beike’s voice. “What? Where are we?

Beike lowered the window and spat on the remote road. “We shouldn’t be discovered if we keep such a distance. Where is Wei Yu going?

Beike was still very confident in his tracking skills. He didn’t think he’d been brought to such a remote place because the other party had discovered him, but the situation forced him to think more.

“Hey! Hey! Where are we now?” Pei Jiao asked anxiously.

Beike: “I don’t know either.”

Pei Jiao said, “Then stop the car first.”

Beike braked. The Cayenne in front of them had already driven far away. If they looked into the distance, they could only vaguely see a cluster of white light on the narrow road in the distance. In the wilderness, Beike and Pei Jiao were not familiar with the road. Coupled with the fact that it was already dark, they could not see clearly what was going on.

Beike asked Pei Jiao, “Are we still chasing?

Pei Jiao lowered half of the car window. The rain became heavier, and she kept glancing at the rain in the car. Pei Jiao quickly closed the car window. “The rain won’t stop. For safety’s sake, it’s better not to chase it.”

Beike clicked his tongue. “If I had known that we were in a remote place just now, I would have driven to the front to stop them. It’s really amazing for us to follow them here where it’s so remote.”

Pei Jiao picked up her phone and looked at the time. “It’s not eight yet. Let’s go back.”

Beike did not turn around. Instead, he asked her, “Are you willing to give up when you chased him all the way here?”

Pei Jiao thought for a moment. “I think…” Before she could finish, Beike started the car and drove on. Pei Jiao realized that he had no intention of turning around and asked nervously, “Do you still want to continue?

“Follow!” Beike looked unhappy and gritted his teeth. “This person must have tricked us.”

Pei Jiao could tell that Beike was very angry. She stopped him. “It’s raining now. For safety’s sake, there’s no need to follow him. He’s not going overseas.

We can follow him again tomorrow.”

But at this moment, Beike would not listen to anything Pei Jiao said.

The car picked up speed and followed.

Pei Jiao was not worried about Beike’s driving skills. She yawned in boredom and guessed that Wei Yu had most likely discovered the car behind them and deliberately lost them. Therefore, it was useless to follow them now. They were probably long gone.

The road ahead narrowed a lot. The ground was potholed, and the car swayed. Pei Jiao’s heart skipped a beat. She felt that the car would flip over in the next second. She perked up a little and reminded Beike, “Drive slowly.”

Beike was focused on driving and did not look over. He only said, “Go ahead and sleep. I’ll wake you up when I catch up to him.”

Pei Jiao sighed in her heart. She had originally thought that her anger was the greatest, but now, her anger was transferred to Beike.

The car shook harder and harder.

Pei Jiao was not only flustered, but the snacks she had just eaten were also being tossed around in her stomach, making her feel a little uncomfortable and her face a little pale.

“Turn around. I don’t think I can make it,” Pei Jiao shouted weakly.

When Beike heard Pei Jiao’s weak voice, he turned to look at her. “Are you alright?”

Pei Jiao shook her head. “Not good. My stomach feels uncomfortable. It’s too bumpy.”

Seeing that Pei Jiao was really uncomfortable, Beike quickly slowed down. However, the car suddenly slowed down and stopped in place.

“Wait a minute. We have to go through this part of the road first. Bear with it for a while.” As Beike spoke, he increased his speed again.

Pei Jiao thought that it would pass after enduring it. Unexpectedly, she endured it and almost died.

After the car slowed down, it was stuck there and could not move. Before Beike could adjust his mentality, he stepped on the accelerator and the car rushed out. The ground was wet and slippery, and he did not control the steering wheel well. The car rushed to the side of the road and finally flipped over.

It was all too sudden.

Before Pei Jiao could even react, she felt the world spin. Her head was bumped, then her shoulders, then her knees. The huge pressure pain made her unable to recover, and her head was even more dizzy.

The rumbling in her ears was like thunder, mixed with Beike’s voice.

After an unknown period of time, Pei Jiao felt that she should have been unconscious for a few minutes. Now that she was awake again, the cold night wind blew at her face inch by inch. She felt that her hands and feet were cold and she could not move. The slightest movement hurts.


“Beike, ah, hiss…

Pei Jiao’s entire body ached. She called out to Beike in a hoarse voice, but no one answered her.

She called Beike’s name several times, but there was no response. She began to search for the phone in her bag. After touching it for a long time, she realized that even her coat was gone, one of her shoes had fallen off, and her hat was nowhere to be seen. She had left it somewhere.

And now, she was covered in injuries, big and small. Her clothes and hair were all wet.

Pei Jiao sighed at her bad luck. If she had known, she would not have agreed to let Beike follow them.

She did not know where Beike was, and she could not move at all. Every time she moved, she would grimace in pain. She lay quietly on the ground for an unknown period of time until a cluster of white light shone over from afar. A hint of hope lit up in Pei Jiao’s dim eyes.

Someone was coming.

Did Beike come looking for her? As the footsteps approached, Pei Jiao felt the light on her body become stronger. He must have shone the flashlight on her.

Soon, she heard the person say, “Young Master, it’s a person.”

“Is it dead?” came a cold voice.

The footsteps approached Pei Jiao a few steps. Pei Jiao felt someone kick her shoulder and frowned. “Hiss…” It hurt.

That person turned around and said, “Young Master, she’s still breathing.”

“Don’t worry about it. Drive.”

The man’s voice was cold, colder than the wind on this rainy night, slicing into people inch by inch like a knife.

Who was so heartless? Since they had bumped into each other, they should at least help call 110. Otherwise, would they let her stay in the wilderness for the night? It was winter and so cold. If she stayed here all the time, she would not survive until tomorrow!

On the news panel, there would probably be the headlines of #A certain tycoon’s daughter died in the wilderness#.

When that person heard his young master’s words, he turned to leave. He really did not intend to care about Pei Jiao. Pei Jiao was afraid of death. She used the last of her strength to grab the person’s pants and said in a hoarse voice, “…Save… me?’

The air was quiet for a moment. After a while, the people in the car got out. She distinctly heard the car door open.

“Young Master.” The person greeted him respectfully and stepped aside.

Pei Jiao was still tugging at the man’s pants when she heard another set of footsteps. She slowly looked up and could barely see the face in the rain and fog. This face was the profile she had seen…

Pei Jiao’s eyes widened in disbelief. “It’s… you?

The man handed the umbrella to the person beside him and slowly squatted down. He reached out and pinched Pei Jiao’s chin, forcing her to raise her face. The rain and mud covered half her face, and her hair was wet and scattered.

She looked like a beggar.

The man asked her, “You know me?

Pei Jiao bit her lip stubbornly and did not speak. She only stared at the man in front of her with hatred. The hand on her jaw suddenly pulled away. The man took out a handkerchief and wiped the stain from his hand. “First time I’ve seen someone look at me like that in a desperate situation. Interesting. Bring her along..”

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