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Chapter 415: Chapter 415: His Compassion

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Chapter 415: His Compassion

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Pei Jiao was still conscious when she was picked up. When she was about to be placed in the car, her consciousness gradually dissipated. Her head was dizzy, and her vision became blurry. That was when she heard the man say— “Throw her in the trunk.”

These cold words almost made Pei Jiao choke on a mouthful of blood. Even so, she still had a trace of hope in her heart, thinking that the person holding her should not be able to bear it. If he really left her in the trunk and bumped along the bumpy road, she, who was only half alive, would die.

“No…” She bit her lip hard and forced herself to wake up. Her fingertips tugged at the clothes of the person hugging her. “Don’t-don’t throw me…”

The man ignored her words and carried her straight to the trunk. With a thud, Pei Jiao’s head hit a protruding object. Pei Jiao completely fainted from the collision.

“Oh no!” Ji He hadn’t hugged the woman much and hadn’t paid attention when he put her down. He’d caused her to hit her head. Ji He quickly reached out and checked the unconscious woman’s breathing. “Fortunately.”

She’s still alive. But it might hurt her even more.

Ji He pulled down the trunk and walked around the car to get into the drivers seat. “Young Master.” As Ji He fastened his seatbelt, he turned back to the man in the backseat. “She fainted.”

Wei Yu lowered his head and was flipping through the mysterious information in his hand. When he heard this, his slender fingers paused, but he did not look up. “This path is steep. If she can’t withstand it, she’ll be sent to the funeral home if she dies.”

Ji He said, “What if she’s still alive?

Hearing this, Wei Yu looked up and his gaze landed on Ji He’s face. “What do you think?”

Ji He speculated, “Send her to the hospital?”

Wei Yu: “What else?”

Ji He raised his hand to scratch the back of his head. “That’s good, but we’ll have to see if she can hang on. She’s quite a pretty girl. It’s a pity if she dies.”

Wei Yu lowered his head and continued to read. He asked casually, “Have you taken a fancy to her?”

Ji He shook his head. “I wouldn’t dare.”

Wei Yu said calmly, “Why wouldn’t you dare?”

Ji He said carefully, “Isn’t she the person you like, Young Master?”

“I like her?” Wei Yu chuckled in his throat. “I’m just welcoming the new year.

It’s a convenient thing to accumulate merit for the benefit of others.”

Embarrassed, Ji He turned to drive. To Wei Yu, saving Pei Jiao tonight was not only a matter of convenience, but also a trace of imperceptible compassion. But he would never admit that this trace of compassion had ever existed.

The rain did not stop tonight. Halfway through the drive, Wei Yu received a call. After learning that another piece of mysterious information had been stolen, he was furious and said in a low voice, “Go to the engineering department.”

Ji He maintained a constant speed and asked nervously, “Young Master, what happened?”

Peril looked grim. “Another piece of information was stolen.”

Ji He’s expression changed drastically before he burned with anger. “Young

Master, you painstakingly brought these two documents back from overseas. What are those old things in the engineering department doing!’

Wei Yu said in a low voice, “Be quiet.”

Ji He immediately shut his mouth and adjusted his route to the engineering department.

More than an hour later, the Cayenne slowly drove through a grand door. The uniform police officers stood in two rows, looking very apprehensive.

Pei Jiao, who was unconscious in the trunk, did not know what kind of place she had arrived at. There were already more than ten people standing outside the car. They were wearing thick coats and holding umbrellas. Some of them looked nervous, some looked worried, and some had dark expressions.

After Wei Yu got out of the car, those people surrounded him and said something.

Wei Yu frowned impatiently and said in a low voice, “Enough!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the surroundings fell silent. Ji He’s hand, which was holding the umbrella for Wei Yu, trembled in fear.

At this moment, everyone was looking at Wei Yu, waiting for him to say something else. However, Wei Yu did not say anything and walked in first. Ji He strode after him. Thinking of the girl still in the trunk, Ji He mustered his courage and said, “Young Master, the girl in the trunk..”

Wei Yu stopped in his tracks. The group of people following closely behind also stopped in their tracks and looked nervously at the back of Wei Yu. Wei Yu glanced sideways at Ji He. “Go make the arrangements.”

Ji He was anxious. “Young Master, I…”

However, Wei Yu, who left behind this sentence, had already walked far. He walked a little faster, and the people behind almost couldn’t catch up.

Ji He held the umbrella and returned to the car. At this moment, a police officer had already come to help park the car. Ji He called the police officer in front of him. “Help me hold the umbrella.”

With that, he handed the umbrella to the police officer. The police officer did not know what was going on and did not ask. He stood obediently beside Ji He with an umbrella.

Ji He reached out and opened the trunk. The girl was curled up in the trunk, her body wet and disheveled. The police officer didn’t see her clearly at first until Ji He turned on the flashlight on his cell phone and shone the white light in. Then he reached out and pushed the hair away from the girl’s face.

A pale face appeared in front of them.

The officer’s expression changed slightly. “A dead man?

Ji He was not sure if the girl was dead or not. He reached out and touched the side of the girl’s neck, then his expression relaxed. “She’s alive. Call the people from the infirmary over.”

Ji He instructed as he picked up the girl in the trunk.

The police officer was also very worried. If a dead person was really brought in, it would be even more troublesome to verify. When he saw that she was not dead) and even asked the infirmary over, the police officer did not think much of it. He turned around with an umbrella and ran towards the infirmary.

When Ji He saw that the umbrella was taken away by the police officer, he almost laughed out of anger. However, he thought that since she had been drenched for so long, there should be no problem for a while. He carried the girl and walked straight to the dormitory building at the back.

Finally, Pei Jiao was carried into a clean and tidy living room.

Because her clothes were wet and dirty, Ji He did not put her directly on the bed.

Not long after, the police officer rushed over with the people from the infirmary. It was a male doctor. Ji He handed the girl to the male doctor. “Treat the wounds on her body and pay attention to check if there are any signs of internal injuries.”

The doctor glanced at the girl on the sofa, then asked carefully, “This is?”

Ji He was about to find an excuse to brush it off when the police officer behind him said, “It’s Young Master Wei’s woman.”

Ji He glared at the police officer. The police officer thought that he had guessed wrong, so he said, “But this is Young Master Wei’s usual living room.”

This sentence immediately shut Ji He up.

When he carried the girl up to this floor just now, he had done it completely subconsciously because the young master usually lived on this floor. He had not realized it just now. After the police officer’s reminder, he realized what he had done.

He actually brought her to Young Masters room.

When the doctor heard that she was Young Master Wei’s woman, he immediately put down the medicine box. “Don’t worry, leave it to me.”

Ji He wanted to explain, but then he remembered that Young Master probably wouldn’t be back tonight. There were a lot of overwrought matters over there.

Not only tonight, but Young Master would probably be there all day tomorrow.

With this thought in mind, Ji He couldn’t be bothered to explain..

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