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Chapter 416: Chapter 416: White and Long Legs

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Chapter 416: White and Long Legs

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Pei Jiao was lying on the sofa. She was wet and dirty, and there were many wounds on her body. Although she was not bleeding, she still looked shocking.

The doctor had nowhere to start for a moment. In addition, this was Young Master Wei’s woman, so the doctor was even more cautious. Hence, he looked up and said to Ji He, “We have to call a woman over and help her change her clothes. Also, wipe her body. Otherwise, it’ll be easy to get infected after the wound is treated.”

“Sure. ”

Ji He turned to let the police officer go. It was inconvenient for him to stand here, so he went out too. He left the doctor inside and treated some of the larger wounds for the girl first to prevent infection and fever.

Outside the window, the rain subsided, and soon the cold wind was blowing again, gusts of it cutting like knives against his cheeks.

Ji He rubbed his numb cheeks as a voice came from behind him. “Ji He.”

Ji He turned around and saw the person who came out. He nodded and shouted, “Mrs. Lin.”

Mrs. Lin’s name was Wen Qiong, and she was the wife of Minister Lin of the Engineering Department. She was already 40 years old, but she looked very young, dignified, and gentle.

Wen Qiong occasionally came to the engineering department to stay. She had been here for two days and had yet to leave.

Just now, he could not find a suitable person to change Pei Jiao’s clothes. Coincidentally, Wen Qiong was still awake at this time. Ji He could only go over personally and trouble Wen Qiong to come over.

Wen Qiong said to Ji He, “When I came, the doctor had already treated the wounds. So far, it doesn’t seem to be infected, but it’s hard to say if she’ll have a fever in the latter half of the night. Someone has to guard her.”

Ji He replied, “I’ll guard her.” Since Young Master had handed her over to him, he could not ignore her.

“Mrs. Lin, I’ll send you back.” Ji He turned around and gestured for Wen Qiong to walk in front.

Wen Qiong nodded dignifiedly. When she walked past Ji He, she stopped in her tracks. The dignified look she had maintained a second ago turned into a gossipy face the next second. She leaned over and asked Ji He, “What’s the relationship between the girl inside and Wei Yu?”

Ji He choked. Unexpectedly, Mrs. Lin suddenly became nosy and he stammered, “She-she has nothing to do with Young Master.”

Wen Qiong smelled something wrong. “Nothing to do with him. Then why are you hemming and hawing?

Ji He was stunned. He didn’t know why he was hemming and hawing, so he replied to Mrs. Lin, “She’s a girl Young Master picked up on the way. At that time, he saw that she was still breathing, so he took her away and prepared to send her to the hospital. Unexpectedly, something happened in the engineering department, so he came over and brought her here.”

Wen Qiong was skeptical. “Really?”

Ji He nodded. “Of course it’s true. Until now, Young Master and I don’t even know her name. We’ll treat it as doing a good thing.”

Wen Qiong snorted and looked like she had seen through it. “Could it be that he’s lustful? Otherwise, why would he be such a good person?”

Ji He was speechless. “This…”

He actually couldn’t refute this. It was his fault for being so single-minded. He was indeed not as meticulous as Mrs. Lin thought. Normally, why would Young Master care about such things? Could it be that he was really tempted by lust?

“No, no, no, no.” Ji He recalled the girl’s pale face and dirty appearance. “She’s so dirty that I can’t tell what she looks like. It’s impossible for Young Master to be tempted by lust. She might be an ugly monster.”

“She’s not ugly.” Wen Qiong’s tone was meaningful. “She’s a little beauty.” Ji He did not believe it. Wen Qiong pointed inside. “If you don’t believe me, go in and take a look yourself.”

Ji He walked in skeptically.

The clock on the wall showed that it was ten-thirty and very late. When Ji He came in, he raised his hand and fanned the smell of mud in front of him. The dirty clothes she had changed out of the girl’s body were all in the trash can. That was why the smell of mud had not dissipated.

Inside was a very large bed.

Ji He took a few steps and stopped. He looked at the girl lying on the bed in a daze. Perhaps because her body had warmed up, her face was no longer as pale as before. There was some color.

And that face looked as if it had been sculpted. Even in her morbid state, her features were still exquisite.

Mrs. Lin was not joking with him. The girl that Young Master had casually picked up was really beautiful.

Wen Qiong walked over from behind Ji He. She crossed her arms and asked Ji

He, “What happened to her to hurt her so badly?”

Ji He stared blankly at the Sleeping Beauty on the bed and replied absent-mindedly, “I’m not too sure either.”

Wen Qiong coughed lightly. “Ahem!”

Ji He came back to his senses and realized that he had lost his composure in front of Mrs. Lin. He raised his hand and scratched the back of his head to hide his embarrassment.

Wen Qiong smiled and said, “Now I can tell that she was indeed picked up by you guys today. Otherwise, why wouldn’t your eyes move after seeing her clean up?!”

Ji He continued to laugh dryly. “I told you I wasn’t lying.”

Wen Qiong said, “Yes, you didn’t lie. Then answer again. How did she get injured like this?”

“This, I really don’t know!” Ji He said truthfully. “We met her on the way back from Elder Wei’s place. When we saw that she was still alive, we took her away.”

Seeing that Ji He had said that twice, Wen Qiong believed him. She looked up at the clock on the wall and turned to Ji He. “It’s late. Watch over her. It’s fine if she doesn’t have a fever in the latter half of the night. If she does, give her an injection. This is the medicine.”

As she spoke, Wen Qiong showed the medicine in the medicine box to Ji He.

Ji He nodded at first, then thought of something and quickly asked, “Mrs. Lin, did you change her clothes after wiping her down? Do not look at what is contrary to propriety…”

Wen Qiong burst out laughing. “If I don’t change her, will I let her wrap herself in the blanket just like that? Don’t worry, I took a shirt from Wei Yu’s closet and put it on her for the time being. I’ll send her another set of my clothes tomorrow.”

“Wear Young Master’s clothes?” Ji He looked stunned.

Wen Qiong glanced sideways at Ji Heo “No?”

“…Alright.” After Ji He received Wen Qiong’s gaze, he did not dare to have any objections.

“Call me if anything happens. If you can’t call me, call the infirmary. Nothing can happen to her.” Wen Qiong instructed as she walked out with her hands in her pockets.

Ji He replied loudly, “Got it.”

After Wen Qiong left, Ji He sat down on the sofa. He crossed his arms and sat in a serious posture, not sleepy at all. However, this vigilance did not last long. After a while, he fell asleep.

Pei Jiao really had a fever in the latter half of the night. But Ji He didn’t know. Pei Jiao was dizzy from the fever. She rolled over a few times and continued to be dizzy.

When Wei Yu returned, he was covered in cold air. He pushed the door open and entered. Ji He, who was sleeping on the sofa, was still in his dream. He ignored Ji He and walked straight to the bathroom. As he passed the bed, he suddenly stopped and glanced sideways at the large bed he had slept in before. There was a woman lying on the big bed.

The woman was wearing his shirt and the blanket had been kicked away. Her fair and slender legs were draped over the blanket. She was beautiful and eye-catching..

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