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Chapter 417: Chapter 417: Taking Advantage of Others! Beast!

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Chapter 417: Taking Advantage of Others! Beast!

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Wei Yu’s Adam’s apple moved slightly. Realizing his reaction, he quickly looked away from her fair legs.

But after a moment, his gaze returned to her. Her cheeks were flushed, and her collar was wide open. Her exposed skin was suffused with a faint blush.

Those fair and slender legs were moving restlessly on the blanket. She was hot, and abnormally hot…

Wei Yu slowly walked to the bed and his deep gaze landed on her. Then, he leaned over and placed his hand on her forehead. When the extremely hot temperature reached the back of his hand, Wei Yu’s expression darkened.

He was already a little frustrated that his bed had been occupied when he came back to rest. At this moment, he still had to worry about the life and death of this unfamiliar woman. He walked to the cabinet, opened the medicine box, and searched for fever medicine.

The fever-reducing medicine on the surface was very eye-catching. The syringe was beside it. Wei Yu took the medicine and the syringe. He turned around and walked towards the woman on the bed.

She was hot. Her limbs were moving restlessly, but only minimally. On closer inspection, her forehead was covered in thin sweat.

Wei Yu held the syringe in one hand and threw back the covers with the other. As soon as he lifted it, the scene in front of him assaulted his vision, but he quickly stabilized his mind and continued to pull down her collar.

Pei Jiao was already confused by the fever and did not know how to cooperate. She would rub against whichever side was cooler.

When Wei Yu’s hand touched Pei Jiao’s skin, Pei Jiao subconsciously took the initiative to lean over and hug his hand before pressing her cheek against his palm. She was very obedient and soft.

Wei Yu:

He looked down. There were green patches on her exposed shoulders and on her arms. He didn’t know if there were any on her legs and the back of her stomach under the blanket.

Seeing that most of the superficial wounds on her body had been treated, she could twist and flip now. It seemed that she did not have any internal injuries.

Wei Yu retracted his hand and pressed it against her arm instead. She struggled slightly, and her collar opened again. Wei Yu quickly looked away. But he knew very well that once he looked away, he wouldn’t be able to get an injection.

Hence, Wei Yu turned around with a cold expression. So what if he saw it? She wouldn’t know. With this in mind, Wei Yu began to inject her with a fever-reducing needle. The moment the needle pierced her skin, Pei Jiao bit her lip and let out a whimper. She frowned.

An idea came to Wei Yu. “It’s fine,” he whispered comfortingly.

This voice was much gentler than usual. It really miraculously comforted her. Even her frown slowly relaxed, and she became much more obedient.

After the fever-reducing needle was injected, Wei Yu pulled the blanket over her. He was about to get up when he paused. Then he looked down and saw the hand that had reached out from under the blanket and was holding his little finger.

She didn’t have much strength left. Her grip wasn’t heavy. He could shake her off easily.

However, he did not shake off her hand immediately. He slowly leaned over and looked at her face up close. After staring at her for a moment, his thin lips parted as if he was talking to himself. “Have we met somewhere before?

Pei Jiao could not hear him, and her consciousness was already deep. When Ji He came in with a yawn, he saw his young master kneeling on one knee on the bed and leaning down, very close to the girl on the bed.

This position and the angle Ji He looked at told him that Young Master was kissing that girl…

No! Perhaps he was forcing a kiss on the girl!

Fuck! What a beast! Taking advantage of the situation!

“Young Master!” Ji He said.

Wei Yu was distracted and did not hear Ji He enter until Ji He’s voice suddenly came. He suddenly stood up and turned his head, his cold gaze landing on Ji He.

Startled, Ji He stepped back. “I won’t disturb you anymore. Continue, continue..”

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