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Chapter 418: Chapter 418: Inexplicable Jealousy

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Chapter 418: Inexplicable Jealousy

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Wei Yu got out of bed with a dark expression and shouted in a low voice, “Stop!”

Ji He immediately took root and did not dare to take another step forward. He raised his hand to cover his eyes. ‘Young Master, I didn’t see anything. I swear I really didn’t see you pressed against her…”

Wei Yu’s expression became uglier and uglier. Ji He also realized that his words were making things worse and quickly shut his mouth. He didn’t dare speak again. He only stole a glance at the girl on the bed from the corner of his eye. He couldn’t see anything but half a leg sticking out of the blanket.

“What are you looking at?”

Wei Yu’s cold voice came, startling Ji He. He quickly looked away and stammered, “Young Master, I-I-I didn’t look at anything.”

F*ck! That was scary! The Young Master’s gaze on him just now was so vicious.

Wei Yu leaned over and unobtrusively pulled at the corner of the blanket on the girl’s body, covering half of her exposed leg.

When Ji He saw Young Master tuck the girl in, Mrs. Lin’s words suddenly appeared in his mind. Young Master had been lustful from the beginning. Even the mud and dirt on her face could not stop Young Master’s sharp eyes!!!

Ji He walked over and asked in a low voice, “Young Master, can you recover the stolen information?

Wei Yu: “Wait.”

Ji He understood the meaning of the word ‘wait’. He did not know the time or the outcome. His men had already been sent out to search in all directions, waiting for the time to retrieve that important information.

Noticing the redness in the young master’s eyes, Ji He realized that it was already the middle of the night. The bed was occupied tonight, and the young master did not seem to have anywhere to rest.

Just as Ji He scratched his head and was thinking about how to resolve it, he heard the young master ask him, “Why did you bring her back to my room? Ji He panicked and explained calmly, “I’m afraid she’ll freeze to death.”

Wei Yu glanced sideways and said in a cold voice, “Afraid she’ll freeze to death?”

Ji He quickly explained, “There are few people living in this building at the back. The other rooms need cleaning. When I picked her up from the trunk, she was already on her last breath. I was afraid she wouldn’t make it, so, so…”

Wei Yu: “So you put her on my bed?”

Ji He lowered his head and said in a much softer voice, “Yes.”

Wei Yu walked out from beside Ji He and walked towards the bathroom. Before he left, he threw a sentence to Ji He. “Go clean the other rooms.”

Ji He had a bitter expression. “Young Master, it’s already late at night. Why don’t we make do for the night and wait for tomorrow?

Wei Yu paused and turned around. “You also know that it’s the middle of the night? Also, not only did you bring her to my house without permission, but you didn’t take her away before I came back. Ji He, do you want to quit?”

Ji He was already used to the young master’s angry side. He explained, “I just didn’t expect you to come back tonight.”

Wei Yu sneered. “I don’t need to rest?”

Ji He shook his head violently. “No, no. Young Master, even if you’re made of iron, you have to rest. It’s my negligence.”

Wei Yu: “Then why aren’t you going?

“Go, go, go. I’ll go now. Young Master, calm down first. I’ll tidy up the other room immediately.” Although Ji He was used to Wei Yu throwing a tantrum, this was only a tantrum. If he was really angry, he would lose his job.

After Ji He went out, Wei Yu went to the closet and took a change of clothes.

As he turned around, he inadvertently glanced at the bed. The fever-reducing needle worked quickly. She was much more well-behaved now. At least she wouldn’t toss and turn, and her sleeping posture had become obedient. He retracted his gaze and went to the bathroom.

Ji He went next door. There were bedrooms upstairs and downstairs, but it was so late, it was best not to be so troublesome, so Ji He chose to clean next door without hesitation.

After cleaning up, Ji He came to report. Wei Yu did not let Ji He carry the girl on the bed to the next door. Instead, he moved in next door himself.

Although the facilities next door were all the same, the bed couldn’t compare to the silk bedsheets on the other side. Coupled with the fact that no one had lived there for a long time, there was always a smell of dust in the air, so Wei Yu didn’t sleep well that night.

The air after the winter rain was filled with the chill of frost.

There was a mist on the window, and the sitting room was very quiet, but the silence didn’t last long. The sound of a cup hitting the floor shattered the morning’s quiet.

Pei Jiao sat on the bed in a daze. When she woke up, she felt as if her throat had been burned by fire. She opened her mouth but could not make a sound. She was extremely thirsty. She endured the intense pain all over her body and got up to find water.

When she saw a glass of water on the bedside table, she reached for it without thinking. In the end, she didn’t get the cup and knocked it over.

She watched helplessly as the cup fell to the ground. Her reaction was blank. She remained silent for half a minute. Then she slowly raised her head and looked around the room at the decor and furnishings.

It wasn’t a hospital.

Where is she?

Just as Pei Jiao was confused about where she was, the sound of the cup falling to the ground was very crisp. Wen Qiong, who was at the staircase, heard the sound and quickened her pace.

Wen Qiong rarely jogged like this. When she reached the door, she was already panting. After calming down a little, she pushed the door open and entered. She saw that the girl who had been picked up by Wei Yu last night had already woken up.

She sat on the bed looking around in confusion. When the door opened, she looked at her in confusion. Seeing that she was fine, Wen Qiong quickly adjusted her posture and walked in leisurely. She stopped by the bed and quietly sized up the girl’s appearance after waking up.

Her taste was right. She was indeed a little beauty. However, after waking up, she looked a little familiar, as if she had seen her somewhere before.

Wen Qiong couldn’t remember for a moment. She picked up the unbroken cup from the floor and placed it on the bedside table. Then she sat down and asked, “What’s your name?

Pei Jiao pursed her lips and did not answer.

Just now, when Wen Qiong quietly sized up Pei Jiao, Pei Jiao was also looking at Wen Qiong. Pei Jiao wanted to ask who this unfamiliar woman was, but before she could speak, she was asked about her.

Pei Jiao was vigilant. Coupled with the scene of last night’s encounter, she did not know her current situation. She thought about it. She wasn’t going to tell this strange woman she’d met for the first time her name. She wanted to ask where she was, but realized she couldn’t make a sound.

“Woo… yi..„” Pei Jiao thought it was because of the phlegm in her throat after sleeping the night. She coughed twice and cleared her throat. When she tried to pronounce the words again, her mouth opened. “Woo… ah, I…”

Her throat hurt. She still couldn’t make a complete and clear sound. She clutched her neck, her brow furrowed. Her expression looked pained.

Wen Qiong naturally saw through her pain and quickly went forward to comfort her anxious heart because she could not speak. “You had a high fever last night. Your throat might be inflamed. You need to rest well now.”

Pei Jiao suddenly looked up at the unfamiliar woman who was comforting her.

Wen Qiong made a shushing gesture. “Don’t speak. Don’t you want your voice to recover? If you forcefully make a sound and destroy your vocal cords, you won’t be able to speak in the future.”

Pei Jiao couldn’t take the shock and immediately shut her mouth..

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