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Chapter 419: Chapter 419: Hugging Her

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Chapter 419: Hugging Her

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Pei Jiao couldn’t make a sound, so she gestured, trying to let the other party know what she was trying to say. But after gesturing twice, she didn’t know how to continue, because she hadn’t learned sign language.

“Don’t be anxious. I’ll try to guess what you want to say. If I’m right, nod. If I’m wrong, shake your head. Is that okay?” Wen Qiong was very gentle and patient as she coaxed Pei Jiao to calm down.

Pei Jiao nodded obediently, indicating that she could.

Wen Qiong said, “Wait a moment. I’ll get you a glass of water.” Pei Jiao nodded again. A moment later, Wen Qiong came to the bed with a cup of water. She handed it to Pei Jiao and said, “It’s a little hot. Drink it slowly.”

Pei Jiao took it and opened her mouth to thank her. The burning pain in her throat reminded her again that she could not make a sound. She lowered her head and did as this unfamiliar woman said. She held the glass of water and slowly blew on it to drink.

Pei Jiao’s throat felt much better as she took small sips of warm water. However, recovery was not something that this cup of water could resolve. It would probably take two or three days to fully recover with the help of medicine.

Forget it. As long as she survived, the rest was trivial. She just didn’t know how Beike was doing now. She hoped that he was lucky and fine. He might still be looking for her.

That would be best.

“Do you want to know why you’re here?” Wen Qiong saw that the little girl was in a daze and probed softly.

Pei Jiao looked up at the unfamiliar and gentle woman in front of her in a daze. Although she looked very young, when Pei Jiao thought of her mother’s face, she could tell from the woman’s clothes and her hands that she was about the same age as her mother.

Wen Qiong saw the little girl staring at her in a daze and asked with a smile, “You didn’t nod or shake your head. Are you resisting me and unwilling to communicate with me?” Pei Jiao shook her head and tightened her grip on the glass of water. Wen Qiong understood the little girl’s expression and continued to ask, “Do you want to know why you’re here?”

Pei Jiao nodded.

Wen Qiong explained, “You were picked up.”

Pei Jiao’s eyes widened. Her expression was clearly asking, “Who picked me up?”

Wen Qiong said, “You’ll see him later.”

Pei Jiao was silent for a moment, then nodded.

Seeing that the young lady’s emotions were not fluctuating much, Wen Qiong stopped asking. She looked down and stopped at the gauze on her body that had been treated. After the night, some of the gauze was a little crooked, and some of it was still intact.

The medicine had been applied on the bruises, but they would have to be applied again in the morning.

Wen Qiong retracted her gaze and stood up to get the medicine box. Pei Jiao looked at the medicine box warily. Wen Qiong saw it and said gently, “I’ll apply the medicine for you. Your wound will heal faster.”

Pei Jiao blinked. She quickly finished the half cup of water. Wen Qiong took the cup and placed it aside. She rummaged through the medical kit and found the medicine. She began to apply the medicine for the young lady.

Pei Jiao was very cooperative and obediently watched Wen Qiong apply the medicine for her.

As her wounds were getting reapplied, she suddenly realized that her clothes had been changed. It was a loose shirt, and it seemed to belong to a man. Pei Jiao grabbed the corner of the shirt for Wen Qiong to see, her expression anxious and flustered.

Wen Qiong couldn’t help but laugh and explain, “This is the shirt of the person who picked you up. It’s clean.”

Pei Jiao tugged at the corner of her shirt, her expression even more anxious. She wanted to express herself, but the pain in her throat made her have no choice but to make an anxious expression.

Wen Qiong asked, “Do you want to know who changed your clothes?”

Pei Jiao nodded.

Wen Qiong said, “It’s me.”

Pei Jiao heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, her virginity was still there.

Wen Qiong thought of something and added, “But you had a fever last night. I wasn’t around. I heard from Ji He that he gave you a fever-reducing shot.”

Pei Jiao.

Although this unfamiliar woman in front of her had never said who the person who had picked her up was, Pei Jiao could vaguely guess that that person should be…Wei Yu!

The person she met last night was Wei Yu. She recognized it from the side of her face.

“Don’t be afraid. He’s a gentleman. He won’t do anything to you. This room was originally his. After he gave you the injection last night, he went to stay next door.” Wen Qiong tried her best to portray the best image of Wei Yu in front of Pei Jiao.

If they were to matchmake, the two of them would probably succeed in the future. Wen Qiong thought happily.

Pei Jiao shook her head to show that she did not mind. Because she could not speak and her entire body was in pain, Pei Jiao needed a good rest. Wen Qiong did not disturb her for too long. It was only when Wen Qiong was about to leave that Pei Jiao remembered that after interacting with her for so long, she still did not know her name and identity.

However, before she could ask, she had already left.

Pei Jiao lay in a daze for the entire morning. No one came to visit her. When she was thirsty, she got up to pour herself some water. After drinking the water, she continued to sleep.

Someone brought lunch and medicine at noon.

The food was very light and she couldn’t eat it. She tried a few mouthfuls and pushed it to the side. After that, she obediently took the medicine. She wanted to get better quickly.

She was so bored in the afternoon that she found a book on the cabinet and opened it to relieve her boredom. After an unknown period of time, she flipped through it and fell asleep again. When she woke up again, she woke up in a daze.

She sat cross-legged on the sofa. When she opened her eyes, she could vaguely see a tall figure standing in front of the cabinet.

Pei Jiao raised her hand and rubbed her eyes. At this moment, the man in front of the cabinet took the documents on the table and was about to leave. Pei Jiao wanted to stop him, but she could not make a complete sound.

Just as she was about to get up anxiously, the book on her fell to the ground with a clatter. The man who was about to leave stopped and turned to look at her.

Pei Jiao bent down to pick up the book, but she lost her balance and fell off the sofa. She landed on her knees, her face contorted with pain as she let out a low whimper of pain.

Wei Yu closed his eyes and put down the book in resignation. He returned and picked up the little woman who had fallen to the ground. Pei Jiao, who had yet to understand the pain, suddenly felt extremely insecure. She wrapped her arms tightly around Wei Yu’s neck.

Wei Yu paused and looked down at her. They were too close. His chin brushed the tip of her nose, and Wei Yu quickly looked away, cursing himself for being crazy to hold her.

How could he do such abnormal behavior!

Even when he came back, he could have asked Ji He to help him get the information, but he insisted on coming back to get it himself. Seeing that she was sleeping quietly on the sofa, he actually subconsciously lightened his footsteps.

To hell with lust. He’d never lusted after anyone in his life.

Wei Yu’s face was cold as he carried Pei Jiao to the bed. He was distraught and threw her onto the bed roughly. Pei Jiao frowned in pain. She looked like she was about to cry. When Wei Yu saw her expression and realized what he had just done, he was a little annoyed.

He told himself it was his conscience that wouldn’t let him go. That’s why he bent down to her. “Is everything okay?”

His voice was low and cold, hitting her directly in the heart. Pei Jiao slowly raised her head when she heard this. Tears welled up in her eyes, and she looked pitiful. When Wei Yu saw this, his Adam’s apple bobbed. He cursed in his heart and said with restraint, “Sorry.”

Pei Jiao was stunned.

Her grievance and pity were really because of the pain. Of course, she didn’t have a hint of pretentiousness and cried at the drop of a hat. So combined it together, she would have become what Wei Yu had just seen.

And she realized that Wei Yu didn’t seem to know who she was yet!

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