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Chapter 42: 42 Mr. Pei Is Very Considerate

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42 Mr. Pei Is Very Considerate

Li Luo was stunned. Her first reaction was to suspect that there was something wrong with her hearing. H-Husband and wife? This handsome man was actually the husband of Plastic Face?! How was that possible? That was obviously impossible!

At this moment, Pei Jingzhou’s gaze landed on Lu Cheng. “United Technology?”

Lu Cheng’s face turned green and his lips turned pale. He explained in fear and trepidation, “I’m sorry, Mr. Pei. I was blind and didn’t recognize Mrs. Pei.”

Pei Jingzhou’s voice was cold. “My wife is just bored and came to the show to play.”

Lu Cheng came to a realization and smiled apologetically. “Oh, yes, I see.”

Pei Jingzhou said, “Are you apologizing to me?”

Lu Cheng: “… …”

Lu Cheng immediately understood what Pei Jingzhou meant. He turned to look at the woman beside Pei Jingzhou. He must have been so blind that he did not recognize her! At the thought of what he had said to Mrs. Pei just now, Lu Cheng wanted to slap himself. However, he never expected Mr. Pei to let his wife go on a blind date show in order to make her happy. After the recording ended, he even came to pick her up personally.

Lu Cheng maintained an apologetic smile on his face and said to Li Xiwu guiltily, “I’m sorry, Mrs. Pei. I was blind to have offended you just now. I’ll definitely go to the hospital to treat my eye disease.”

Li Xiwu raised her lips. “Mr. Lu is really interesting.”

Lu Cheng knew Pei Jingzhou’s status and dignity. With a word, his newly developed company might be in danger. After all, he had offended Mrs. Pei. He had to calm her down.

Hence, Lu Cheng bowed. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Pei.” He apologized sincerely.

Li Luo was dumbfounded. This Mr. Lu, who had started his own business at such a young age and would rather regret leaving than lower his status and marry into the family, was actually apologizing to female guest number nine at this moment?!

If she hadn’t been standing here, she wouldn’t have believed that this was really happening in front of her. Although there was no rule about shills being single, she really did not expect this female guest number nine to not only be married, but also have a handsome husband.

Looking at Mr. Lu’s sincere apology, this female guest number nine’s husband seemed to have a powerful background.

Li Xiwu was not an arrogant person. She had received the apology she deserved and would not make things difficult for the other party. Moreover, Pei Jingzhou had helped her this time, so she could not use her status to show off. She looked at Pei Jingzhou. “Let’s go home first.”

With that, she left without waiting for Pei Jingzhou.

Pei Jingzhou smiled and glanced at Lu Cheng. Lu Cheng immediately smiled respectfully.

Pei Jingzhou sneered and turned to leave.

Lu Cheng watched as Mr. and Mrs. Pei got into the car. He only heaved a sigh of relief when the car drove away and disappeared. He raised his hand to wipe the sweat off his forehead. He thought with fear that there was nothing worse than tonight.

Turning around, Lu Cheng’s face darkened when he saw that Li Luo was still standing at the side. “I’ve really been harmed by you.”

Li Luo was very innocent. “But she really had plastic surgery.”

Lu Cheng: “She’s…”

Li Luo said, “She’s what?”

Thinking of Pei Jingzhou’s identity, Lu Cheng did not dare to say anything. If word got out of his mouth, trouble would come looking for him.

“I’m going to file a complaint against you, you shill.” With that, Lu Cheng turned around and left.

Li Luo wanted to cry. “What? Why are you complaining about me? Is it easy for me to come out and make a living?!”

Lu Cheng said, “You almost made me unable to make a living for the rest of my life. Who else can I complain about but you?”

Li Luo: “…”

In the car driving back to Lake Lu.

Li Xiwu had not spoken since she got into the car. She looked at her phone quietly. She was definitely feeling guilty. Pei Jingzhou had yet to settle the score with her. But before settling the score, she told herself not to show panic. She had to sit still when it came to the aura.

It had been quiet in the car for too long. The atmosphere frightened the driver. He wondered if this was a prelude to a storm. It seemed that he had to speed up and drive back to Lake Lu.

Li Xiwu also expected to maintain this atmosphere as they returned to Lake Lu. Until Pei Jingzhou reached over and took her phone away. “I’m not as good-looking as a phone?”

Li Xiwu looked up at Pei Jingzhou and calmed herself down. “Fourth Brother looks good.”

That was nice to hear. Pei Jingzhou’s eyes softened a little as he looked down at her. “You’ve played the rules of the entire place tonight. Haven’t you had enough?”

Li Xiwu bit her lower lip lightly. “Who said I had enough?”

“You’re quite bold,” he snorted coldly.

Li Xiwu smiled. “Mr. Pei emboldened it.”

It was Mr. Pei again. Pei Jingzhou frowned unhappily and looked at Li Xiwu, who was squinting and smiling like a charming little fox. The former was clearly in a fit of anger, but the latter inadvertently hooked the former’s soul inside and out with a few words. This time, his anger was nowhere.

She reached out. “Give me the phone.” Her phone was still in Pei Jingzhou’s hand. She was texting Ji Weiling.

Pei Jingzhou did not give her the phone. His slender fingers pointed at the seat beside him. “Sit closer.”

Li Xiwu obediently moved closer to him. When she was close, he reached out and wrapped his long arm around her shoulder. His fingertips touched the warm skin of her neck and he thought of the cold air in the studio. He looked ahead. “Turn up the temperature.”

The driver quickly replied, “Okay, Mr. Pei.”

The appropriate temperature would make people feel comfortable. Li Xiwu looked up at the man beside her. “Fourth Brother is very considerate.”

Pei Jingzhou raised his eyebrows and looked at her. “Aren’t you going to give me an explanation for what happened tonight?”

Li Xiwu smiled. “If I give you an explanation, you won’t pursue the matter?”

Pei Jingzhou said, “As if I won’t pursue the matter.”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips. “Then I won’t say anything.”

Pei Jingzhou deliberately put on a stern tone. “Who did you learn your temper from?”

Li Xiwu said, “I was influenced by Fourth Brother.”

Pei Jingzhou: “…”

She was usually very obedient and occasionally contradicted him verbally, but he was very indulgent. It could be said that he had never been angry with her in the past three years, let alone throw a tantrum at her.

Of course, this might be because Pei Jingzhou had a good temper. At least, that was what Li Xiwu thought. However, she had been contradicting him too often recently. Li Xiwu was still worried that she would be unlucky, so she honestly explained why she went to the blind date show.

After Pei Jingzhou heard this, he just said, “Don’t do it again.”

Li Xiwu said, “This show is quite profitable. The salary is 380 yuan a night.” Although she hadn’t taken a single cent of the money as it had all gone into Qiao Qiao’s pocket.

“Money again.”

Li Xiwu knew that something was wrong. She had mentioned money in front of Pei Jingzhou many times. Pei Jingzhou had not taken it seriously before. But if he investigated carefully and found out about her deal with Han Qianye, it would be over.

Back at Lake Lu.

The two of them took the elevator upstairs.

Li Xiwu was ready before she entered. She knew there was no escape tonight. However, after returning home, Pei Jingzhou put down his jacket and opened the fridge to take a box of biscuits. He handed it to Li Xiwu. “Eat some biscuits to fill your stomach first.”

After giving her the biscuits, he went into the kitchen. He looked ready to make dinner. This was not Pei Jingzhou’s first time cooking at home, so Li Xiwu was not surprised. However, Li Xiwu was surprised to think that he would cook personally at this late hour.

At this moment, Pei Jingzhou came out of the kitchen and asked her, “What do you want to eat?”

Li Xiwu was stunned. “Huh?”

Pei Jingzhou said, “Didn’t you say at the show that you wanted supper when you got home?”

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