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Chapter 420: Chapter 420: You ‘re Youyou ‘s Brother

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Chapter 420: You ‘re Youyou ‘s Brother

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The treatment on Yaoyao has been very good these few days. He was no longer alone for fifteen to sixteen hours a day like before. Now, even if Li Xiwu and Pei Jingzhou were not in the Lu Residence, he would take the initiative to talk to Boyuan.

Especially today, which happened to be a Sunday. Boyuan had been remembering how many words Yaoyao had taken the initiative to say to her today since morning.

When Li Xiwu arrived at the Lu residence with the crystal dumplings she had made in the morning, Boyuan immediately told Li Xiwu about the change in Yaoyao. “This is really a surprise. Li You, do you know? Yaoyao took the initiative to speak five sentences to me this morning! Five sentences!

This kind of situation was really rare. It had to be known that Yaoyao would not take the initiative to say a word before. It was very difficult for him to barely speak.

Li Xiwu could tell that Boyuan was really happy and excited, and her heart was the same as Bo Yuan’s. She bent down to change her shoes and asked briskly, “What did Yaoyao say to you?

Boyuan couldn’t hide the joy on her face. “Yaoyao came out of the room and told me that he had already tidied up the blanket. I was stunned, thinking that he just suddenly wanted to say something to let me know that he was up. But after a while, he came to tell me that his slippers were a little short. I was stunned because I really couldn’t tell that his slippers didn’t fit these few days.”

Hearing this, Li Xiwu pursed her lips slightly and said in a self-reproachful tone, “I didn’t notice this problem either.”

“Don’t blame yourself. We didn’t notice. Besides, if you don’t say it yourself, it’ll be very difficult for others to know.” Boyuan pulled Li Xiwu in and said as she walked, “Now that Yaoyao took the initiative to say it, it proves that this is the most obvious effect of the treatment.”

Indeed, compared to the previous state of Yaoyao, the current Yaoyao was closer and closer to the state of a normal child.

Li Xiwu looked around and did not see the two children. “Where are Yaoyao and Little Jingzhe?”

“In the children’s room. By the way…” Boyuan thought of something and the smile on her lips became even brighter. “Yaoyao even took the initiative to teach Little Jingzhe to restore the Rubik’s Cube today.”

Li Xiwu said, “Looks like he’s very happy today.”

Boyuan realized something and asked, “Did you say something to him yesterday?”

Li Xiwu nodded. “Yes, I told Yaoyao that I’m taking him out to play today.”

“No wonder!”

Boyuan immediately understood. “The performance of Yaoyao today is not only an improvement after treatment, but also what you said to him last night. He’s looking forward to it, which is why he’s so happy today.”

Li Xiwu guessed so too.

Boyuan’s gaze landed on the thermos box in Li Xiwu’s hand. She asked in surprise, “What delicious food did you make today?”

Li Xiwu picked up the thermos box and showed it to Boyuan. “Crystal dumplings. Let’s try them together later.”

Boyuan licked her lips and rubbed her hands. “Then I won’t stand on ceremony. Your culinary skills are my pursuit.”

Li Xiwu lowered her eyes and smiled faintly.

Recently, she had come over every day to accompany Yaoyao for psychological treatment. Boyuan was clearly happy and couldn’t wait for her to stay here so that she wouldn’t have to run back and forth every day. However, to Li Xiwu, coming here every day was always a little troublesome for the Lu family.

But it had to be troublesome because Yaoyao was here. So now she came over every day with either a portion of the good food she’d made herself or taught

Boyuan to make it. This was her way of thanking her.

“Oh, right. It’s Sunday today. Why didn’t you bring Youyou along?” After talking for a long time, Boyuan realized that Li Xiwu had come alone today.

Li Xiwu placed the thermos box on the dining table and explained, “It’s almost the end of the year, and the company’s annual meeting is being prepared, so I attend every morning meeting and leave early. He’s at home today. He’ll pick us up with Youyou later. I plan to bring Yaoyao out to play today.”

“People are the happiest when they go out to play. I want to go out to play, too.” Boyuan’s face was filled with envy.

Li Xiwu said, “Let’s go together.”

“Forget it.” Boyuan was very self-conscious. “Next time. Today is the first time

Li Xiwu asked seriously, “Are you really not going?

Boyuan shook her head and said with a smile, “Lu Jia previously accepted a parent-child variety show. Isn’t it Sunday today? The organizers have arranged for us to do an interview today.”

Li Xiwu asked, “Is it the parent-child variety show produced and released by Nanjia?

“I’m not very sure about that. Only Lu Jia knows. I only know that the name of the variety show is ‘Wonderful Little Time’. Anyway, it’s a parent-child variety show,” Boyuan said.

When Li Xiwu heard the name of this variety show, she remembered that Director Gao had called her previously and invited her to participate in this parent-child variety show.

Unexpectedly, Boyuan and Lu Jia participated. As she was thinking, she heard Boyuan say, “When we agreed to accept this variety show, Lu Jia and I had originally thought of bringing Yaoyao along. Because Yaoyao had just arrived at our house during that period, he was in a very bad mood.”

However, now that Li Xiwu and Pei Jingzhou had acknowledged Yaoyao, Boyuan did not plan to bring Yaoyao on the variety show again.

This wasn’t appropriate.

But if…

Boyuan suddenly looked at Li Xiwu. “Have you and Mr. Pei considered participating in the parent-child variety show?”

Li Xiwu told Boyuan the truth, “The director had already invited us before, but we had just picked Youyou up at that time and didn’t want to expose her too much, so we rejected him.”

“That’s true.” Boyuan nodded in agreement.

The reason why she suggested it was because she wanted Li Xiwu to go to this variety show too. She would have someone to accompany her.

It couldn’t be helped. She liked Li Xiwu too much. All she could think was that she would be everywhere.

Li Xiwu smiled back. “But I’ll think about it again.”

Boyuan looked very happy. “Then consider it carefully with Mr. Pei. If you participate, I won’t be bored.”

The matter regarding the parent-child variety show, Li Xiwu did not immediately mention it in front of Pei Jingzhou. She was only considering it now. She hoped that Yaoyao would have more fresh and interesting contact, so she had yet to completely decide if she wanted to participate.

Half an hour later, Pei Jingzhou came over with Youyou.

Pei Jingzhou put Youyou down. Youyou asked where her brother was because her father had been telling her along the way that she was coming to see her brother today. So Youyou asked her brother where he was as soon as she came in.

Li Xiwu pointed at the children’s room. “Brother is inside, and so is Little


Youyou smiled happily and quickly ran towards the children’s room.

Li Xiwu only retracted her gaze when she saw Youyou enter the children’s room. She looked up at Pei Jingzhou. “There’s something happy.”

Pei Jingzhou could feel Li Xiwu’s joy and asked curiously, “What is it?” Li Xiwu told Pei Jingzhou what Boyuan had told her when she came over today..

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