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Chapter 425: Chapter 425: On the Day of Mother’s Death

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Chapter 425: On the Day of Mother’s Death

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Pei Qingji, who had been tense for a long time, suddenly relaxed at this moment. His body lost its support and he slid down.

Pei Jingzhou immediately held Pei Qingji’s shoulder. “There’s no one in the car, which means that she’s fine. She must be in a safe place now.”

“You’re right. Jiaojiao must be in a safe place now.” Pei Qingji’s expression was much better than before.

Next, they had to start salvage. Although there was no one in the car, if they salvaged the car, they could immediately identify the source of the car accident. It was especially important for the dashcam.

When Han Qianye saw that Pei Qingji and her son had returned, she immediately went forward. “Is there anyone underwater?”

Pei Qingji shook his head. “There’s only one car. We didn’t detect anyone.”

“That’s good, that’s good.” Han Qianye felt relieved. “This really scared me to death.”

As long as there was no one in the car and the sonar had detected no other echo around them, no news was good news for the time being. It would take a little time to salvage.

Pei Qingji coaxed Han Qianye to return to the car to wait for the news. Han Qianye was unwilling, so Pei Qingji personally brought Han Qianye back to the car to rest. Pei Jingzhou and Qin Zhuoning stood guard outside the cordon, waiting for the car at the bottom of the river to be salvaged.

The two of them stood side by side. Qin Zhuoning retracted his gaze from the distant river and asked Pei Jingzhou, “Why didn’t you ask me why I came today?”

Pei Jingzhou said, “There’s no need to ask. I know.”

Qin Zhuoning didn’t believe him. “Fourth Brother, do you really know?”

“I know.” Pei Jingzhou also retracted his gaze and turned to look at Qin

Zhuoning. “He Wang mentioned it to me before.”

Qin Zhuoning smiled bitterly. “He Wang is such a big mouth.”

Pei Jingzhou asked, “Is it on a whim, or do you think Pei Jiao is suitable?”

The bitter smile on Qin Zhuoning’s lips turned into a choking laugh. “Fourth Brother, your questions are good. No matter which question I answer, it’s a fatal question.”

Pei Jingzhou said calmly, “Then think carefully before answering this question.”

The atmosphere between brothers should be casual and relaxed, but when a brother coveted his sister, the atmosphere was not so casual and relaxed.

As an elder brother, he had to have an attitude. Pei Jingzhou’s attitude was that brothers could joke about anything and risk their lives for anything. However, if he wanted to marry his sister, he had to show an attitude.

However, now was not the time for Qin Zhuoning to express his stance. The most important thing now was to find the missing Pei Jiao. Only when he knew that Pei Jiao was fine could he be at ease.

“Uncle said that Pei Jiao got into her friend’s car. Do you know who her friend is?” Qin Zhuoning asked.

Pei Jingzhou said, “I don’t pay much attention to her social circle. I only know that he’s a friend she often hangs out with. I haven’t investigated that person’s identity.”

Qin Zhuoning said, “Pei Jiao’s disappearance happened too suddenly this time. When we find Pei Jiao, we have to investigate all her friends. I keep feeling that this disappearance was not an accident or coincidence.”

“Do you think it was arranged by someone?” Pei Jingzhou asked him.

Qin Zhuoning said, “It’s just a guess. We’ll only know what’s going on when we get the dashcam.”

Lake Lu.

Li Xiwu did not go out again in the afternoon and stayed at home with Yaoyao and Youyou.

During this period of time, the family had prepared many toys one after another. Youyou couldn’t play with them at all. Now that Yaoyao was here,

many toys had been dismantled. There were Legos, puzzles, magnetic sheets, and colored playdough.

Youyou liked colored playdough the most. She played with a box of colored playdough until flowers bloomed.

It was all over the place.

At first, Yaoyao was more interested in the Lego City series. After playing with it for a while, his interest gradually faded. In the end, she picked up the brand new fourth-tier Rubiks Cube.

The afternoon dragged on.

Because Li Xiwu was distracted, it felt very long. During this time, Yaoyao had asked her once, “Where is he?”

Li Xiwu took the opportunity to correct his form of address when Yaoyao asked about Pei Jingzhou, “Who are you asking about, Yaoyao?” Yaoyao pursed his lips and thought about what to say. Li Xiwu asked, “Is Yaoyao asking where Daddy is?”

Yaoyao nodded. “Mm, mm.”

Li Xiwu deliberately said, “Then can you ask again?

It wasn’t that Yaoyao didn’t want to say it, but he was a little embarrassed to ask. At this moment, Youyou, who was rubbing the colored playdough, squeezed over and asked, “Is Daddy not off work yet?”

Youyou’s words undoubtedly encouraged Yaoyao.

Yaoyao moved his mouth and whispered to Li Xiwu, “Where’s Daddy?”

Li Xiwu looked at the two little fellows who were looking at her eagerly and sighed in satisfaction. She replied, “Your father will be back a little late today because he has to work overtime. We’ll sleep first later.”

Yaoyao nodded. “I understand.”

Youyou threw herself into Li Xiwu’s arms and rubbed some of the colored playdough in her hand against Li Xiwu. “Daddy isn’t back. Can Youyou sleep with Mommy today?”

As Youyou finished speaking, Yaoyao also looked at Li Xiwu. Although he didn’t say anything, his big eyes were filled with hope.

Li Xiwu touched Youyou’s face and then Yaoyao’s face. “Of course.”

“Oh yeah!” Youyou made a handsome gesture.

Yaoyao was also very happy. The corners of his lips curled up. After a while,

Auntie Lin came in and called for dinner.

Yaoyao consciously put down the Rubik’s Cube. Youyou was still wiping the colored playdough from her hand. After pressing it too hard, the colored playdough stuck to her palm. When Yaoyao saw this, he took the initiative to help Youyou clean the colored playdough from her hand.

Li Xiwu watched in relief. She finally experienced the comfort of being an old mother.

After dinner, Li Xiwu told Auntie Lin in advance that she would sleep with Yaoyao and Youyou tonight. Auntie Lin also knew that the master would be back very late tonight. She nodded and returned to her room after cleaning up.

After nightfall, Li Xiwu sat at the head of the bed and read two stories, coaxing the two little guys to sleep.

Yaoyao didn’t feel very safe. He wanted to be close to Li Xiwu. Li Xiwu was afraid that Youyou would be jealous, but she didn’t expect that not only would Youyou not be jealous, but she would also take the initiative to push Yaoyao to Li Xiwu. Youyou herself hugged Yaoyao’s arm.

At that moment, Li Xiwu wondered if this was the mutual sensing of twins.

The phone by the bed beeped. Li Xiwu put down her bedtime book and picked up her phone. It was a WeChat message from Boyuan: Are the two little guys asleep? Did they disturb you?

Li Xiwu clicked on the camera and took a photo of Yaoyao and Youyou sleeping together. She sent it to Boyuan and typed a line: Sleeping soundly.

Boyuan sent a cute emoji first, then a goodnight emoji.

Li Xiwu smiled and replied with a goodnight emoji. She looked at the time. It was almost ten o’clock. Pei Jingzhou had sent her a message an hour ago, telling her that he would be back a little late tonight, but there was no specific time. He had reminded her to sleep first.

She put the phone aside and lay down quietly beside the two little ones.

The night was peaceful, and she quickly fell asleep.

But it wasn’t a good dream. Once again, she dreamed of the past.. It was the day her mother died…

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