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Chapter 430: Chapter 430: Tempting His Heart

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Chapter 430: Tempting His Heart

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Wei Yu had never fed anyone in his life. His movements with the spoon looked very stiff and uncomfortable, but he would not go back on his word. He frowned. Convincing himself it was just feeding. Treat it as feeding a pet. It made no difference. The hand holding the spoon slowly reached for her. “Eat,” he said in an uncomfortable tone.

Not only were his movements stiff, but his tone was also cold. The heat in the room was strong. Pei Jiao was wearing a loose sweater that Wen Qiong had given her. It barely fit her, but the collar was a little too big.

Seeing that Wei Yu was feeding her with a dark expression, Pei Jiao secretly gritted her molars. Then, as if unintentionally, she leaned over. Her collar slid down a little as she leaned over, revealing a piece of her fair skin.

Unsurprisingly, Wei Yu saw it. But he didn’t take another look and immediately glanced away.

Pei Jiao reached out and gently placed her hand on the protruding joint on the back of Wei Yu’s hand. This sudden touch was like a burn to Wei Yu’s hand. He suddenly pulled back. He used too much strength and the spoon in his hand fell, spilling rice on the floor.

Pei Jiao frowned slightly. She bent down to pick up the spoon on the ground, but Wei Yu immediately stopped her wrist. His hand was wide, and his palm was dry and warm. Her wrist was slender, as if it could be easily broken with a little force.

So thin? For the first time, Wei Yu marveled that a woman’s wrist could be so thin.

“You…” He wanted to tell her to sit properly while he picked up the spoon, but he saw that because she was bent over, her collar slid down to reveal more… It was even more eye-catching than before.

This time, Wei Yu’s gaze seemed to be fixed. Pei Jiao seemed to have sensed something and looked up to meet Wei Yu’s gaze. Her other hand quickly covered her collar, and her cheeks turned red at a visible speed.

As if she felt very ashamed, she did not dare to look at him again. She lowered her eyes to hide her panic, but she did not know that under Wei Yu’s vision, she was full of delicate shyness.

Wei Yu suddenly regretted being soft-hearted and staving. If he had known, he would have ignored her just now and left. She would eat this meal if she could.

If she couldn’t, she would leave it. Anyway, she was the one who was hungry.

However, when these regretful thoughts appeared in his mind, that beautiful and shy face appeared in front of him again.

For a moment) his heart was in turmoil. Wei Yu closed his eyes tightly, and his eyes quickly regained their usual coldness. He retreated a little and said, “I’m sorry.”

Pei Jiao blushed and looked up at him secretly. This glance was caught by him. She quickly looked down and shook her head again, indicating that it was nothing.

Wei Yu picked up the spoon and put it aside. “The spoon is dirty and can’t be used. Make do with the chopsticks. What do you think?”

Pei Jiao nodded obediently. She opened her mouth to say okay, but no sound came out. Wei Yu saw her mouth move, and his warm voice reminded her, “When a person becomes mute, it’s normal that they can’t adapt.”

Pei Jiao was speechless. You can keep quiet!

Pei Jiao secretly gritted her molars. She adjusted her expression and slowly raised her head. Compared to her shyness just now, her expression looked aggrieved. It was a pitiful face.

Wei Yu swallowed slightly and changed his tone. “It’s normal to not be used to it these few days. Besides, it takes a while for your vocal cords to recover.

Although it’s not that fast, it won’t take long.”

Pei Jiao smiled and snorted in her heart. This cold-hearted bastard actually knows how to comfort people. There was a faint smile on Wei Yu i s lips, and he knew that she should be in a better mood. “Do you still want to eat?” Pei Jiao wanted to roll her eyes. Am I a god? Of course, I have to eat! She nodded, indicating that she wanted to eat.

Wei Yu held his chopsticks in one hand and placed the other on the ground. He fed Pei Jiao bit by bit like he was feeding a child. His movements were not as stiff as before and he looked very patient.

Pei Jiao was very hungry. In order to fill her stomach, she would eat every bite she was fed. She did not make a fuss and ate happily.

A grain of rice stuck to the corner of Pei Jiao’s mouth. She stuck out her tongue and licked it, but she did not reach it. She stuck out her tongue a little more and finally licked it. She smiled in satisfaction, her expression lively and bright.

Wei Yu swallowed once, then again. Then, he immediately looked away from her.

Pei Jiao saw Wei Yu looking away with a cold expression. She raised her hand and poked the back of his hand in confusion. Wei Yu cleared his throat and his expression returned to normal. He turned his gaze away and continued to feed her.

Pei Jiao’s satisfied smile hid a hint of pride. After eating about 60 to 70% of the food, Pei Jiao pointed at the drumstick in the lunch box. Her meaning was obvious. She wanted to eat the drumstick.

Wei Yu: ‘You’re going to chew it yourself?”

Pei Jiao raised her left hand. Although she could not hold chopsticks with her left hand) she could still hold a drumstick with her left hand. She waved her left hand in front of Wei Yu to express her intentions.

Wei Yu understood, then got up and left.

Pei Jiao. .

Forget it. She had been ordering this bastard around for so long. It was about time. She couldn’t order him around all the way at once. She would save some for tomorrow to continue to torture him.

She reached for the lunch box.

Wei Yu’s stern voice sounded— “Don’t take it!”

This voice shocked Pei Jiao. She suddenly looked up at Wei Yu who had returned. She was about to make an expression to accuse him, but when she noticed the towel in his hand, she was stunned.

Wei Yu sat down and reached out to her. “Give me your hand.”

Pei Jiao could roughly guess why he had left so suddenly. Without hesitation, she reached over and gently placed her hand in the palm of Wei Yu.

After the ‘communication’ between the two of them just now, Pei Jiao realized that he no longer seemed to be so resistant to their contact. After she placed her hand in his palm, he used the wet hot towel to wipe her hand.

This arrogant dog of a man actually had a gentle side.


Pei Jiao sneered in her heart. So what if he was gentle? At the thought that he was Wei Yu and that he was the man who had broken off the betrothal with her with inconsistent expressions, the little good impression that had just risen in her heart instantly disappeared.

Pei Jiao looked very angry at this moment. She had forgotten to restrain herself. After wiping her hands, Wei Yu looked up and saw the resentful expression on her face. He frowned and asked, “What’s wrong?

Pei Jiao came back to her senses and quickly restrained her expression. She quickly pointed at her right hand and frowned, vaguely expressing her meaning.

Peril guessed, “Your right hand hurts again?

Pei Jiao nodded in agreement.

Wei Yu: “I’ll get the doctor to come over and take a look at you after dinner.”

Pei Jiao smiled faintly at Wei Yu, thanking him for his concern. She usually smiled openly and did not have much of an image. When she smiled at Wei Yu just now, she deliberately restrained the smile on her lips and looked very obedient and bright.

Wei Yu’s expression did not change as he reminded her coldly, “You can eat now.”

Seeing that he immediately returned to his cold appearance, Pei Jiao criticized him in her heart while smiling and picking up the drumstick to eat..

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