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Chapter 433: Chapter 433: Her Heart skipped a beat

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Chapter 433: Her Heart skipped a beat

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Wei Yu’s lips twitched. “She said that?”

Ji He nodded at first, then quickly shook his head. “She can’t speak. It’s what she means by gesturing, but I’ve already reminded her to stop daydreaming.

It’s impossible. Then she…”

Wei Yu’s voice deepened a little. “What happened to her?”

Ji He said, “She chased me out.”

Wei Yu was silent.

Seeing that the young master did not say anything else, Ji He fell silent. He could not quite understand the young master’s thoughts. At first, he also felt that the young lady took herself too seriously, but if the young master had really fed her, it was a different matter.

As Ji He observed his young master’s reaction, he probed, “This young lady looks soft and weak, but she’s actually very strong. I feel that she doesn’t need such care. She can completely eat on her own. This is… is…

Ji He couldn’t remember that adjective, but he didn’t dare to say it in front of Young Master. He pretended to rack his brains for a moment, but he heard the young master reply, “Too pretentious?”

Ji He nodded. “…Yes!”

“Ha!” Wei Yu sneered.

Ji He felt his blood run cold. He did not know what Young Master’s sneer was meant to express his dissatisfaction, so he did not dare to ask. He could only say, “Young Master, continue working. I’ll go eat first. You should eat early too. After all, your health is the most important.”

Wei Yu acknowledged faintly, then got up and walked towards the testing room. Ji He pursed his lips, thinking that the young lady was probably going to be hungry tonight. Young Master would not go at all.

However, if she wasn’t stubborn, she would probably think of a way to eat by herself. She wouldn’t have to wait for someone to feed her. Thinking this, Ji He felt a little more at ease.

He turned to leave. Seeing that Minister Lin was still there, Ji He turned around and walked to Minister Lin’s side. “The message has been conveyed. Minister Lin, let’s go and have dinner together?”

Minister Lin stood up with his phone. “I won’t go. My wife has prepared dinner and is waiting for me to eat when I get back.”

Ji He looked bitter. “Most people in this base have wives and children. I’m so envious.” After a few seconds, Ji He continued, “But fortunately, my young master is also single. I feel better.”

Minister Lin smiled. “It’s normal for him to be alone until he’s 50 years old.”

Ji He echoed, “I think it will be until 80 years old. Young Master had long retired at that time. Perhaps he was still paralyzed in bed because he was tired from work in his early years. It’s not difficult to fall in love at that time. He just has to lie down.”

It was unknown what Minister Lin saw, but the smile on his lips deepened. He deliberately asked, “Does Wei Yu know that you’re so good at talking?”

Ji He still did not know that someone was slowly approaching from behind. He grinned foolishly. “Of course, he knows. My young master even praised me for my mouth. I’m the best at talking.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ji He heard a cold voice behind him. “You do have a way with words.”

Before Ji He could react, he picked it up with a smile. “Right? I knew it…” He paused, suddenly unable to speak.

When Ji He saw Minister Lin’s expression, he regretted it and wanted to take back his words, but it was too late. He slowly turned around. His neck and body seemed to be not one, and it was very difficult to turn.

“Young Master…” Ji He smiled sheepishly. Wei Yu looked at Ji He coldly. “Eighty years old?”

Ji He lowered his head.

Wei Yu: “Just lie down?”

Ji He lowered his head even more. He wished there was a crack in the ground so that he could hide.

Wei Yu: “This month’s salary…”

Ji He suddenly raised his head. “Young Master!!!”

However, he couldn’t stop the implacable attitude of Wei Yu. “Is cut by half.”

Ji He wanted to die. What did half of his salary mean? The blood in his heart could drip for three days and three nights.

Wei Yu walked past Ji He with a cold expression, leaving Ji He with only one sentence. “I hope you remember.”

Ji He sighed. “Oh.”

Wei Yu paused and looked back at him. “Too little deduction?”

“No, no, no.” Ji He quickly waved his hand. “Just right. It’s enough for me to remember.”

Wei Yu snorted coldly and left.

Ji He belatedly remembered something. “Young Master, you’ve already changed into your lab coat. Are you going to eat? No, aren’t you going to the test room? You…” He had already walked away and did not look back.

Ji He pursed his lips, looking uncomfortable. Minister Lin walked past Ji He. “You’ve been by Wei Yu’s side for so long and don’t know his temper. You’re asking for trouble.”

Ji He wanted to cry. “How would I know? Why would the workaholic young master suddenly come out? Eh, no… he must have gone…”

Minister Lin looked nosy. “Where to?”

Ji He snorted. “Why should I tell you?”

Minister Lin said, “It’s better to be happy together than alone.”

Ji He said, “Then I’ll choose the latter.”

Minister Lin:

Pei Jiao was struggling internally. She looked at her right hand, which could eat normally, and then at the clock on the wall. It was almost eight. Although she wasn’t that hungry, the dishes would get cold if she didn’t eat.

Even if there was heat, how long could it last? It would all go cold before eight-thirty. She would either stubbornly refuse to eat it, or she would go hungry tonight…

Or she could eat it herself. But in that case, didn’t it mean that her hands were fine and she no longer needed to be taken care of? Then how could she continue to act in front of Wei Yu?

“Tsk, how troublesome.” It was indeed troublesome for her plan.

After struggling for a long time, she still didn’t want all her efforts to go to waste.

Wei Yu was not easy to deal with to begin with. Now that the opportunity was rare, she had to have more contact with him in a short period of time. After mentally preparing herself to starve tonight, Pei Jiao opened the lunch box and sniffed the fragrance of the food. “Smelling it is equivalent to eating it.”

With that, she closed the lid again. To prevent her heart from wavering, she opened the door and went outside for a while, at least without being seen, so that her heart would not easily waver.

When she came out, she realized it was snowing. And it had just started. It was just a little snow. Like salt, it disappeared when it landed on her body.

Pei Jiao waved her hand in the air a few times, as happy as a child.

The big searchlight on the roof of this building was very bright, illuminating a long distance. Pei Jiao was breathing white mist when she noticed a man in a black coat not far below, walking towards the building.

The man was holding a black umbrella. The streetlights and snow created a different atmosphere for him, making Pei Jiao’s heart skip a beat. She had to admit that this bastard was superior from head to toe.

Pei Jiao was stunned until Wei Yu entered the building. She suddenly realized that Wei Yu… should be coming back. She hurried back into the house and paced to think about what she should do next.

Suddenly, a thought struck her. “I have it.”

She opened the lunch box in a hurry and took out her chopsticks to open it. Feeling that it was a little lacking, she threw the lid of the lunch box on the floor and used her chopsticks to get some rice grains to sprinkle around. Then, she held the chopsticks in her palm and ate with difficulty.

Wei Yu pushed the door open and saw this scene. She used her left hand to eat with great effort. She looked aggrieved, as if she would cry at any moment. When she looked up at the sound and saw that it was him, she instantly looked very happy. Although she didn’t say anything, that expression must have been a greeting: You’re back.

Wei Yu narrowed his eyes and walked over. He took the chopsticks from her hand naturally. “There’s nothing to do over there, so I came back early..”

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