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Chapter 434: Chapter 434: Pull Him Off the Altar! Make Him Cry!

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Chapter 434: Pull Him Off the Altar! Make Him Cry!

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Pei Jiao couldn’t help but think of the man she had chased out. She remembered that the man seemed to have told her very clearly: My young master is very busy and won’t come back!! In the end, not long after that man left, Wei Yu returned. He even told her that he had nothing to do at work and came back early…

“Hungry?” Wei Yu put his chopsticks aside and began to unwrap the spoon. He looked up at Pei Jiao.

Pei Jiao thought to herself, I only had lunch after four. How can I be hungry so early! Am I a pig! Although she criticized him, she acted exceptionally obedient on the surface and nodded to show that she was hungry.

Wei Yu lowered his eyes and took out the spoon from the package. With the experience of feeding at noon, he held the spoon steady this time so that it wouldn’t fall to the ground again.

“Chopsticks are only the most convenient to use yourself. A spoon is more suitable to feed you.” With that, Wei Yu asked her, “Do you eat rice first or dish?”

Pei Jiao pursed her lips and did not react. Was it her imagination? This damn man seemed to have become gentle. Did he go out to buy a lottery ticket in the afternoon and hit the jackpot??

Wei Yu kept staring at her and met her gaze calmly. “Does it look good?” He

spoke casually to remind her not to get distracted.

Unexpectedly, she nodded and moved her mouth. Although she did not hear a sound, one could tell from her lips that mouthed ‘Looks good’!

Wei Yu pursed his lips, his expression slightly serious. As soon as he became serious, he looked cold, mean, and not to be trifled with. He thought that expression would be enough to intimidate her, but he ignored her whimsy.

The little girl reached out to him. Her long fingertips were slender and beautiful, making it impossible to look away. She seemed to want to touch his face. At first, there was no reaction until that fingertip gently landed on the tip of Wei Yu’s nose.

It was like a dragonfly skimming the water, but it also made Wei Yu’s heart throb at this moment.

His eyelids moved slightly, then he slowly raised his eyes and looked at her, who was inches away. She was focused on the bridge of his nose. She had yet to retract her fingertips. Her little trick that included some probing slid down gently.

As if amused, she was a little presumptuous. The eyelashes on her eyelids fluttered like butterflies. She was unbelievably beautiful.

“I don’t like people being so close to me,” Wei Yu’s eyes held hers as he slowly reminded her. This voice was low and heavy, carrying an indistinct sense of oppression.

Pei Jiao pretended to be slow to react and even grinned at Wei Yu.

Although she didn’t have dimples when she smiled, the shape of her lips was good-looking. A little pearl protruded from her upper lip, and there were flower petal lines on her lower lip. The whole thing was in the shape of a moon. Whether she smiled or not, it was to the extent that it could move one’s heart at a glance.

Especially if he stared at her lips for too long, he would have the urge to kiss her because she looked easy to kiss.

At this moment, the atmosphere was just right. Pei Jiao felt that this was a rare opportunity. She was prepared to create an atmosphere and close the relationship with Wei Yu to a certain extent.

She thought about what expression to make next. It seemed most pretentious.

However, she heard a cold voice say, “You’re acting too much.”

Pei Jiao: .

Sure enough, he was straight. He embarrassed her in a very direct way. She withdrew her hand and slowly stepped back, putting distance between them.

She cursed in her heart:

—Tsk, damn man!

—You don’t have any desires, right? You have a clear heart and few desires! You’re Son of Buddha Shentan, right?

— Wait! I’ll pull you off the altar one day! Let you cry!

Pei Jiao, who looked obedient and calm on the surface, kept howling in her heart. Not only did she howl, but in order to stabilize her expression, she gritted her teeth so hard that they were about to shatter.

“Let’s eat first.” Wei Yu picked up the food with his chopsticks and fed it to Pei Jiao. Pei Jiao opened her mouth obediently and deliberately stuck out her tongue. Wei Yu moved his hand away, his warning tone slightly cold. “Eat properly.”

Pei Jiao closed her eyes and suppressed her anger. She opened her mouth to a normal size and bit the vegetables that Wei Yu fed her.

Beauties could not make a sound when eating. They had to close their mouths to be elegant. She had performed very well this afternoon, but now that Pei Jiao’s bones were rebelling, she insisted on making a sound.

Her mouth was full of food, smacking them at every moment.

Wei Yu frowned and reminded her, “Don’t make a sound while eating. This is basic etiquette.”

Pei Jiao was eating happily. Her moving cheeks were very agile. When she heard the reminder of Wei Yu, her moving cheeks stopped and she blinked at him.

Wei Yu couldn’t ignore her gaze. He said word by word, “Look at the food when you eat, look at the chopsticks, look at the spoon. Anything. You don’t have to look at me.”

Pei Jiao moved her lips and said silently, “You look good.”

It wasn’t that easy to read lips, but some of the simpler ones were still easy to understand. All you had to do was stare carefully at the other person’s lips as they spoke. Wei Yu read Pei Jiao’s lips and said in a low voice, “It’s not yours even if it looks good. It’s not your turn to think about it.”

Pei Jiao: .

At this moment, her heart: Hah! I can’t deny that you’re handsome! However, handsomeness and narcissism could not coexist. Otherwise, your looks would be greatly reduced because of your narcissism!!

Although Wei Yu was born with a cold effect, Pei Jiao seemed to specially counter his temper. Even if the atmosphere cooled down, it would not last more than ten seconds. This gave Wei Yu a headache. He could not imagine that after this woman could speak, the entire engineering base would probably be filled with her noisy voice.

Seeing Pei Jiao move closer and closer to him, he asked her, “Did you have ADHD when you were young?

Pei Jiao pouted and shook her head. “No.”

Wei Yu ignored her shake of the head just now. “It’s good to be a mute from now on. The people around you can have peace.”

Pei Jiao: .

This damn man was really mocking her!

After the meal, Wei Yu carefully put away the lunch box and packed up the lunch.

Leftovers were fine for an afternoon, but they were clearly not suitable to stay in the room overnight. They had to be taken out and thrown away. Wei Yu placed the remaining lunch boxes in the trash can, tied them up, and picked them up.

He knew how to do the daily things in life. It was very normal for him to throw trash. However, he had never had the habit of reporting where he went, be it in the Wei family or the base. His identity was like this, so there was no need.

He picked up the trash bag and was about to leave. Pei Jiao took three steps forward and grabbed his wrist. The sudden touch repelled Wei Yu. Instinctively, he pulled away and looked down at her. “What is it?”

Pei Jiao’s hand froze in midair for a few seconds before she began to gesture laboriously. Are you leaving?

Wei Yu said, “You’ve never learned sign language. It’s not only difficult for you to gesture, but no one else can understand it. If it’s not a sentence with especially many words, you can try to lip-read it or write it slowly in your notebook.”

Pei Jiao chose the former. If she wrote it, wouldn’t she expose that her hand was fine?! She mouthed the question: Where are you going?

When Wei Yu understood, he picked up the trash bag in his hand.. “Isn’t it obvious?”

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