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Chapter 435: Chapter 435: Do the Most Considerate Thing

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Chapter 435: Do the Most Considerate Thing

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Pei Jiao continued to lip-read: Will you come back?

Wei Yu had to remind her. “I live next door to you. Of course I’ll come back.”

Pei Jiao smiled happily and nodded. Seeing her look of relief, Wei Yu looked away and turned to go out.

Until the figure of Wei Yu disappeared at the door, Pei Jiao looked up at the sky and heaved a sigh of relief. It was really tiring not to be herself. It was really tiring to cater to someone. The key was that after performing tirelessly for half a day and displaying her true acting skills, the other party was as cold as a block of wood!

Pei Jiao couldn’t help but rub her chin and sigh. Could this damn man have quit drugs?! Of course, Pei Jiao would not admit that she was not charming enough, just like men would not admit that they were not good enough.

Then she could only try again.

If this bastard kept sitting still, it would be equivalent to an ineffective strategy. When the time came, she would have to think of another strategy. In the end, if it really didn’t work, he would follow her original plan and beat him up before running away.

After making up her mind, Pei Jiao planned to apply medicine well for the next two days and let her wounds recover as soon as possible.

Otherwise, how embarrassing would it be to be dragged down by an unhealed wound!

After calculating that he was about to return after throwing the trash, Pei Jiao quickly fiddled with the hair on her forehead and the hair on both sides of her ears. Then, she went outside and stood in the corridor to look out.

The snow was getting heavier tonight. She came out just in time. After a while, Wei Yu returned. He didn’t have an umbrella. There was a thin layer of snow on the shoulders of his black coat, and a layer on his fine hair, like white sugar.

He raised his hand to brush the snow off his shoulder. Seeing her standing there, his face darkened. “Why are you out here?” There was an almost imperceptible anger in his tone.

Pei Jiao was wearing thin clothes. When she saw Wei Yu coming back, her eyes were almost curved into crescents. She mouthed, “I’m waiting for you.”

Wei Yu walked over and grabbed her wrist to lead her into the house. “I don’t need you to wait for me.”

The door slammed shut. Compared to the strength with which he usually closed the door, it was clearly heavier just now.

“Like I said, I went to throw out the trash. I didn’t say I wouldn’t come back. Just now, you knew to wear a jacket. Now you’re wearing so thin and standing in the cold outside. You’re in good health, right?”

Wei Yu’s tone was heavy as he reprimanded her. He picked up his jacket from the sofa and draped it over her. “If you catch a cold, I won’t care.”

He said the most ruthless words, but he was doing the most considerate thing!

Pei Jiao suddenly could not figure out this bastard’s personality. After he draped his jacket over his body, she smiled and gathered her collar. ‘I’m afraid you’re gone,’ she mouthed to him.

Wei Yu glanced past her. “I do have to leave now.”

Pei Jiao’s almond-shaped eyes widened slightly. She took half a step forward and Wei Yu reminded her, “I told you not to get too close to me.”

Pei Jiao stopped. She pointed at her wrist and mouthed, “You even took the initiative to hold my hand just now!” There were a little more words in this sentence, but he could roughly understand it. Seeing that he did not react, Pei Jiao even complained, “You held my hand and even put a coat on me. You also fed me. You didn’t make that!”

She said the last long sentence too quickly. Wei Yu only saw her small mouth talking non-stop and did not understand what she was talking about.

Seeing that he did not react, Pei Jiao suddenly reached out and pushed him. “Then leave.”

Wei Yu did not notice. So after being pushed by Pei Jiao, he staggered and took half a step back. Pei Jiao realized that she had actually pushed Wei yu forward. She was secretly happy and continued pushing.

However, this time, no matter how hard she pushed, Wei Yu did not move.

Wei Yu looked down at her. “You seem to like to throw tantrums.”

Pei Jiao pouted: It’s none of your business.

Wei Yu: “I won’t indulge your little tantrums with me. so you’d better restrain yourself. When you can leave, I’ll send you back myself.”

Pei Jiao snorted and turned around to ignore him.

Wei Yu did not stay long, let alone tell Pei Jiao. He went back next door.

Pei Jiao heard the footsteps of Wei Yu leaving. When she turned around, Wei Yu had already walked out of the door. At this moment, facing Wei Yu’s departing figure, Pei Jiao cursed him 10,000 times in her heart.

She slept well that night.

She slept well and woke up early. She was up at six-thirty. After swaying and washing up at the sink, she dawdled until seven. She went out to the next door and raised her hand to knock on the door.

While knocking on the door, she did not forget to admire the scene of thousands of pear blossoms blooming last night. It snows every year in the capital, big or small. This year, it fell later than usual. Perhaps it was because of the temperature.

One was not afraid of the cold when the snow was big, but of the frost. She would be so cold that she would tremble.

There was no response. Pei Jiao knocked faster. This time, on the sixth knock, the door opened.

Pei Jiao almost couldn’t stop her hand from knocking on the man’s chest. Although she almost touched him, it didn’t stop her from deliberately pressing her hand against him.

Wei Yu intercepted her wrist. “What is it?”

The man who had just been woken up had a serious morning temper. His voice was clearly hoarse, but his displeasure was real.

Pei Jiao automatically ignored his temper. Her gaze landed on the dark suit pajamas on his body and she couldn’t help but take a second look. These pajamas seemed to be hanging on a hanger. His supermodel figure was really impressive.

Moreover, that face could be considered the work of the heavens. It was perfectly sculpted. And there was really a lot of hair. Why were most of the good points taken by this bastard?

Pei Jiao was furious as she slowly mouthed, Can you take me to the canteen for breakfast today? Wei Yu looked at her. “Is that all?”

Pei Jiao nodded. Wei Yu: “Got it.”

Pei Jiao:

He agreed so readily? She hadn’t even started to show the expression she’d prepared.

Seeing that the door was about to close, Pei Jiao quickly stretched out her foot and pressed it against the crack in the door, anxiously expressing, “I’m hungry. When are you taking me to breakfast?”

Wei Yu’s eyes were clear and cold. “Are you a big eater?” Pei Jiao’s lips twitched.

Wei Yu gestured. “Take your foot off.”

Pei Jiao pretended not to hear.

“Don’t blame me if it’s stubbed,” Wei Yu said, about to slam the door shut. However, Pei Jiao was stubborn enough not to be frightened. Her feet were motionless. Wei Yu, on the other hand, stopped in his tracks, he turned around and went in. As he walked, he said, “Wait for me for five minutes.

Pei Jiao giggled and was about to enter. Unexpectedly, it was as if Wei Yu had eyes on his back. The moment her front foot stepped in, he turned around and reminded her, “Don’t come in. Just stand there and wait.”

Pei Jiao: .

So be it. Who cared about coming in!

The efficiency of Wei Yu was very high. He took five minutes, but he really did not exceed it. The coat had been changed to a long black down jacket, and the innerwear had not changed. To Pei Jiao, this vision felt like something was missing.

Right, a scarf!

“Let’s go, big eater.” Wei Yu locked the door and walked in front of Pei Jiao.

Pei Jiao was still thinking about what color a scarf would suit him. When she turned around and saw that this person had already walked far away and was not waiting for her, she was so angry that she cursed him dozens of times in her heart and quickly followed.

When she followed Wei Yu, it was as if she had a pass beside her.

She’s out! She’s out! She could finally leave the building!

Pei Jiao was very happy, but she was a little too happy. The snow on the ground turned into water, and her feet were a little slippery. She accidentally fell. She thought she was going to fall on her face as soon as she left the house.

At the critical moment, her waist tightened. Wei Yu wrapped his arm around Pei Jiao’s waist and helped her stand up. Then, he reminded her in a low voice, “Watch the road, idiot..”

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