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Chapter 437: Chapter 437: I’m Li You

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Chapter 437: I’m Li You

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She’d been locked in that building for the past few days. She hadn’t seen any electronic equipment other than the television.

Every time Wen Qiong came to see her, she had never brought her cell phone. She even asked her to provide her family’s contact details and help her contact them. However, Pei Jiao kept pretending not to agree.

And that Ji He only had a headset on him. He didn’t seem to use his cell phone here.

Only Wei Yu had a cell phone.

But she couldn’t get it.

Firstly, she is injured now. She did not have the ability to get his phone without anyone knowing while avoiding Wei Yu. Secondly, Wei Yu’s attitude was the same as Wen Qiong’s. He asked her to provide her own contact number and they would contact them.

She knew very well that they wouldn’t contact each other at all. They just wanted to be sure of her identity. Even if she revealed that she was Pei Jiao now, she still could not go back. Compared to asking them to contact her parents and saying, “Your daughter is with me. I’ll send her back after a while.

Please don’t look for her.’

This kidnapping tone was too terrifying!

A better way would be for her to contact her family herself and tell them that she was indeed safe and sound. But she couldn’t get any electronic equipment.

At this moment, Pei Jiao was very nervous. She was afraid that Wei Yu would react and snatch the cell phone back. However, Pei Jiao was surprised by the generosity of Wei Yu. He actually said, “Sure.”

Pei Jiao held her breath at first, then right on the heels of being sure that she hadn’t heard wrongly, the smile on her face was as bright as it could be. Really?

Wei Yu was very happy to see her. He couldn’t help but smile. “Use it. Just return it to me when you’re done.”

Although Pei Jiao did not know why Wei Yu was suddenly willing to give him his cell phone, she could not deny that she had changed her mind about this man—a dog man was no longer a dog and was even very handsome!

She clicked on her cell phone to let Wei Yu unlock it. Seeing that there was no lock screen, she subconsciously looked at Wei Yu.

Wei Yu explained calmly, “I don’t have the habit of locking my cell phone.”

Pei Jiao nodded. “Oh, I see.” It wasn’t convenient to call someone in front of Wei Yu. She mouthed: Can I go over there and make the call?

Wei Yu nodded. “Of course.

Pei Jiao quickly picked up her phone and went to the side. After confirming that she was very far away from Wei Yu, she stopped. She clicked on her cell phone. The wallpaper came with the system.

On the page, there were all kinds of software commonly used by young people nowadays. She casually swiped and opened the phone column.

Although she was very worried about Beike’s current situation, it was rare to get a chance to get a cell phone. It was better to call her father first.

She pressed the numbers one by one. When she reached the sixth number, her fingertips suddenly paused. With her super-sharp computer science, she realized that something was wrong.

Why was the signal only two bars?

She had discovered a signal tower here two days ago. Although the antenna of the tower radiated horizontally and the signal directly below might not be good, when she had followed Wei Yu over just now, she had observed that the signal tower was on the other side.

Therefore, according to the level and direction of the antenna radiation, it was impossible for the signal to be bad at the lower angle, which was the canteen!

Pei Jiao immediately exited the line. She had been so agitated just now that she had overlooked some details. For example, there would be a delay of a second or two when she clicked into the phone. There would also be a delay of a second or two when she entered the number.

She didn’t think anything unusual at the time. But now, her professional field reminded her in time that this cell phone was being monitored. She quickly scrolled back to see if there was any strange software.

After carefully confirming that she did not find anything, Pei Jiao’s face turned cold.

This bastard couldn’t be praised. To think that she had been so grateful to him just now. This wasn’t ordinary surveillance at all. It was a chip implant. She couldn’t even tamper with it!

Pei Jiao took a deep breath to calm herself down. She turned back with the phone and sat down opposite Wei Yu.

When Wei Yu saw her return, there was no joy on her face. “You’re done with the call?”

Pei Jiao looked up at him and resisted the urge to grit her back teeth. She placed the phone on the table and pushed it over. Then, with a long face: I don’t remember my family’s number.

Wei Yu frowned. “You don’t remember your family’s phone number?”

Pei Jiao pouted and nodded sadly.

Wei Yu asked, “So you didn’t call?” Pei Jiao nodded again. Wei Yu closed his eyes and asked in a low voice, “Have you thought about it seriously?” One didn’t have to listen carefully to hear the speechlessness in his heart.

Pei Jiao pursed her lips. Perhaps she had hit her head in a car accident and couldn’t remember.

Wei Yu looked at her. “You mean, you could remember your family’s phone number before?”

Pei Jiao nodded. “Yes.”

Wei Yu took the cell phone and tapped on it a few times. It was unknown what he had tapped on. Pei Jiao saw that he was speechless and sneered in her heart. This man was up to no good.

After seven or eight minutes, the canteen staff served the food. Pei Jiao thought that it was another breakfast of porridge and buns. She did not expect Wei Yu to order a very sumptuous breakfast. There was also a soup that could be smelled without the lid being removed. It was in the stew pot.

Pei Jiao lifted the lid of the stew pot happily, and her smile suddenly froze on her lips. Wei Yu, who saw this, reminded her considerately, “Stewed pig brains to nourish your brain.” Pei Jiao: .

On the MO family’s side.

Li Xiwu had already moved into the MO residence with her children. In her current memory, this was the first time she had come to the MO residence. Yaoyao and Youyou were also new here.

The quaint courtyard was filled with laughter. Youyou was lying on Guan Suling’s knee, raising her head and saying something. Guan Suling brushed Youyou’s bangs lovingly and listened attentively.

Yaoyao sat beside Guan Suling. He was carrying a huge guava in his arms. Although he was not as active as Youyou and did not smile as brightly as Youyou, it was obvious that Yaoyao was in a good mood.

He liked the atmosphere.

Not far away, Li Xiwu came out in a moon-white thin velvet cheongsam. The cheongsam was embroidered with burning flowers, making her figure look graceful. She also had a moon-white cloak of the same color on her shoulder.

She was noble and gentle.

MO Yan peeled an orange and had just eaten a piece when she saw Li Xiwu walking over. She almost choked on the orange juice. She coughed violently.

“Ahem, ahem, ahem…’

Guan Suling turned around. “Did you get phlegm in your throat?”

MO Yan pointed at Li Xiwu, who was walking over. “Grandma! Cousin came out in the cheongsam you gave her! Wow!

When Guan Suling heard this, she quickly stood up. Dao Xi, who was beside her, reached out and helped her up. “Matriarch, slow down.”

With Dao Xi’s help, Guan Suling turned around. When she saw Li Xiwu walking towards her in her moon-white cheongsam, she knew that it was not her, but her vision still fell into a daze for a moment. She muttered, “…Ah Zhu.’

Li Xiwu walked up to Guan Suling and heard her grandmother call her Ah Zhu. She knew that her grandmother had seen her mother through her. She called out softly, “Grandma.”

Guan Suling suddenly came back to her senses. The corners of her lips trembled, as if she wanted to say something.

Li Xiwu smiled faintly and said her original name frankly. “I’m Li You..”

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