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Chapter 440: Chapter 440: The Guilty Pei Jingzhou

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Chapter 440: The Guilty Pei Jingzhou

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Guan Suling asked in a low voice, “Does that doctor know Little You’s identity?”

Pei Jingzhou shook his head. “No.”

Guan Suling said, “Then how could…”

“He was a doctor I trusted in the past and also the family doctor of the Pei family. Because I was seriously injured, he lied so as to let me receive treatment in peace. After I found out the truth, I fired him. From then on, no hospital under the Pei Corporation used him.”

Pei Jingzhou’s expression became even colder. “I looked for him a few days ago.

He admitted the truth that he didn’t tell me back then.”

Guan Suling understood the reason. “You were too ruthless at that time and didn’t give him a chance to admit his mistake. He didn’t tell you that Little You had a C-section scar on her stomach. It was also his revenge.”

It was indeed revenge.

Because Pei Jingzhou fired the doctor in a fit of anger, all the hospitals under the Pei Corporation stopped hiring him. Coupled with the influence of the Pei family, any hospital in the capital would reject the doctor when they found out about his resume.

He couldn’t stay in the capital anymore, so he went to another city.

Pei Jingzhou had spent a lot of effort to find him some time ago.

“I can’t blame you.” Guan Suling saw it clearly. “Not to mention you, I’d probably do it even more ruthlessly than you.” With her methods back then, not only would she make all the hospitals in the capital unable to hire him, but she would also make all the hospitals in the country unable to hire him.

At this moment, Pei Jingzhou slowly stood up. “Grandma, I’ll go find her.”

She had asked all she needed to know. Guan Suling nodded. “Plum forest in the backyard, Dao Xi, lead the way for the new son-in-law.”

Dao Xi gestured for him to follow. “Mr. Pei, follow me this way.”

Pei Jingzhou nodded slightly and led the way to the back garden.

More than ten years ago, with a word from Guan Suling, a large area of wax groves was planted in the backyard.

Every year during this season, the wax plums were in full bloom. It was very suitable for people to come and admire the plums in leisure.

Because of the pleasant fragrance of the wax plums, they were very attractive to bees. When MO Yan went into the plum forest to pluck the wax plums, she accidentally provoked a bee. When she picked the wax plums, she accidentally picked the bee as well.

She only realized that she had a bee in her hand when she heard a buzzing sound.

Startled, she quickly shook it off, but the bee had already sent a message. Soon, five or six bees flew over MO Yan’s head, scaring her so much that she quickly ran and shouted.

Seeing this, Li Xiwu wanted to go forward and help, but she quickly couldn’t take care of herself.

Youyou had also provoked a bee, but it was because she had put a wax plum on herself that she had provoked the bee to chase after the wax plum on her head.

Youyou was scared and ran around screaming. “Ahhhh, Brother, save me.

Brother, save me…”

Yaoyao chased after Youyou. “Wait a minute. Take off the plums on your head.

Don’t run.”

Youyou had just stopped when the bee buzzed above her head, scaring her so much that she immediately ran again. “I can’t take it off. Brother, save me…”

Yaoyao was worried. On the one hand, he had to chase after her sister and hold her back, while on the other hand, he had to be careful of the bee sting.

Although the heels on Li Xiwu’s shoes were not high, she definitely could not run. For a moment, she did not know whether to chase after Yaoyao and Youyou or chase after MO Yan on the other side.

She looked around and saw MO Yan running back with a gauze hat in her hand. “Cousin! Cousin!! I found a hat over there. It’s beeproof. Put it on.”

“If you find a hat, put it on yourself. You don’t have to give it to me.” As soon as Li Xiwu finished speaking, MO Yan, who had run over in a hurry, stuffed the veil hat into her hand. “Take it first. There’s more over there. I’ll go get it.”

After MO Yan stuffed the veil hat into Li Xiwu’s hand, she turned around and ran over.

Li Xiwu was about to say something when she looked up and realized that a few bees had also flown over her head. She was so frightened that she quickly covered her head with her veil.

She knew that pollen-picking bees or not, they stung to protect themselves from harm. Especially since the bee MO Yan had just provoked had sent out a distress signal. There were a lot of bees around.

Li Xiwu turned around to look for Youyou and Yaoyao. Through the white veil, she vaguely saw someone coming. She scratched the white veil and looked over. It was Pei Jingzhou. She was about to wave when she saw Pei Jingzhou walking over quickly. Before she could raise her hand, Pei Jingzhou walked past her.

Li Xiwu’s smile froze on her lips. Even Dao Xi, who was walking behind, was stunned. She raised her hand and took off her veil hat. She turned around and saw Pei Jingzhou walking quickly in the direction of Youyou and Yaoyao. It was true that he was worried about the children, but Li Xiwu could not help but feel a little sad.

He actually didn’t even look at her.

Dao Xi walked over to Li Xiwu’s side. “Little Miss, Young Master might not have recognized you.”

Li Xiwu looked down at her outfit today. “Maybe.”

He probably did not expect her to wear such a grand outfit to the back garden to admire the plums after returning to the MO residence. In addition, she was wearing a veiled hat when they were far away just now. Pei Jingzhou had already confirmed from afar that she was not her, so he walked past her when he approached.

Even so, Li Xiwu’s heart ached. He couldn’t recognize the outfit, but couldn’t he recognize her figure?

Okay, her idea was a little unreasonable.

Li Xiwu handed the veiled hat to Dao Xi and crossed her arms. She raised her chin slightly and looked in the direction Pei Jingzhou had gone. She wanted to see when Pei Jingzhou would notice her.

At this moment, Yaoyao had already removed the wax plum from his sister’s head. The bee stopped circling the two of them and flew back to the plum forest.

Youyou looked up and saw her father. She danced happily and shouted, “Daddy

Pei Jingzhou only saw his children and did not see Li Xiwu. The first thing he asked was, “Where’s your mother?”

Youyou and Yaoyao were both stunned. The bright smile on Youyou’s face froze, and Yaoyao looked naturally stunned.

Pei Jingzhou slowly squatted down and looked at the two little guys, who were suddenly stunned. “You don’t know where she is?”

Youyou also pointed in that direction and said, “Mom is there.”

Pei Jingzhou was stunned. The figure he had seen when he came over appeared in his mind.

He stood up and turned away. After the woman in the cheongsam and sable took off her veil hat, Li Xiwu’s face was already revealed. And he had actually glanced at his wife just now! He thought that the woman in luxurious clothes was the Yanyan that his grandmother was talking about, which was Li Xiwu’s cousin.

Pei Jingzhou turned back. The distance of more than ten steps made him, who was usually calm or strategic, look a little guilty at this moment. He walked closer and shouted, “Honey..”

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