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Chapter 445: Chapter 445: So It’s an Acquaintance

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Chapter 445: So It’s an Acquaintance

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Li Xiwu said, “How can I be angry if you don’t tell me?”

Xue Jinzhu shook her head. “Then I won’t say anymore.”

Li Xiwu’s eyes suddenly turned cold, scaring Xue Jinzhu so much that she did not dare to throw a tantrum anymore. She quickly explained everything and did not dare to hide a word.

Li Xiwu spent five minutes listening to Xue Jinzhu and another two minutes sorting out the order of what she had said. In the end, she looked at Xue Jinzhu.

“Aren’t you the one who attacked first?”

Xue Jinzhu said angrily, “If she didn’t scold me first, I wouldn’t have scolded her using my hands.”

“Besides.” Xue Jinzhu’s tone sounded extremely aggrieved. “We’re all from the same production team. We meet all the time. She doesn’t say anything bad about me behind my back and deliberately lets me hear it. Isn’t she asking for a beating?

Li Xiwu said, “So you couldn’t hold back your temper and attacked first.” Xue Jinzhu nodded. Li Xiwu sighed softly. “Your temper is still so explosive. You’ll attack without a word. You can’t do this.”

Hearing Li Xiwu’s words, Xue Jinzhu was stunned. Is that all? A sigh and a sentence? Is she not going to scold her? Xue Jinzhu was already prepared to be scolded, but Miss Li did not seem to have any intention of scolding her.

“Miss Li, this is my first time filming a television drama, and it’s also the first time I’ve attacked an actress in the same group on set. The matter is relatively bad. The director wants me to apologize to her,” Xue Jinzhu said softly.

Li Xiwu asked, “Shouldn’t you apologize?”

Xue Jinzhu bit her lip. “But she scolded me first.’

Li Xiwu raised her hand and rubbed the space between her eyebrows. “Silly girl, it doesn’t matter if you’re the female lead or a resource celebrity. The law stipulates that no matter what the cause is, as long as you beat someone up first, it’s wrong. You’ll be criticized, educated, and punished administratively.” Xue Jinzhu pouted. “It’s just being criticized and educated. It’s nothing.”

“You don’t think much of it, but if the other party doesn’t accept the mediation and claims that she’s dizzy and insists on going to the hospital to write an injury certificate and hold you accountable, no matter how many mouths you have to defend yourself, you’ll be indicted in a criminal case. The prosecutor’s office will sue you and finally sentence you to detention. Is it worth it?”

Xue Jinzhu was stunned. At that time, she had only thought about throwing the handle after the blade. She had never thought about these pros and cons.

“Miss Li, then I…” Xue Jinzhu wanted to ask something. Li Xiwu interrupted, “Are there any scenes in the afternoon?”

Xue Jinzhu said, “I don’t have any scenes this afternoon.”

Li Xiwu said, “I mean the actress you beat up.”

Xue Jinzhu reacted. “She seems to have two scenes.”

Li Xiwu said, “Buy a gift, bag, or perfume. You can decide for yourself. It’s best if you send her something expensive. Spend some money to treat the entire production team to coffee. Use your specialty and be sweeter. Acknowledge your mistake in front of the director.”

Hearing Li Xiwu’s arrangements, Xue Jinzhu’s eyes gradually widened. “Do I have to really do that?”

“Not necessarily. It’s up to you.” Li Xiwu looked at Xue Jinzhu calmly. “If she doesn’t pursue the matter, just treat it as good luck. Be careful next time. If she pursues the matter, just wait for the prosecution.”

Xue Jinzhu’s mouth fell open. “Ah…”

Li Xiwu added, “Of course, in addition to being sued by the prosecutor’s office, the production team will also sue you for compensation for delaying the filming process.”

Xue Jinzhu slowly closed her mouth and whispered back, “I know what to do.”

Li Xiwu said, “What?”

Xue Jinzhu said loudly, “Miss Li, I know what to do.”

Li Xiwu smiled in satisfaction. She looked at the time on the screen. It was time to leave to see Doctor Jiang.

Picking up the cell phone from the table, she stood up and walked out from behind her desk.

Walking up to Xue Jinzhu, Li Xiwu said, “In the entertainment industry, it’s not like your circle of rich second-generation heirs, where countless people will surround you and praise you. There are many people in this circle who are more capable than you. Those first-tier celebrities can be humble. Remember, it won’t hurt to keep a low profile. If you’re too arrogant and domineering, you’ll suffer. You won’t be able to be smug for long. You’ll eventually suffer.”

Xue Jinzhu nodded. “I’ll remember.”

Li Xiwu nodded. “Go to the production team and do what you have to do. Come back early. I’ve already chosen the gown for tomorrow night’s annual banquet. Just go to Nan Xin. She’ll give you the gown.”

Xue Jinzhu asked, “What about you, Miss Li? Where are you going?” Xue Jinzhu noticed that Li Xiwu had even brought her bag. She was getting off work.

“I have something to do. I won’t be back this afternoon.” When Li Xiwu passed by Yuanyuan, she reminded her, “Remember to urge her to come back early to try on the gown.”

Yuanyuan said, “I understand, Miss Li.” Only Xue Jinzhu and Yuanyuan were left in the office. Yuanyuan went forward. “Sister Jinzhu, we…”

“I know, I know.” Xue Jinzhu’s voice was weak. “Apologize to that bitch and treat the entire production team to coffee.”

Yuanyuan said, “I know that makes it difficult for you.”

Xue Jinzhu said, “No matter how difficult it is, I will still do it. Miss Li is right. This is the entertainment industry, not my carefree and free circle of rich second-generation heirs. Since I insisted on entering this circle back then, I have to accept the rules of this circle.”

Yuanyuan was relieved that her daughter had grown up. “Sister Jinzhu, the fact that you can think like this means that you’ve grown up.”

Xue Jinzhu couldn’t withstand the praise. The moment she was praised, she almost smiled until her teeth were visible. “Let’s go, let’s go. Hurry up and finish the business. I’ll come back to try on the gown.”

Yuanyuan followed. “Okay.”

Li Xiwu took the elevator straight to the underground parking lot and drove out. She adjusted the GPS and located the cafe that Dr. Jiang had sent. It was about a seven or eight-minute drive.

After getting out of the car, she sent Dr. Jiang a WeChat message: I’m here. She walked into the cafe when her cell phone beeped. It was a reply from Dr. Jiang. “I know. I saw you.”

Li Xiwu stopped short. She looked around and saw a young man sitting by the window. The man was raising his hand to her.

Li Xiwu walked over.

Li Xiwu was about to reach out, but when she saw Doctor Jiang’s appearance clearly, her outstretched hand stopped. Then she retracted her hand.

Jiang Ce’s hand was still outstretched, but he was not embarrassed at all. He gestured. “Please sit, Mrs. Pei.”

Li Xiwu sat down and put her bag aside. She said with a faint smile, “It’s indeed been a long time, Dr. Jiang.”

Wasn’t Doctor Jiang the person who had cooperated with Gu Lanshi to hypnotize her when she went to the Li Mansion? When she woke up, she saw this person. But she hadn’t seen him since. After she went back that day, she did have some dreams on and off, dreams that reminded her of the past.

“It’s an honor to be remembered by Mrs. Pei,” Jiang Ce said with a smile.

Li Xiwu slowly said, “Doctor Jiang was the doctor who hypnotized me four years ago. You were also the doctor who tried to recover my memory by helping Gu Lanshi four years later. I want to know what role Doctor Jiang played in this.”

Jiang Ce smiled. “That’s not important.” Li Xiwu picked up her bag and got up. Jiang Ce shouted, “Wait, Mrs. Pei.” Li Xiwu looked down at him. Jiang Ce smiled bitterly. “I’ll talk. I’ll talk. Sit down first.’

Li Xiwu gave him face. Moreover, she had only stood up and pretended to leave for show. She sat down.

Jiang Ce handed her the order. “What would you like to drink, Mrs. Pei?”

Li Xiwu ordered a caramel macchiato. A moment later, the attendant served coffee. Li Xiwu picked up the spoon and gently stirred the bottom of the cup. She said softly, “Doctor Jiang, there’s no harm in saying so.”

Jiang Ce straightened his face and said, “Actually, Mrs. Pei already understands.”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips and remained silent.

Jiang Ce said, “You didn’t completely recover your memories after that day at the Li Mansion. You only remembered some fragments. Coupled with the fact that you saw me today, you must have understood.”

Li Xiwu put down her spoon and looked at Jiang Ce steadily. “Why didn’t you let me recover my memories that day?”

Jiang Ce said, “Mr. Pei won’t allow it.”

Li Xiwu said, “Then why does it remind me of some things?”

Jiang Ce replied, “I have to show some skills to make Mr. Gu believe me.” Li Xiwu’s lips twitched. “You took two sets of money, right?”

“How can you call it taking two sets of money?” Jiang Ce smiled ingratiatingly.

“This is called the ability to earn money..”

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