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Chapter 448: Chapter 448: Girl, Li You (1)

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Chapter 448: Girl, Li You (1)

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She dreamed back to ten years ago.

The sky was gloomy, and the thunder came one after another. The weather in midsummer was always so unpredictable. After the heat wave passed, it wasn’t long before a storm poured down like the Milky Way.

The school building was brightly lit. At 10:00 pm, students came out of their evening self-study.

Li You held an umbrella and stood downstairs looking for a long time, but she did not see Pei Jingzhou come out. She was a little anxious. When she saw Pei Jingzhou’s classmate, she immediately stopped him and asked, “Is Pei Jingzhou out?”

That classmate knew Li You, mainly because she had appeared beside Pei Jingzhou too many times. Gradually, she became familiar. ‘l’he classmate told

Li You, “Pei Jingzhou didn’t come to the evening self-study tonight. He took leave.’

Li You’s face fell. “He took leave?”

The classmate nodded. “Yeah.” Seeing Li You’s disappointed expression, he asked, “You’re always by his side. Don’t you know he’s taking leave this afternoon?”

Li You was about to shake her head. Seeing the curious look on the student’s face, she said in a low voice, “l know, but I forgot. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.’

Her classmate’s voice came from behind. Li You held her umbrella and grabbed her bag as she ran towards the school gate. She ran so fast that water splattered her ankles, dirtying her socks and the horrible sides of her shoes.

But she didn’t care. No matter how bad it was, it was not as bad as her current mood.

Li Huaishengs car had been parked by the roadside for a long time. When he finally saw his daughter come out, he immediately turned on the double flash. Li You walked quickly to her father’s car angrily. After getting into the car, Li Huaisheng could tell at a glance that his daughter was in a bad mood. He asked, “Are there too many papers today?”

Li You said nothing.

Li Huaisheng suddenly realized. “Why did you come out alone today?”

Li You looked up. “I’m afraid half a person will scare you.”

Li Huaisheng:

The car drove slowly down the avenue. The rain was still heavy, washing over the car. The windshield wipers in front of it were almost smoking. When she returned to Qiang Yue Garden’s Li Mansion, Li You saw that her mother was still sitting on the sofa waiting for her. She immediately stopped in her tracks.

MO Zhu got up and came over. He carefully checked if his daughter was wet. After confirming that she was dry, he was relieved. “Come, have a bowl of ginger soup.”

Li You:

She wasn’t wet, right?

Li Huaisheng walked over from behind. “Your mother has been cooking ginger soup since I went out to pick you up. She was afraid that you would be drenched in the rain. It’s considered my duty not to let you be drenched. It’s good to drink a bowl to ward off the cold.”

Li You replied gloomily, “Oh.”

The ginger soup rushed to her nose. Li You had never liked this taste. After drinking it, the taste spread in her throat for a long time. However, it had been raining today. The ginger soup could ward off the cold and prevent colds. In short, it was good stuff. She finished her ginger soup and hurried upstairs with her bag.

MO Zhu could tell that his daughter was in a bad mood. She turned around and saw Li Huaisheng looking at her with a smile. MO Zhu couldn’t help but laugh. “What are you laughing at?”

Li Huaisheng walked over and said, “I’m happy.”

“What are you so happy about?”

“Some kid ignores my daughter. Isn’t that a good thing?”

Nio Zhu stuffed the bowl into Li Huaishengs hand and turned to walk in. “You’re smiling too early.”

Li Huaisheng caught the bowl and followed MO Zhu. “l don’t think so. Little You cares about her pride the most. After being ignored like this, she definitely won’t interact with him in the future. This way, Little You can focus on her studies.’

“l told you that you were laughing too early, but you didn’t believe me. Just wait and see.” MO Zhu’s heart was clear. After all, she had been through it before. How could she not understand?

Li Huaisheng: “Impossible, right?”

That Pei kid was very arrogant, and his Little You had an extremely strong self-esteem. If no one gave in, they would definitely break up. Besides, this adolescent relationship was a momentary liking. It was far inferior to the unforgettable relationship between adults.

Ever since that night, Li You stayed in the classroom after class and did not go anywhere. In order to avoid meeting Pei Jingzhou, she found an excuse to ask the teacher for leave and did not attend evening self-study for a week.

However, she had taken the stacks of papers home to do them. She had not forgotten her homework at all.

Finally, on this Sunday, Li You went to the 18th birthday party that her aunt had chosen for her youngest cousin.

Her younger cousin’s name was Qin Chu, and she was Qin Zhuonings biological sister. She was two years older than Li You and was in the same class as Pei Jingzhou. She was about to graduate this summer.

Qin Chu was very popular in class and invited many classmates to this birthday banquet. As her younger brother, Qin Zhuoning also invited a few friends to his sister’s birthday banquet.

Among these friends was Pei Jingzhou.

At first, Li You did not know that Pei Jingzhou was here. She stayed in Qin Chu’s room and watched Qin Chu try on a gown in boredom.

Every time Qin Chu tried on a piece, she would ask Li You, “How about this one?”

A gown at this age could not be too revealing. It had to combine fashion and just the right amount of elegance, so the gown was almost all a small gauze dress. It was very fairy-like.

Li You admired it seriously and said, “It suits your complexion.”

After a few minutes…

“What about this one?” Qin Chu quickly changed out again and spun around in front of Li You, showing off the dress she was wearing.

Li You rested her chin on her hand and replied seriously, “This color suits you too. It’s very refreshing.”

After a few more minutes…

“And this one. How does it compare to the other two?” Li You put her chin in her other hand. “They all look good.”

Qin Chu smiled. knew you’d say that.”

Li You smiled too. When Qin Chu went to change into the next gown, she stared out the window in a daze. What was going on? She threw a tantrum and did not look for Pei Jingzhou. Pei Jingzhou acted as if she did not exist and did not take the initiative to look for her.

Thinking of this, Li You raised her hand and counted on her fingers. “1, 2, 3, 4, 5… We haven’t seen each other for 16 days.” She and Pei Jingzhou had not seen each other for sixteen days. Was she so unimportant? The more she thought about it, the more depressed she felt. Li You sighed dejectedly. “Sigh…”

Qin Chu, who had just changed into a gown, happened to hear Li You sigh. She walked over and asked with a smile, “Why are you sighing?”

Li You immediately composed herself and turned to look at Qin Chu. As soon as she looked over, her gaze was fixed on Qin Chu. The light blue dress was layered with light muslin that covered the layers of the skirt. The cuffs were lantern-shaped muslin, and there was a thin layer of sequins around the waist.

Li You murmured, “This one is so beautiful.’

Qin Chu spun around in front of Li You. “Really?”

Li You nodded. “This one looks better than the previous ones, and it suits you better.’

“Then I’ll wear this. He’ll probably like it when he sees it.” When Qin Chu said this, his face was filled with anticipation.

Adolescent girls had many dreamy imaginations and unrealistic expectations, but at this moment, they yearned from the bottom of their hearts and their eyes were filled with anticipation.

Li You envied Qin Chu.

With her lukewarm relationship with Pei Jingzhou, she wondered if she would still yearn and look forward to it on the day she reached adulthood..

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