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Chapter 449: Chapter 449: Girl, Li You (2)

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Chapter 449: Girl, Li You (2)

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The Qin family’s villa was very big. At this moment, many guests were gathered in the huge living room to attend Qin Chu’s 18th birthday party. There were also classmates who had prepared gifts and were looking forward to Qin Chu’s appearance.

Li You followed Qin Chu out of the room and walked through the corridor to stand in front of the fence above the living room on the second floor. From above, Li You could see everything. To her surprise, she saw Pei Jingzhou among the guests.

“He…” Li You pointed at Pei Jingzhou in the crowd.

Qin Chu also looked in that direction. “He’s here.”

Li You was stunned. She glanced sideways at Qin Chu and followed his gaze down again. Wasn’t that Pei Jingzhou? Li You was filled with disbelief, but she still gathered her courage and asked, “Is he the person you’re looking forward to seeing?”

Qin Chu nodded and turned to Li You. “I like him very much. I plan to confess to him tonight.” Hearing Qin Chu’s words, Li You remained silent for a long time. Qin Chu sensed that Li You was in a bad mood and asked, “Do you think I won’t succeed?”

Li You came back to her senses and shook her head. “No.” After a pause, she said, “You’re sure to make it.’

Qin Chu smiled gently. “Thank you for your approval. I also hope that tonight’s confession will succeed. If it succeeds, this will be the best gift for my coming-of-age ceremony.”

Eighteen, coming-of-age ceremony.

If Cousin’s confession succeeded, this was indeed the best adult gift.

Li You forced a smile. Although she felt a little against her conscience, she still said, “He’s very good. Cousin, you’re also very outstanding. When you’re together, you’re a strong team. You’re very compatible.”

“I’m so happy now.” Qin Chu turned to Li You and said, “You know, I was very nervous at first. I was afraid that the confession would fail and he wouldn’t like me. Now that I have your encouragement, I suddenly feel much more confident.’

Li You:

She regretted saying these untrue words.

However, she couldn’t tell Qin Chu that she liked Pei Jingzhou too, right? So what if she told her? She wasn’t an adult yet, and she wasn’t in a relationship with Pei Jingzhou. Pei Jingzhou was single, so anyone could woo him.

He was at the age where he could have a first love. How could he wait two years for her to come of age? Besides, Qin Chu was about the same age as him. In terms of family background, she was suitable.

If Qin Chu really succeeded in confessing to Pei Jingzhou, she would definitely wish him well. Thinking about this, the smile on her lips became even more forced…

“Let’s go down together.” At this moment, Qin Chu reached out to Li You, planning to hold her hand.

Li You shook her head. “I’m afraid of society. If I walk beside you, a lot of people will look at me later. I’m sorry. You can go dovvn first. Everyone is waiting for you.”

Qin Chu laughed at her. “You’re sociophobic? You’re one of us. Yanyan admires you.” At the mention of MO Yan, Qin Chu realized that she hadn’t seen her tonight. She looked downstairs and glanced around. Seeing MO Yan beside her grandmother, she said to Li You, “Yanyan is at Grandma’s side. I’ll go down first. When you come down later, you can go to Grandma’s side first.”

Li You nodded. “Okay, I understand.”

After Qin Chu went downstairs, Li You stood by the fence and looked down. Amidst the guests’ laughter and blessings, Qin Chu walked to her aunt and uncle. The students gave their blessings, and the elders praised Qin Chu in all sorts of ways. In the crowd, Qin Chu sparkled like a night pearl. No one could ignore her.

She looked for a long time and suddenly felt as if a gaze was looking at her, following her sixth sense to find the direction of the gaze.

The next second, she met Pei Jingzhou’s eyes.

In the crowd, the young man, Pei Jingzhou, was wearing a white shirt and black pants. He exuded the usual coldness and distance from head to toe.

Qin Zhuoning was standing beside him, and there was a boy on the other side. From this angle, she couldn’t see that person’s appearance clearly, but she was sure that he was a very handsome man.

After looking at each other for a moment, Li You gradually realized that when everyone’s gaze was focused on tonight’s birthday girl, Qin Chu, only Pei Jingzhou looked up at her. She suddenly turned and walked away.

Pei Jingzhou looked away after Li You left the fence.

Qin Zhuoning took two glasses of champagne from the long table beside him and handed one to Pei Jingzhou. “Come, let’s celebrate my sister’s birthday.

Have a drink.’

Pei Jingzhou did not take it. “No.”

Qin Zhuoning said, “It’s not like you’re underage.”

Pei Jingzhou replied confidently, “She doesn’t like me to drink.”

Qin Zhuonings lips twitched. “Alright.” Then, Qin Zhuoning handed the champagne to Shen Yihe, who was beside Pei Jingzhou. “Come, let’s drink.”

Shen Yihe took the champagne Qin Zhuoning handed him and the two of them clinked it.

Qin Zhuoning was very happy today and spoke without restraint. He teased Pei Jingzhou, “I really didn’t expect you to have the potential to be a henpecked husband at such a young age. What will happen to you in the future? I can’t even call you out to drink.”

Pei Jingzhou glanced at Qin Zhuoning. “Henpecked?”

Qin Zhuoning grinned. “Don’t tell me you haven’t even heard of this term.”

“I’ve heard of it,” Pei Jingzhou replied calmly. “My father is.”

Qin Zhuoning: “No wonder…”

This birthday banquet was very lively. The happiest person was the birthday girl, Qin Chu. Mr. Qin and Qin Zhuoning would drink all the toasts, so MO Yujin held her daughter’s hand at all times and brought her to meet the guests who came to her birthday banquet.

After the banquet began, Li You was nowhere to be seen.

Li You thought that no one would notice that she was not around, but her grandmother asked, “Where’s my darling?”

This time, everyone was looking for Li You.

Li You, who was hiding on the villa terrace, did not know that everyone was looking for her. She was bent over, elbows on both hands on the patio fence, looking up for the Big Dipper in the sky. Someone was gradually approaching behind her. She didn’t notice until the voice came— “Isn’t your neck tired?”

This sudden voice shocked Li You. She reacted greatly and looked at the person standing beside her in shock. When she saw that it was Pei Jingzhou, the fear on her face was replaced by the atmosphere. She said angrily, “What are you, an important role tonight, doing here?” Pei Jingzhou was puzzled. “An important role tonight?”

Li You’s muffled voice said, “Isn’t that so?”

Pei Jingzhou reached out and touched Li You’s cheek naturally. As usual, the two of them did not feel uncomfortable at all. Li You did not dodge. Seeing Pei Jingzhou touch her face, she asked, “Is there something on my face?”

The next second, Pei Jingzhou suddenly leaned over.

Li You didn’t move. “What do you smell?”

Pei Jingzhou raised his eyebrows and slowly stood up. “You’re not drunk.” Li You:

Pei Jingzhou said, “The birthday girl tonight is your cousin. What has it got to do with me?

Li You asked, “Can’t you feel it?”

Pei Jingzhou asked her, “Feel what?”

“Forget it.” Li You did not want to say anything else and turned to leave.

She took a few steps and heard Pei Jingzhou call her from behind, “Li You.” Li You did not stop. She did not intend to pay attention to him anymore. However, she could not leave. Pei Jingzhou stepped forward and grabbed her wrist. He questioned her coldly, “Why have you been avoiding me these past few days?”

“Avoiding you…” Okay, she was avoiding him, she admitted. “What’s wrong with me avoiding you? I don’t want to see you, okay?”

Pei Jingzhou asked calmly, “Why are you hiding?”

Li You was furious. “Why don’t you know? It’s all because you didn’t tell me that you were home that afternoon. I was waiting in the rain for you to finish your evening self-study, but you weren’t there. Your classmate said that you went home early.”

Pei Jingzhou raised his eyebrows. “In the rain?”

Li You became even angrier. “Can’t you get to the point! Although… I have an umbrella, it’s still raining, okay?”

“Do you want to know why I didn’t tell you in advance?” Pei Jingzhou asked her. Li You blinked. From his tone, it sounded reasonable. Pei Jingzhou snorted coldly, angry and depressed. “That day, I saw thirteen love letters from different people in your bag. Do you know what it means to accept love letters?”

Li You’s confidence suddenly choked at this moment. She avoided eye contact.. “Uh, listen to my explanation…”

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