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Chapter 451: Chapter 451: Girl, Li You (4)

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Chapter 451: Girl, Li You (4)

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After Pei Jingzhou finished applying the ointment for her, he checked her other arm for any traces of mosquito bites. After confirming that there was nothing, he put away the ointment.

Li You whispered, “Aren’t you angry?”

Pei Jingzhou put the medicine box away. “I’m angry.”

Li You raised two fingers. “l lied to you twice.”

Pei Jingzhou turned to look at her and said calmly, “So what if it’s twice or 10 times?”

Li You:

Pei Jingzhou straightened up and walked towards her. “Even if you lied to me your entire life, I’ll admit it, so what if you do it twice or ten times?”

It was undeniable that at this moment, she abandoned pure like, in its place was the seed of love sprouting wildly and growing wantonly. She took the opportunity to ask the question she had been wanting to ask. “Pei Jingzhou, you’re so good to me. Do you treat me as your sister, or what?”

“A sister?” Pei Jingzhou’s tone was cold.

Li You asked, “Why are you angry again?”

Perhaps the way Li You asked this was wrong, causing Pei Jingzhou to be even angrier. His tone was also very unfriendly. “l have a sister. It’s not your place to be my sister.”

Hearing his fierce tone, Li You felt a chill run down her spine. “Why are you so fierce? If you don’t want a sister, then don’t want a sister. It’s as if I don’t even have other chances…

Pei Jingzhou suddenly looked at her steadily. This gaze was too hot for Li You to ignore. Pei Jingzhou asked her, “What do you want to do with me?”

That was a blunt question. Li You was too embarrassed to answer, but she still mustered her courage. She stood up and leaned in front of him. She raised her face and said to him firmly, “Can you wait for me?”

Pei Jingzhou’s cold expression finally warmed. He asked despite knowing the answer, “Waiting for you for what?”

Li You pushed his arm coquettishly, but it did not move. She lowered her voice and said, “You understand.’

Pei Jingzhou insisted on teasing her. “l don’t understand. You’d better make it clear.’

“How can I say that!” She stamped her foot in exasperation.

“Why not?” he asked with a half smile.

“I’m just embarrassed. Forget it. You can wait as long as you want.” She turned around angrily and pretended to leave.

Pei Jingzhou grabbed her arm and pulled her back easily. He said to her,


Li You looked up at him. It was rare for her to see a very serious expression on Pei Jingzhou’s face at this moment. He had also said the word ‘wait’ to her with this very serious expression. She instantly burst with joy. The smile on her face was bright, but as she smiled, she suddenly thought of something and stopped smiling.

Soon, the smile on her face turned serious. She said to Pei Jingzhou, “But will you agree to Qin Chu’s confession later?”

Qin Chu was outstanding and had graduated with Pei Jingzhou this year. Compared to her and Pei Jingzhou, Qin Chu and Pei Jingzhou were the most suitable. Did what she said just now count as interception?

Pei Jingzhou was at a loss. “When is Qin Chu going to confess to me?”

Seeing that he was in the dark, Li You understood. After all, Qin Chu had just confessed tonight. Previously, it had been a crush. With Pei Jingzhou’s personality, he ignored everyone. It was normal that he couldn’t tell that Qin Chu had a crush on him.

As she was thinking, she suddenly felt a pain in her head. When she realized what was going on, Pei Jingzhou had knocked her on the head. Li You rubbed her forehead and groaned. “It hurts, okay?”

“You still know that it hurts?” Pei Jingzhou smiled. “It’s good that it hurts. It wakes you up.”

Li You was puzzled. “Wake me up? Why me?”

“Go down. Your grandmother is looking for you.” With that, Pei Jingzhou put his hands in his pockets and turned to leave. From the angle with her back facing him, Li You could not see how much Pei Jingzhou’s lips were curved.

When Pei Jingzhou arrived downstairs, Li You followed him down. Now, everyone knew that Pei Jingzhou had gone to find Matriarch Mo’s little darling.

Guan Suling waved at Li You from afar. “Darling, come here,” Li You walked over and sat down beside her grandmother. Guan Suling picked up some food for Li You, afraid that she would starve because she was late. She asked, “Where did you go?”

Li You looked at the dishes on the plate in front of her and felt her appetite increase. She picked up her chopsticks and ate as she replied to her grandmother, “l was watching television upstairs. I was so engrossed that I forgot to come down for dinner.”

Guan Suling smiled dotingly. “Take your time watching the tv when you get home. When you’re outside, it’s more important to fill your stomach first.”

Li You’s cheeks puffed up. “Grandma is right.”

Not long after the meal, plates of dessert and fruit were served. Qin Chu played the piano very well, and today was a rare opportunity. Therefore, at the suggestion of his classmates, Qin Chu played “For Elise” for everyone.

Under everyone’s applause, Qin Chu walked to the piano.

Li You was also clapping. She saw Qin Chu sitting down at the piano and turned to look in Pei Jingzhou’s direction. A hint of shyness appeared on her face, probably because she had seen her crush.

The melody of For Elise was very clear. After a series of rapid notes, the tune gradually became serious and solemn, as if it was in deep thought. Right on the heels of that, it expressed passionate emotions and ended in a beautiful and gentle atmosphere.

This song itself was an expression of emotion. It was very suitable for a confession. When everyone played different tunes, their emotions were different. Li You was extremely talented at playing the piano. Some tunes were different from the original.

When Qin Chu played “For Elise,” not only did she confess, but she also expressed the past that the girl had hidden in her heart for a long time.

After the song ended, everyone applauded Qin Chu. Under everyone’s gazes, Qin Chu walked in a certain direction in the crowd.

When Li You saw Qin Chu standing in front of Pei Jingzhou, her heart skipped a beat. She didn’t know what Qin Chu had said to Pei Jingzhou, but in the blink of an eye, Qin Chu left. She looked very happy.

Qin Zhuoning, who was beside Pei Jingzhou, turned around and was about to leave when Pei Jingzhou stopped him. “Shen Yihe knows his limits.”

“What limits does he have? He’ll only make my sister sad.” Qin Zhuonings tone was not very good, but he also restrained his volume. “No, I have to go out. ”

Qin Zhuoning turned around and went out. Pei Jingzhou stood there without moving. When Li You saw this scene, she felt that it was different from what she had imagined. It did not seem to be the case.

By the way, where was the handsome man beside Pei Jingzhou and Qin Zhuoning? Before Qin Chu played the piano, he seemed to be there. Why was he gone now? She walked towards Pei Jingzhou and asked him softly, “Why aren’t you going out?”

Pei Jingzhou looked over. “Why should I go out?”

“Isn’t Qin Chu going to…” Li You thought about it and still felt that something was wrong. She asked, “What did Qin Chu just tell you?”

Pei Jingzhou said, “She asked me where Shen Yihe went.”

Although she was not sure who Shen Yihe was, Li You felt that he should be the handsome man standing beside Pei Jingzhou and Qin Zhuoning. After analyzing Qin Zhuonings expression just now, Qin Chu must have known that Qin Zhuoning would not tell her, so she asked Pei Jingzhou.


Li You finally realized that the person Qin Chu wanted to confess to tonight

was Shen Yihe!

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