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Chapter 452: Chapter 452: Girl, Li You (5)

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Chapter 452: Girl, Li You (5)

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Li You was curious and wanted to go out and take a look. In the end, Pei

Jingzhou stopped her. Why are you joining in the fun?”

“I’m just going to take a look,” she said, about to slip away. Pei Jingzhou pulled her back. “Don’t go. Just stay here.”

“Why?” she asked, not understanding.

Pei Jingzhou stared at her and smiled helplessly. “What Qin Chu wants to say isn’t for you to hear, so why are you going?”

Li You:

Although she did not deny that Pei Jingzhou’s words made sense, she knew very well that if Pei Jingzhou did not hold her back, she would definitely sneak out to eavesdrop.

Alright, then she won’t go.

The atmosphere in the hall was very good. Li You saw her grandmother waving at her several times. She went over and her grandmother played cards. She was bored looking at the cards and could not stay at all. Soon, she returned to Pei Jingzhou’s side.

She had eaten a lot of desserts beside Pei Jingzhou. Some of them could not be finished with a bite, so she placed them in Pei Jingzhou’s hand and let him take them.

Pei Jingzhou stood behind Li You like a sidekick. In his open palm, there were already several desserts that Li You would not eat once she took a bite of them. He casually picked up one of the leftovers from Li You.

Li You turned around and saw it. Thinking that he was going to throw it away, she quickly stopped him. “Don’t throw it away. I still want to eat. I’m just too busy to get so much.” With that, she took the dessert from Pei Jingzhou and ate it.

Pei Jingzhou said, “l don’t intend to throw it.”

Li You’s cheeks puffed up as she asked in a muffled voice, “If you’re not going to throw it away, are you going to eat it?”

Pei Jingzhou did not answer. At this moment, Li You suddenly approached Pei Jingzhou without warning. It was probably too sudden. He was slightly stunned, but he did not retreat at all. He just looked at her.

The next second, Li You fed Pei Jingzhou a pink macaroon. “Try it.” Pei Jingzhou opened his mouth and bit the macaron. Before he could chew, he heard the girl ask him eagerly, “Is it good? Is it good?”

Pei Jingzhou said, “Mm.”

Li You held his arm and swayed. “If you want to say whether it’s good or not, you can’t just say ‘mm’. It’s very perfunctory, okay?”

Pei Jingzhou answered her seriously, “It’s delicious.”

At this moment, at the card table not far away, the mahjong friend opposite

Guan Suling said, “Your little cabbage is about to be stolen.”

These words were deliberately said for Guan Suling to hear. When Guan Suling was playing cards just now, she looked at Li You from time to time. How could she not have seen Li You feed Pei Jingzhou?

Guan Suling gave out Seven Bamboos and smiled. “As long as my darling likes it. ”

The mahjong friend at the side drew the Seven Bamboos and took out another tile. She played a circle tile and reminded Guan Suling, “Matriarch, that person is amazing. That person is the eldest son of the Pei family.” “What’s wrong with being the eldest son of the Pei family? Even if he’s the president’s son, if my Darling likes him, I’ll tie him up for her.”


When Guan Suling said this, although everyone was laughing, no one questioned it. With how much Guan Suling doted on her granddaughter, she might really mean what she said just now. The mahjong friend opposite her played a card and said, “From the looks of it, your Little You and the eldest son of the Pei family are quite compatible.”

“It’s alright.” Guan Suling threw out another Four Bamboos, then frowned. The tiles she didn’t need kept coming.

After playing the cards, Guan Suling said, “The main thing is that my darling is still young and hasn’t seen much forest. There are only a few trees around her. Fortunately, she picked the best tree at a glance. But when she grows up and sees more forest, she won’t only like one tree.”

The three mahjong buddies laughed out loud. As expected of a demon who doted on his granddaughter. These words could only come from Guan Suling.

Guan Sulings last sentence was a little louder, and Pei Jingzhou heard it clearly.

Li You was still choosing desserts at the long table when she suddenly heard Pei Jingzhou call her from behind. She picked up a Nanemo strip and turned around.

After looking at each other for a long time, Pei Jingzhou did not say a word. Li You thought that he had taken a fancy to the nanemo strip in her hand, so she raised her hand and handed it to him. “This is for you.”

Pei Jingzhou shook his head.

Li You understood and retracted her hand. “If you don’t want to eat, why did you call me?”

After a moment of silence, Pei Jingzhou suddenly asked her, “In the future, when you graduate and go to a university outside the capital or study abroad, when you meet many more outstanding people, will you stop for them?”

That last part was asked rather tactfully. Because at her age, Pei Jingzhou couldn’t ask directly: Will you like someone else in the future? So he racked his brains and used extremely tactful words before asking in front of her.

Li You’s EQwas not low, so she naturally understood what Pei Jingzhou wanted to express. She bit the piece of nanemo strip in her hand and said as she ate, “l think so.’

The light in Pei Jingzhou’s eyes dimmed.

Li You smirked. “Aren’t you a little disappointed?”

Pei Jingzhou turned around and seemed to ignore her. In fact, he was quickly thinking about how to transmit her idea of staying faithful. It was human instinct to be half-hearted. It seemed hard to be single-minded.

Maintaining a relationship based on like was far from enough. Solidity took time to accumulate. It seemed like a long time.

Li You walked around to Pei Jingzhou and looked up at him. “l will go to many places in the future and see a lot of the world. I will meet many interesting people. This can’t be changed because my parents also said that this is growth. It is a very important component of life.”

Pei Jingzhou looked down at her. “Mm.”

Li You’s smile was bright. “My life is like this. Your life is like this, isn’t it?”

Pei Jingzhou took a tissue from the side and pulled Li You’s hand over to wipe the chocolate stains on her fingers. As he wiped them, he replied, “Yes, our lives are like this.’

Li You obediently waited for Pei Jingzhou to finish wiping before calling out to him, “Pei Jingzhou.”

Pei Jingzhou folded the tissue and was about to throw it away when he passed by the trash can. Suddenly, he heard her call him solemnly, so he looked up at her. “Huh?”

Li You smiled and said, “I will go to many places in the future and see many mountains and rivers. However, the spring and autumn in your eyes surpass all the mountains and rivers I will see in the future.’

Pei Jingzhou was slightly stunned. His first reaction was, “Where did you extract this sentence?”

Li You gestured with the tip of her nose and poked his arm. “Why do you care where I took the extract? Just tell me if it’s nice.”

Pei Jingzhou smiled. “Thank you. I was teased.”

Seriously, why did he say that he was being teased? Li You felt her ears turn red. She turned around and continued to take the desserts on the table.. Pei Jingzhou’s doting tone reminded her, “Don’t you think you ate too much tonight?”

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