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Chapter 454: Chapter 454: Girl, Li You (7)

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Chapter 454: Girl, Li You (7)

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When Pei Jingzhou was in high school, he had always been a famous figure in school.

Li You was in the same high school as Pei Jingzhou. She often heard all kinds of rumors about Pei Jingzhou.

For example, just now, her deskmate, Xu Ying, ran in and sat down beside her. She told her in a very excited tone, “The flower of the third year has been plucked! As she said this, every pore on Xu Yings face exerted strength.

Li You was worried about the stack of papers in front of her. How long would she have to write? In the face of Xu Yings hysterical news, she really did not expect that the flower on the mountains was Pei Jingzhou!

Therefore, she only replied calmly, “Oh.”

Xu Ying suddenly leaned over and asked in a questioning tone, “Just an ‘oh’?”

Li You turned around and looked at Xu Ying blankly. “What else?” Xu Ying still said the same exaggerated thing. “Just an ‘oh?”

Li You was even more confused. “Then what should 1 express?”

Xu Ying slammed her hands on the table and worried like a mother. “Your house has been stolen, and you only said an ‘oh?”

Her house had been stolen? Li You stood up abruptly, and Xu Ying followed

suit. “Oh my god, you finally reacted.”

Li You was furious. “What kind of security in Qiang Yue Garden is so bad? My house was stolen!”

Xu Ying was speechless. After all this time, she was singing a one-man show?

Xu Ying couldn’t hold it in anymore. She raised her hand and punched Li You’s shoulder. “Your backyard is on fire. Do you understand now?”

Xu Yings punch was solid. Li You rubbed her shoulder that was hurting from Xu Yings punch, and her expression was a little twisted from the pain. “What are you saying? My house was stolen, and my backyard was on fire. Our family encountered this unlucky thing, right?”

Xu Ying was speechless. This time, Xu Ying gave up. This dummy. It was hard to explain. Xu Ying turned around and left.

Li You rubbed her face and realized something. Her grimacing expression instantly became serious. She suddenly turned to look at Xu Yings back and shouted, “What did you say just now?”

Xu Ying did not turn around. “I didn’t say anything.”

Li You quickly chased after her and tried to please her. “Did your first sentence say that the flower of the third year of high school has been plucked?” Xu Ying turned to look at Li You. “Are you a pig? Your reflex arc is so slow.” Li You:

Soon, Li You figured out the general reason from Xu Ying. It turned out that Xu Ying had learned from her third-year sister that the belle of her sister’s class was planning to confess to Pei Jingzhou today!

The reason why Xu Yings sister knew was that Xu Yings sister was friends with the sidekick. Xu Yings sister probably knew about Li You’s relationship with Pei Jingzhou, so she deliberately mentioned this matter in front of Xu Ying.

Xu Ying did not disappoint her sister at all. She immediately rushed back and told Li You about this. When Li You heard this, she could not remain calm. She put down her paper and pen, turned around, and went straight to the basketball court.

Five minutes later, Li You appeared on the basketball court. However, she was not alone. Xu Ying came with her. Xu Ying pointed in a direction on the basketball court. “Look, she stole your house.”

Li You looked in the direction Xu Ying was pointing. There were three girls sitting on the bench. Li You noticed that the girl in the middle was holding a bottle of mineral water and looking towards the court.

Xu Ying pushed Li You’s wrist. “Your man is playing basketball for her!”

Li You naturally saw Pei Jingzhou on the court.

The young man was wearing a loose white T-shirt and casual shorts. In order to reduce the impact on his ligaments in his wrist when he received the serve, he was wearing a wrist guard. It was unknown how long this game had been playing, but the hair on his forehead was already a little wet with sweat.

His superior height and cold face made him look so eye-catching in the crowd of basketball players.

Li You couldn’t take her eyes off him.

Seeing that Li You was not worried about her backyard burning, Xu Ying asked, “What are you thinking?”

Li You couldn’t take her eyes off the court. “I’m thinking how good my taste is. ”

Xu Ying said, “What?”

Li You said, “My taste is really good. Look at so many boys on the court. The one 1 like is the most handsome!”

“He’s indeed handsome! There’s no way to refute that, but my little fairy, someone else has taken a fancy to him, too. If you don’t think of something, your backyard is about to burn down,” Xu Ying said anxiously.

Xu Ying was even more anxious than Li You.

Li You turned around and asked, “Has Pei Jingzhou accepted her confession?”

Xu Ying was stunned, then shook her head. “Not yet.”

Li You said, “Then…

Xu Ying said, “What then? If you don’t make a move quickly, you’ll cry.”

It was not that Li You was not anxious, but she had never worried about dealing with rivals. This was because it had always been Pei Jingzhou who quietly eliminated his rivals. Now that it was her turn, she did not know how to start.

Xu Ying kept nagging in Li You’s ear. “Pei Jingzhou is about to take the college entrance examination, and that girl is in the same batch as Pei Jingzhou. If the college entrance examination ends, the two of them will definitely be together.”

“Although you won’t see him for two years after he graduates, this long-distance relationship is completely different from being snatched away. Alright… although you’re not in a relationship, everyone knows that you and Pei Jingzhou are childhood sweethearts.

“That’s not right either. It seems that there are still many people who don’t know. But! You often come to school with Pei Jingzhou and go home together at night. Some people have eyes! Say something, little fairy. You make it sound like my backyard is on fire. I’m the only one who’s anxious.”

Not only was Xu Ying impatient, but she had also always been worried about her like her mother.

Li You said, “Actually, I’m very anxious too, but I can’t just rush over and stand in front of her and shout like a lion, “You’re not allowed to confess to Pei Jingzhou”, right? I really can’t do such a thing.”

That wasn’t the only reason. The reason to go over didn’t hold water, either.

That girl was in the same batch as Pei Jingzhou and was also about to take the college entrance examination. They were very close to the right to fall in love freely, and she was still young. How could she dare to say that Pei Jingzhou was hers in front of those people? Did she still want to stay in this school?

Xu Ying understood Li You’s distress, so she stopped urging her and asked,

“Then, let’s wait and see?”

Li You bit her lip. “Then let’s wait and see,”

Just as she said this, Xu Ying bumped Li You’s arm and said anxiously, “Look, it’s over. This match is over.’

Li You rubbed her arm. “ I saw it. 1 even saw that girl walking towards Pei


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