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Chapter 460: Chapter 460: Sweet Happiness (3)

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Chapter 460: Sweet Happiness (3)

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It was time for Li You to get out of the car, but she did not want to leave at all. She refused to let go of Pei Jingzhou. Pei Jingzhou let her hug him like this and did not rush her. He asked casually, “How’s your studies recently?” Li You said, “Why didn’t you ask me if I’ve missed you recently?”

Pei Jingzhou said, “l know that.”

“What if I didn’t miss you?” she asked deliberately.

It seemed that there was indeed no need to miss him too much. This relationship between the two of them seemed to be a long-distance relationship, but it was actually like falling in love in a neighborhood.

Pei Jingzhou calmly removed her hand from his arm. Seeing this, Li You smiled awkwardly and immediately regained her composure. She did not forget to say, “l was wrong, I was wrong.” Pei Jingzhou said, “You did nothing wrong.”

Li You hugged his arm tightly. “l missed you.”

Pei Jingzhou smiled. “That sounds a little perfunctory.”

She tried to please him. “Very, very much.” Pei lingzholl said. “It’s still perfunctory.’

Of course, the words were perfunctory. Practical actions were real! Li You and Pei Jingzhou had been in a relationship for so long, so how could she not know? She bent one leg and knelt on the seat. The hands that were holding his arms raised and rested on his shoulders. She leaned forward and kissed Pei Jingzhou’s cheek.

Other than her actions being a little rough, she was still very gentle when she kissed. She asked, “Is this still perfunctory?”

Pei Jingzhou hooked his finger at her. Li You slowly approached. Pei Jingzhou reached out and grabbed her chin, forcing her body to press down. He kissed her lips.

At this stage, Pei Jingzhou’s kisses would not be too much. He was afraid that Li You would reject a kiss too deep. After all, not everyone could accept it. Of course, he would be the one suffering after a deep kiss.

Therefore, at this moment, he only kissed her lips lightly. It was soft, like cotton candy. He wanted to continue exploring after plucking it. But he was very rational and restrained. He grabbed her chin and kissed her again. He immediately let go of her. “Hurry up and go in.”

Li You did not leave. She placed her hands on his shoulders. “You chased me away after kissing me. Pei Jingzhou, your behavior is not good.”

Pei Jingzhou’s smile was doting. He asked her, “Then what do you want?”

What did she want…

Of course she wanted to…

Ah, no. She had to be more reserved. Once she said the words, they would make her look unreserved.

She retracted her hand and moved her knees from the seat. She turned around and got out of the car. Standing outside the car, she waved at Pei Jingzhou.

“See you tomorrow, Pei Jingzhou.”

Pei Jingzhou asked her, ‘You haven’t told me where you want to go.”

Li You grinned. “l don’t have much time to come back to the capital, and I don’t know where it’s fun. You can decide, When you’ve decided, send me a WeChat message.”

Pei Jingzhou thought for a moment and agreed. “Okay.”

She closed the car door. Before she went in, Pei Jingzhou’s car would not leave, Dao Xi came out to pick her up. After she followed Dao Xi in, Pei Jingzhou’s car left.

Back at the MO residence.

This time, Li You returned just in time to see MO Yan at home.

During this period, MO Yan studied while filming in the entertainment industry with Auntie MO Yujin. Because she was still young, most of the roles she played were daughters or sisters. There were no formal roles.

Li You asked, “Are you planning to develop in the entertainment industry in the future?”

MO Yan handed an orange to Li You and picked up an orange to slowly peel.

“Although I’m not in the acting department, I’m full of energy every time I act.

I like being an actress, so I have this plan.”

Li You peeled the orange in her hand and encouraged MO Yan as she did so. “In less than five years, you will definitely become famous and become a household name.’

MO Yan laughed out loud. “Although I’ve acted in several dramas, I’ve never even acted as an official supporting actress. It takes me at least ten years to become a household name.’

Li You stuffed the orange slice into her mouth. The sour taste spread. She narrowed her eyes. “As long as you like it, ten years is nothing.”

MO Yan looked at Li You’s expression and then at the freshly peeled orange in her hand. In the end, she decisively put the orange aside. “You’re right. What’s ten or twenty years?”

Guan Suling, who was sitting at the side, split the sweetest orange in her hand into two and gave Li You and MO Yan half each. At this moment, Dao Xi walked over and said, “Miss Chuchu is here.’

Guan Suling replied, “Bring her to the back garden.”

Dao Xi replied, “Okay.”

Li You turned to ask her grandmother, “l saw Chuchu once when 1 came back last year. 1 haven’t seen her since I came back this year. Did she go to another

“Sister Chuchu was in Hong Kong last year. She’s been home since she came back in the second half of this year,” MO Yan answered.

Guan Suling said, “Yanyan is right. Chuchu has been in the Qin residence for the second half of this year.”

As for what Qin Chu was doing in the second half of this year, Li You didn’t ask her grandmother and MO Yan in detail. She thought that since Qin Chu was here, she would talk to her more later. She broke off the sweet orange her grandmother had given her and had just stuffed a piece into her mouth when she heard someone call out to her not far away, “Li You!”

Li You looked up in the direction of the voice. When she saw a young woman with a big belly, she was slightly stunned. When she saw again that the pregnant woman was Qin Chu, she choked on the orange juice in her mouth and coughed violently. “Cough, cough, cough, cough, cough…’

“Cough, cough, cough…”

Guan Suling was shocked by Li You’s almost breathless cough. She quickly patted Li You’s back. “You can’t eat too much just because this orange is sweet.

Look at you, your face is red from choking.”

Nio Yan chuckled at the side. “Cousin was clearly frightened by Sister Chuchu’s big belly!’

Li You wanted to say yes, but when she opened her mouth, her throat itched and tears flowed out. She looked like she had really choked.

At this moment, Qin Chu walked over. Seeing that Li You was coughing and out of breath, she couldn’t help but laugh at her. “It’s only been half a year.

Look at you.”

Li You took a sip of the water her grandmother had poured for her before she felt a little better. Her face, which was red from coughing, had yet to recover. She looked at Qin Chu with her watery eyes. Oh, no, more specifically, she was looking at Qin Chu’s bulging stomach.

She swallowed and asked, “This is a balloon, isn’t it?”

Qin Chu raised her hand and knocked her forehead. “Why didn’t you ask if it was a rubber ball?”

Li You smiled. “l knew you were joking.”

Qin Chu looked serious. “What joke?”

Li You could not smile again. “Are you serious?”

It was Qin Chu’s turn to laugh. “What do you think?”

Li You couldn’t believe it. She still remembered when she saw Qin Chu last year, she asked if Qin Chu had wooed her crush.

She heard from Qin Chu that she hadn’t wooed him and that they hadn’t contacted each other for a long time, and she couldn’t let go. She even persuaded Qin Chu to welcome the new forest as soon as possible.

It had only been half a year since they last met, but Qin Chu was about to give birth!

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