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Chapter 469: Chapter 469: Past in Country T (2)

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Chapter 469: Past in Country T (2)

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Li You had only come back for two days. Because she did not want to go to Country T so soon, Pei Jingzhou helped her change her flight and postpone it by a day. However, there would be a second time once she changed her flight once.

At this moment, Li You kept urging Pei Jingzhou, “Extend it for another day, just one day, okay?”

Pei Jingzhou did not take his cell phone for a long time. He said, “I’ve already changed it once.”

“One more time won’t hurt,” she mutters.

He said, “I’ll go to Country T with you.”

“But I just want to stay in the capital with you.” She took his arm and wheedled.

In the past two days, she had acted coquettishly very often. There was an unreasonable coquettishness, and there was also a natural coquettishness. It was probably because girls would have a sensitive period after that night.

She liked to stick to her boyfriend, like to wheedle, and like to be with him all the time. The thought of being separated made her so sad.

For example, she had been in a bad mood since she heard Pei Jingzhou remind her of the flight tomorrow morning. She kept urging him to help her change her flight again. She could change the flight herself, of course, but she’d be happier if Pei Zhou kept her too.

“What about your studies?” Pei Jingzhou asked her.

Li You blurted out, “School is not as important as you!” With that, Li You was stunned for a moment. Then, under Pei Jingzhou’s gaze, she sighed. “It’s over.

I have a love brain.’

Pei Jingzhou couldn’t help but laugh. “Then what should we do?”

“l don’t know what to do either. I guess that’s all I can do. After all, the love brain is in the brain. It can’t be dug out. If I dig it out, the love brain will be gone, and so will l…” She said it so seriously.

Pei Jingzhou laughed uncontrollably.

Li You hugged his arm and continued to shake it. “There’s more. I haven’t seen Uncle and Auntie yesterday. I want to stay for another day to see them.”

Pei Jingzhou calculated the time and frowned. “They won’t be back for another two days. It’s not tomorrow.”

Li You nodded. “Okay.”

Pei Jingzhou looked at her disappointed expression and finally agreed. “Then postpone it for another day. This is the last time. I’ll send you back the day after tomorrow.”

As Pei Jingzhou agreed, the smile on Li You’s face instantly lit up. She tiptoed and kissed Pei Jingzhou!s chin. “l knew you were the best.”

What if his girlfriend was delicate and soft?

Of course, he would continue to dote on her.

On the fourth day, Li You bade farewell to her grandmother reluctantly. Accompanied by Pei Jingzhou, she boarded a flight to Country T.

At night, MO Zhu prepared a large table of dishes.

Although Pei Jingzhou had been to Country T so many times in a year, he rarely ate at Li You’s house. Most of the time, he would fly at night and stay in a hotel that he had booked for an entire year. He would accompany Li You for half a day in the day and return to the capital in the afternoon.

Tonight, with Pei Jingzhou’s arrival, the atmosphere was a little strange. There were some things that no one said, but they seemed to be so harmonious and had an unspoken mutual understanding. However, the moment Pei Jingzhou sat down at the dining table, Li Huaisheng suddenly stood up.

As Li Huaisheng stood up, Li You, Pei Jingzhou, and MO Zhu, who came out with the last dish, looked at Li Huaisheng, who suddenly stood up with a straight face.

Li You swallowed, feeling a little flustered. She reached out and grabbed the hem of her father’s shirt, tugging gently. “Dad?” she called.

MO Zhu placed the last dish on the table and asked Li Huaisheng, “Why are you so shocked?”

Although Pei Jingzhou looked very calm, he was actually a little nervous. Li Huaisheng did not answer anyone. He left the dining table and went to the next room. Seeing that her father had left without saying anything, Li You asked her mother nervously, “What happened to Dad?”

MO Zhu coughed lightly. “I’m not sure.”

Li You turned to comfort Pei Jingzhou. “My father isn’t usually like this…” Halfway through the sentence, she felt that something was wrong. She said again, “My father must have encountered something troubling him today, so he’s not in a good mood. He’s never like this.”

Pei Jingzhou nodded. “l know. Uncle has racked his brains in the Ministry of

Foreign Affairs all these years and made many outstanding results. It’s inevitable that he will have a headache because of some cumbersome matters.”

Li Huaisheng, who had gone to the next room to get a bottle of baijiu,happened to hear Pei Jingzhou’s words.

Li Huaisheng snorted. “This kid does have a way with words.”

In the past, Li Huaisheng always called him Little Peo, Today, he had changed the way he addressed him and called him a kid.

Pei Jingzhou knew why.

At this moment, Li You and Pei Jingzhou turned around.

Li Huaisheng walked over with a bottle of baijiu.

MO Zhu glanced sideways and her gaze landed on the bottle of baijiu in Li

Huaishengs hand. She said with a smile, “You brought this bottle of Jiannan Chun here and couldn’t bear to take it out to drink for so long. So it’s to treat our son-in-law today.”

Li Huaisheng corrected her. “What son-in-law? He’s only my future son-in-law for now! It’s too early to say.”

MO Zhu said, “It’s only a matter of time. Why can’t I say it early?”

Li Huaisheng did not forcefully correct her and snorted.

Li You smiled secretly and turned to Pei Jingzhou. “Did you hear that, future son-in-law?”

Pei Jingzhou replied obediently, “Yes.”

Li You couldn’t help but tease, “Pei Jingzhou, you’re so obedient now. You’re like a primary school student.”

Just as she finished speaking, she heard Li Huaisheng cough heavily. “Ahem!”

Pei Jingzhou immediately sat upright. Li You was the same. She immediately straightened her back and sat upright like Pei Jingzhou. Li Huaisheng placed the bottle of Jiannan Chun on the table and sat down. “l usually have the habit

of drinking. Boy, how about drinking with me?”

Pei Jingzhou nodded. “I’ll gladly accept.”

He did not even ask if Pei Jingzhou knew how to drink or how good his alcohol tolerance was. He just asked Pei Jingzhou to drink with him.

The meaning was obvious.

Since Pei Jingzhou was so straightforward, Li Huaisheng was about to pour the wine. Seeing that there were no glasses, he remembered that he had only been focused on getting the wine and did not take the glasses. He pretended to get up again.

At this moment, MO Zhu had already placed two glasses in front of Li Huaisheng. “You don’t prepare glasses when you drink. You haven’t drunk for too long and have basically forgotten.”

Li Huaisheng felt embarrassed and whispered, “Save me some face.”

MO Zhu smiled and said, “I’ll save it for you. If you drink more, I’m afraid you won’t be able to keep it.”

Li Huaisheng:

Actually, Li Huaishengs alcohol tolerance was not very good. All these years in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he had relied on his strength to reach his current position. He rarely participated in fawning cocktail parties. Firstly, it was because his alcohol tolerance was not good, and secondly, it was because he disdained to attend colluding dinners. Therefore, his reputation in the industry had been extremely high all these years.

Although he was a noob when it came to drinking, he would occasionally take a sip. It was considered pleasurable.

Li Huaisheng felt a little heartache when he took out this bottle of Jiannan Chun, but he only had one daughter. After a few seconds of heartache, he finally took out this bottle of precious Jiannan Chun.

Li Huaisheng poured Pei Jingzhou half a cup and said in a chatty tone, “Have you ever drunk baijiu?”

Pei Jingzhou nodded. “I’ve drank some at dinner occasionally. I don’t usually drink.’

Li Huaisheng smiled and raised his hand to signal Pei Jingzhou to take the wine. He said, “This is called Jiannan Chun.”

Pei Jingzhou took the glass of baijiu and said, “Jiannan Chun is a traditional wine. It’s the representative of our Chinese baijiu..”

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