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Chapter 470: Chapter 470: Past in Country T (3)

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Chapter 470: Past in Country T (3)

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Li Huaisheng was quite satisfied to see that Pei Jingzhou was so sensible.

Of course, he was satisfied with Pei Jingzhou not only at this moment. He had always been quite satisfied with Pei Jingzhou. After all, Pei Jingzhou was outstanding in all aspects. Most importantly, Pei Jingzhou treated his daughter well.

This was very important and made Li Huaisheng very happy.

However, just being satisfied was not enough. He still had to test Pei Jingzhou, just like how he was tested by Old Master MO before he married MO Zhu. He naturally could not let his son-on-law miss out on this experience after what he had experienced.

After Pei Jingzhou took the glass of wine, Li Huaisheng said, “You know this

Jiannan Chun quite well. Continue.”

Pei Jingzhou did not drink it. He held it and answered calmly, talking about the origins of Jiannan Chun. His concise words described Jian Nanchun’s origin and taste.

Li Huaisheng agreed with Pei Jingzhou’s last two sentences. “That’s right. The fragrance of Jiannan Chun’s wine is indeed strong. My alcohol tolerance is…

not bad, but 1 like Jiannan Chun.”

Li Huaisheng was expressing his love for Jiannan Chun. He almost accidentally revealed the fact that he couldn’t hold his liquor well.

However, to Pei Jingzhou, the other meaning was more important. The other meaning was that Li Huaisheng liked Jiannan Chun very much, so after he returned this time, he would collect a few bottles of treasure and send them to Li Huaisheng.

He thought of his father’s wine cellar. There was a lot of famous wine there that had disappeared from the market. There was also rare Dewar’s, which was especially precious. It seemed that he had to go to the wine cellar this time.

Pei Jingzhou made up his mind and said to Li Huaisheng, “I’ll prepare it when

I get back.”

Li Huaisheng was slightly stunned. “Prepare what?”

For a moment, Pei Jingzhou thought that he had misinterpreted it, but he thought that even if he had misinterpreted it, since his uncle had mentioned his hobby, he could make his uncle happier if he was prepared to send it over. Li You whispered from the side, “Dad, he’s preparing Jiannan Chun for you.”

“Oh? That’s not necessary. My alcohol tolerance is not…” He almost let it slip. Li Huaisheng had never been like this outside. He sighed inwardly. Indeed, he had long treated this kid as family. Li Huaisheng cleared his throat. “You don’t have to send it. I’m usually busy with work, so I don’t drink much.”

With that, Li Huaisheng looked at the wine glass in Pei Jingzhou’s hand. Pei

Jingzhou understood and moved his hand over. “Uncle, let me toast you.”

After Li Huaisheng picked up the cup, Pei Jingzhou lowered the cup under Li Huaishengs cup. Li Huaisheng only needed to drink a little to express his gratitude. Pei Jingzhou was toasting, so he had to finish it in one cup.

As soon as the cup returned to the table, Li Huaisheng poured Pei Jingzhou another cup. This time, it was full, not half of the previous cup. “How does it taste?”

Pei Jingzhou said, “The texture is mellow and slightly sweet. It’s as described, the grain fragrance is rich, but it’s a little strong.”

Li Huaisheng snorted. “Strong?”

It was indeed strong, but Pei Jingzhou realized that he shouldn’t say it. Saying this word meant that he had low acceptance, so he changed his words. “It’s sweet and comfortable. The aftertaste is long.”

Li Huaisheng was satisfied with this excuse. “Not many people can drink my wine. You’re in luck. It’s not easy to get drunk with Jiannan Chun. You don’t have to worry about feeling unwell tomorrow. Come, drink this glass.”

No matter how many glasses Li Huaisheng poured for Pei Jingzhou, Pei Jingzhou would drink them all.

Li You wanted to persuade them, but Pei Jingzhou kept holding her hand under the table. It was obvious that he did not want her to persuade him. She watched as Pei Jingzhou drank until his face turned red.

Li Huaisheng knew his limits and did not keep letting Pei Jingzhou drink. He still had to eat when he should eat, in case it hurt his stomach if he kept drinking without food in his stomach.

The bottle of wine was finished.

The scene Li Huaisheng wanted to see did not happen. He wanted to see Pei Jingzhou lying on the table drunk. He would take advantage of Pei Jingzhou’s last moment to get information. This was already a chance to speak the truth after drinking. It was too rare.

In the end, Pei Jingzhou did not fall down in the end. Other than his face and ears turning red, his eyes were bright, and he seemed to be still awake.

Li Huaishengs cheeks were also a little red. He burped. “Good kid, you can hold your liquor well.”

Pei Jingzhou frowned. When the burp dissipated, he said, “Uncle, you let me win.”

Li Huaisheng smiled. “I’ve indeed let you win. You’ve impressed me.”

MO Zhu walked to Li Huaishengs side. “You can sleep on the sofa tonight.”

Li Huaisheng said, “But of course you have to sleep on the sofa. I don’t care what you do outside. You’re at my house. Before you get married, you have to sleep separately.”

Pei Jingzhou was about to respond when MO Zhu pushed Li Huaishengs shoulder. “l mean you. You smell like alcohol. I can’t smell it.” With that, MO Zhu turned around and went to the kitchen to cook hangover soup.

Li Huaisheng quickly got up and followed her. “l didn’t drink much. I’ll go out for a walk later. The smell of alcohol will disappear.”

“No way.”

“I’ll disperse it right away.”

“Sit down! With your alcohol tolerance, three glasses is enough. I’m worried that you’ll go out and fall asleep in flower bed. I still have to come out to look for you later.”

“l won’t drink it next time.’

“Go, go, go.” MO Zhu pushed Li Huaisheng away, not letting him get close.

However, Li Huaisheng insisted on standing there shamelessly. At this moment, in the eyes of outsiders, the calm, elegant, and amiable Uncle Li was like a child in front of his wife when he was drunk. The contrast was too strong.

Li You laughed when she saw this.

“Li You.”

When she heard Pei Jingzhou call her name, she turned around. “What’s wrong?”

Pei Jingzhou’s eyes were very cool when he was drunk, as if they were filled with dew. His usual coldness was very different. Li You had never seen Pei Jingzhou drunk before. She did not expect him to be drunk by her father today. She moved closer to Pei Jingzhou and closed the distance between them. “Why did you call me?”

Pei Jingzhou’s lips were very red. He opened his mouth and said, “Nothing. I just wanted to call you.”

Li You was amused. “Then call me again.”

Pei Jingzhou obediently called out again, “Li You.”

Li You said, “l still want to hear it.’

Pei Jingzhou: “Li You, Li You, Li You, Li You…”

He called her name many times, so many that Li You did not count them. Although Pei Jingzhou usually sounded good when he called her name, now that he was drunk, it sounded different. He called out several times before she responded.

He said, “I’m not happy.”

Li You suppressed a smile. “Then what should we do?”

Pei Jingzhou’s clear eyes stared at her. Gradually, his eyes became deep. Li You thought he would say something overbearing, but she heard his pitiful voice say a word. “Kiss…”

Li You did not want to miss this moment. She quickly took out her phone and said to Pei Jingzhou, “What did you just say?”

Pei Jingzhou reached out and pushed her phone away. He leaned over and rested his chin on her shoulder. He said in a low voice, “Kiss me..

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