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Chapter 475: Chapter 475: Past in Country T (8)

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Chapter 475: Past in Country T (8)

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“Not late. I just arrived too.” Li Huaisheng put away his used fountain pen and turned around. When he saw that Gu Lanshi’s clothes were wet and even her hair was a little wet, Li Huaisheng asked with concern, “Did you get wet in the rain when you came?”

“There’s wind in the rain. It’s a little wet, but it’s fine.” Gu Lanshi handed Li Huaisheng the research document he had finished overnight.

Li Huaisheng took the research document and asked, “Are you wet inside? If your clothes are also wet inside, you have to…” Halfway through his sentence, Li Huaisheng frowned. “No, you still have to change. I’ve put a few sets of clothes here. Wait a moment. I’ll get you one.”

Gu Lanshi quickly said, “Teacher, there’s no need.”

Li Huaisheng turned to look at Gu Lanshi. “Working at the embassy, your image represents your country, understand?”

These words were remembered by Gu Lanshi. He did not refuse again and only said, “Thank you, Teacher.”

“Give me a minute. I’ll get my clothes.”

After Li Huaisheng left, Gu Lanshi seemed to be the only one in the huge office. There was a globe on the desk, the kind that could spin. Gu Lanshi reached out and casually fiddled with the globe, waiting patiently. As he fiddled with it, Gu Lanshi’s hand suddenly stopped. He turned to look at the door.

Li You, who was about to sneak in, happened to meet Gu Lanshi’s gaze. She was speechless. After looking at each other for a few seconds, Li You smiled awkwardly and said, “Hello, we meet again.”

Gu Lanshi walked over to Li You and asked, “Why are you here?”

Li You said, “Uh…

Her gaze fell on the lapel in front of him. That was her masterpiece not long ago. Would this person denounce her after asking why she had come?

Seeing that she was hemming and hawing, Gu Lanshi asked patiently, “What are you doing here?”

Li You bit her lip and racked her brains to think of something. “I’m a cleaner.” Gu Lanshi frowned and said in a surprised tone, “Housekeeping? You?”

“Yeah, yeah, hehe.”

Li You felt that this lie was ridiculous.

She finished with a hollow laugh, then turned her head and looked around for something. When she realized that there was a rag on the cabinet under the windowsill, she pretended to be calm and walked over. She picked up the rag and wiped the table. As she did so, she said, “No more slacking off. I’ll start work now.”

Gu Lanshi stared at Li You for a few seconds before walking towards her. Seeing how hard Li You was wiping the table, he asked, “You didn’t dare to look at me directly just now because you were afraid that I would find trouble with you?”

Li You shook her head. “How could that be? I’m looking at you with my eyes open.

Gu Lanshi looked a little speechless. “I mean, you didn’t look at me directly.”

“Oh, I’m naturally oblique,” Li You said with a straight face.

Gu Lanshi: ‘

Li You did not say who she was because she did not have an official identity in the embassy. Currently, she was only here to learn from her father. In the future, she would have to return to China to take the exam.

It was equivalent to an internship.

As an intern, she had just arrived today and already spilled water on her father’s student. How could she dare to say that her father was Li Huaisheng? It was an embarrassment to her father.

Li You wiped the table skillfully and said with a smile, “You don’t have to stare at me. I’ve been in this line of work for more than ten years. 1 can roughly tell with a glance which blind spot has a layer of ash. It must be wiped clean.”

“Stop talking nonsense.” Gu Lanshi exposed her. “How old are you, and you’ve worked here for more than ten years? Doesn’t that mean you’ve worked here since you were four or five years old?”

Li You continued to spout nonsense in all seriousness. “Yes, this is Country T. It’s normal to come out to work early.”

Gu Lanshi chuckled and said, “You don’t look like you’re from Country T.”

Li You asked, “Don’t I look thick-browed enough?”

Gu Lanshi stared at Li You carefully for a few seconds before saying truthfully, “Not enough.”

“Oh…” Li You stammered. “Actually… I’m a hybrid between Country T and


Gu Lanshi said, “Then say something in the local language.”

Li You:

At this moment, she deeply realized the importance of her father telling her to study the local language!!! She swore to herself that she would learn the local language well after today!

Perhaps because the expression on Li You’s face was too interesting, Gu Lanshi couldn’t ignore it even if he wanted to. Moreover, this girl was the most interesting person he had seen since he came to Country T. For a moment, he couldn’t help but laugh.

The corners of his lips slowly curled up. He asked again, “Is your local language not very good, or do you not know how to speak it at all?”

“It’s not… too good,” she said honestly, not daring to meet his scrutinizing gaze.

Gu Lanshi raised her eyebrows. “Oh? Then say something.”

Li You thought that this was making things difficult for her! She already said that it wasn’t good, but he still had to make her say a few words.

That’s why people couldn’t lie casually because they couldn’t cover up a lie. If she had known, she would have said that she was here for a stroll. Why did she have to say that she was a cleaner?

Forget it. She’ll just say it. She clasped her hands together and looked up at him with a smile. “Sawatdee ka m ” Out of courtesy in Country T, Gu Lanshi also pressed his palms together. Li You quickly bent down again. After bending down, she waved at him. “Laagorn Ka Q’ (Goodbye)

She put the rag down and turned to slip away.

Gu Lanshi stepped forward and blocked her way. He asked her in very standard local language, “Khun jå bpai thti-näi?” (Where are you going?)

Li You gave Gu Lanshi a thumbs up. “You speak the local language so well.”

Gu Lanshi couldn’t help but laugh. He crossed his arms and raised his chin slightly to ask her, “Tell me, what are you here for?”

Li You said nothing.

Gu Lanshi continued to ask, “Are you here at the embassy to ask for help?”

Li You shook her head.

Gu Lanshi asked, “Are you here to look for a job?”

Li You thought about how she would be learning from her father for a long time, so she nodded and replied, “Yes.”

“Do you know the most convenient way to work in a foreign embassy in China?” Gu Lanshi continued to ask her.

Li You thought for a moment and said, “Go to the official website and look at the recruitment notice?”

“So you know.” Gu Lanshi nodded. “Yes, most foreign embassies in China won’t recruit themselves. They will entrust the capital’s diplomatic service bureau to publicize the recruitment information. If you want to find a job in the embassy in China, you need to be interviewed according to the recruitment requirements.”

There was no malice in Gu Lanshi’s tone. He only told the other party politely about this process.

After hearing this, Li You smiled politely. “Thank you. I understand.”

“Have you graduated?” Gu Lanshi asked again.

Li You said, “No.’

Gu Lanshi  expressed that he understood everything. He kindly told Li You, “If you really want to work here, the interview requirements will be stricter. Moreover, it might not be an official job. You have to return to the country to participate…”

“In the exam.” Li You continued, “l know that..

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