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Chapter 478: Chapter 478: Past in Country T (11)

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Chapter 478: Past in Country T (11)

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He had heard from his teacher that Li You’s boyfriend often came to Country T to see her.

Although he was quite curious about what kind of person Li You’s boyfriend was, there would sometimes be some disdain in his heart. He thought that since he had come to Country T so many times in a year, he was either someone who did not do his job or a rich second- generation heir.

If he really loved Li You, why didn’t he stay in Country T to accompany her?

Even with this guess in mind, the moment Gu Lanshi saw Pei Jingzhou, his grip on the suitcase subconsciously tightened. He asked in a normal tone, “Li You, is that your boyfriend?”

Li You admitted generously, “That’s right, Senior. I’ll introduce you later.”

Gu Lanshi smiled. “Okay.”

After spending more than half a year in the embassy, only Gu Lanshi knew what feelings Gu Lanshi had for Li You. He never said anything or revealed anything. He controlled the distance between the two of them very well because he knew that she already had a boyfriend.

According to his teacher, they had not been in a relationship for two years. They had only known each other for a long time. Now, they were only short of getting engaged.

Would she be engaged to him this year, then? He hopes not…

When there were still more than ten meters left, Li You pushed the suitcase to her father and sped up towards Pei Jingzhou.

She expressed her longing enthusiastically, not embarrassed at all by the fact that there were many people here. She ran over and jumped onto Pei Jingzhou’s body, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Pei Jingzhou also reached out in advance when she jumped over. Then, he

held her waist and hugged her.

Li You hugged Pei Jing tightly and asked, “Pei Jingzhou, did you miss me?”

Pei Jingzhou’s answer was the same as before. There was only one word. “Yes.”

She had always known that was his personality, but she still liked to deliberately chase after him and ask, “Then you have to tell me how much?”

Pei Jingzhou said, “Look at me.”

Li You looked at him obediently. Pei Jingzhou raised her chin and kissed her.

At this moment, Li Huaisheng and his wife were not here yet. Gu Lanshi was also walking beside Li Huaisheng and his wife. They were seven to eight meters away from Li You and Pei Jingzhou, but this distance was enough for Li Huaisheng and his wife to see the two of them kissing.

“Look at these two. They don’t care about the occasion at all.” It was Li Huaisheng who spoke. Although he said that, Li Huaisheng’s tone was smiling.

MO Zhu said on behalf of his daughter, “What’s wrong with young people dating and kissing in public now? It means that they have a deep relationship. Isn’t that good? Did you stay in those countries for nothing?”

Li Huaisheng said, “l just said it casually.”

MO Zhu said, “Don’t say a word. Go back and prepare well. It’s rare for you to come back this year. It’s time to discuss their marriage.”

When he heard that they were going to discuss his daughter’s marriage, Li Huaisheng felt all kinds of upset. However, he had already discussed this with his wife in Country T. The main reason why he was fighting to return to the country this year was to discuss his daughter’s marriage.

Gu Lanshi, who was walking at the side, asked, “Did Teacher and Madam return to the country this year for Li You’s marriage?”

Li Huaisheng turned to look at Gu Lanshi.

Faced with his favorite student and having a close relationship, Li Huaisheng did not hide it and nodded. “Yes, Little Pei took the initiative to mention the engagement to me and your madam. After that, we also carefully discussed it. Although Little You is still young and has an uncertain temperament like a child, she has known Little Pei for many years. Besides, I watched Little Pei grow up. It’s good to get engaged early. When Little You returns to the country to take up a post in two years, it’ll be suitable to get married.”

Gu Lanshi’s expression was calm. “I thought Teacher would object to your daughter getting married early.”

Li Huaisheng smiled and said, “You think, it’s not that you think. Which father wants to see his little sweetheart get married early?”

Gu Lanshi said, “Then why did you still decide to let Li You get engaged to him?”

Li Huaisheng sighed. “Little Gu, you have to understand that as parents, you should never try to control your children’s lives. As long as they don’t break the law, as long as they have good values, it doesn’t matter if they’re positive or sad. As long as they think it’s worth it and enjoy this process, everything else will be fine.’

Gu Lanshi suppressed the corners of his lips and said in a slightly cold voice, “Because she’s too young, she hasn’t interacted much. Even if she suffers in this relationship in the future, is this the growth process she should experience?”

Li Huaisheng nodded. “Of course.”

MO Zhu slowly said, “Little You has seen a lot of the world in the past few years. Her emotional experience is indeed very poor, but it’s difficult to have a deep-rooted relationship in her life. The future is the future. It’s fine as long as she’s happy now.”

With that, MO Zhu looked ahead with gentle eyes. “Look, she’s so happy.”

Gu Lanshi looked ahead. How could he not tell that Li You was brimming with happiness and joy? It was dazzling and beautiful, but at this moment, he felt a little dazzled.

Li You hugged Pei Jingzhou and cuddled for a while. Seeing that her parents were here, she quickly came down. She could do whatever she wanted from afar. In front of her parents, she had to have some dignity. She held Pei Jingzhou’s arm. Without her introduction, Pei Jingzhou had already greeted them one by one. “Auntie, Uncle.”

Li Huaisheng nodded, his smile a little forced. Yes, he had specially come back to discuss his daughter’s marriage. How could he laugh? On the other hand, MO Zhu smiled in satisfaction. Then, he asked, “The flight was delayed. Have you been waiting for a long time?”

Pei Jingzhou said humbly, “No, I just arrived.”

MO Zhu said, “With your personality, you must have come half an hour early.”

Pei Jingzhou smiled humbly. He reached out to take the suitcase from Li Huaishengs hand. Li Huaisheng waved his hand. “No need, no need. Look at how Little You can’t wait to hang on to you. She can’t find the time to hold her hand.’

Li You smiled until her teeth were visible. When she thought of Gu Lanshi, who had almost been ignored, she quickly introduced, “By the way, his name is Gu Lanshi. He’s the senior 1 mentioned to you before,”

Pei Jingzhou looked at Gu Lanshi.

Gu Lanshi also looked at Pei Jingzhou.

The two of them looked at each other. After all, Li Huaisheng and his wife were around, so they restrained their conflicting magnetic fields.

Gu Lanshi deliberately reached out his hand. “Hello, I’m Gu Lanshi.”

Pei Jingzhou glanced over and reached out. “Pei Jingzhou.”

The two of them did not exchange blows. It was no different from usual. Pei Jingzhou was disdainful, and Gu Lanshi felt that there was no need.

When they left the airport and parted ways, Gu Lanshi deliberately mentioned in front of Li You, “Little You, you said last time that you wanted to eat our hometown’s specialty roast duck. I’ll send it to you in a vacuum pack when I get back.”

Li You replied, “Thank you.”

Gu Lanshi smiled. “You’re welcome. The roast duck in our place is very famous, and the vacuum packaging taste isn’t bad. Of course, if there’s a chance, I’ll treat you to a freshly roasted duck at our place.”

Li You was about to decline when Pei Jingzhou’s voice came from behind. “Thank you. We’ll come together when we have time..”

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