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Chapter 479: Chapter 479: Past in Country T (12)

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Chapter 479: Past in Country T (12)

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Li You followed Pei Jingzhou’s words and said to Gu Lanshi, “Yes, I’ll come with my boyfriend when I have time.”

Gu Lanshi’s expression did not change as he replied calmly, “Alright. If you make time, remember to contact me, You have my contact number.”

Li You nodded. “l will.’

After Gu Lanshi got into the car and left, Li You and Pei Jingzhou also got into the car.

Pei Jingzhou had arranged for two cars to pick her up this time. Other than that, there was also the car Cai Buqu had arranged. Li Huaisheng and his wife got into the car Cai Buqu had arranged to pick them up, while Li You got into Pei Jingzhou’s car.

On the way back to the Li Mansion.

There was a chauffeur driving ahead. Pei Jingzhou and Li You sat in the back seat.

Li You nagged Pei Jingzhou about many interesting things. She was a little naggy, but this phenomenon only existed in front of people close to her. She spoke for a long time without mentioning Gu Lanshi.

Until Pei Jingzhou asked her casually, “Do you usually interact much with that Gu guy?’

Li You moved closer to Pei Jingzhou and said with a smile, “l thought you wouldn’t ask about him.”

Pei Jingzhou was very calm. “You knew I would ask about him?”

Li You said, “Actually, Senior Gu is a person with a high

Pei Jingzhou raised his hand to his lips and coughed lightly. “Is it appropriate for you to praise another man in front of your boyfriend?”

“Let me finish first.” Li You smiled ingratiatingly. This time, she spoke faster than before. “What I want to say is that after interacting with him for a year and a half, my impression of Senior Gu is that he has a high EQ. He shouldn’t have said those words outside the airport just now. After all, you’re still beside me, so I guess he did it on purpose.”

Pei Jingzhou raised his eyebrows and surprise flashed across his eyes. “So you have a clear mind.’

Li You shrugged smugly. “Of course. Girls are often more easily aware of these details than boys.” At this point, Li You even said, “Do you believe me? Let’s switch. If a girl wants to seduce you so openly and covertly, you definitely won’t notice it yourself. If I get angry and remind you, you will definitely say that I’m being unreasonable.”

Pei Jingzhou looked at her sideways. “Am I such a person in your eyes?”

Li You shook her head in denial. “No, no. 1 mean a small number of boys.”

Pei Jingzhou chuckled. “As a girl, it’s normal for you to feel insecure, but in our relationship, I’m the most insecure person. Li You…” Halfway through his sentence, Pei Jingzhou suddenly shouted Li You’s name. Li You nodded. Pei Jingzhou looked at her steadily. “Some words are shackles that will restrain you, but I think I’m qualified to say them.”

Li You asked curiously, “What words?”

Pei Jingzhou said slowly, “You’re my first love and will be my wife in the near future. You’re the only person I’ve firmly liked and loved in my life. I’ve given you all my first times. You can’t have the thought of abandoning me. Be it now or in the future, you have to be responsible for me until the end.”

After hearing Pei Jingzhou’s words, Li You finally understood why he said that he had the right to say this.

He was indeed qualified. However, she was quite surprised because Pei Jingzhou had never been a person who liked to say such emotional words. His liking and love were expressed enthusiastically and directly. They were all practical actions and he never had to say them with words.

It was rare for him to say this in front of her today. It seemed that he had been agitated by Gu Lanshi. She took the initiative to hug his arm and leaned her head gently against it. When she spoke, her voice was soft. “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely be responsible for you to the end.”

Pei Jingzhou suddenly said, “A heartless person has to swallow ten needles.”

“Okay, a heartless person has to swallow ten…” Li You suddenly looked up at Pei Jingzhou. “Ten needles?”

Pei Jingzhou raised his eyebrows. “Are you afraid?” Li You let go of Pei

Jingzhou’s arm. Pei Jingzhou!s eyes darkened. “Are you really afraid?”

“It’s not that I’m afraid.” She didn’t want to expose him, but seeing how nervous he was that he asked her twice, she was afraid he’d really feel bad, so she said, “Don’t think I don’t know that this sentence is a vicious curse written by a witch in Wonderland in front of a love oath. But the exact words are that a heartless person has to swallow ten thousand needles.”

Pei Jingzhou pretended not to know. “l said it casually. I don’t know about this.”

“Stop pretending. Pei Jingzhou, 1 know you too well.” Li You paused for a moment before continuing, “You want to say such an oath, but you’re afraid that one day, I’ll really be cursed for disloyalty. You can’t even bear to let me swallow a thousand or a hundred needles. In the end, you only said ten needles.’

At this point, Li You leaned towards Pei Jingzhou with an expression that said,

“Am I right? Did I hit all the targets? Hurry up and praise me.” Pei Jingzhou’s palm restrained her waist. “You seem to know everything.”

Li You smiled smugly. “Of course, because I know everything.”

Pei Jingzhou stared into her bright eyes. “If you’re unfaithful, you have to swallow ten needles. If I’m unfaithful, I’ll swallow ten thousand needles.’

Such words of love were undoubtedly shocking to Li You. It was as if it had hit her soul. No one else had ever made her feel this way. Only Pei Jingzhou. She took the initiative to kiss his cheek. “My parents came back this time to talk about our engagement.”

Pei Jingzhou nodded. “It’s better to get engaged early than late, so when I mention this in front of Uncle and Auntie, will you think that I’m restraining you in advance?”

“Pei Jingzhou, on the other hand, you’re already a famous nouveau riche in the business world. Many wealthy ladies and socialites have their eyes on you, and they want to become your Mrs. Pei. Not only are you rich, but you also look so… mua~ ” As she spoke, she couldn’t help but kiss Pei Jingzhou’s handsome face.

Satisfied with this kiss, she went on. “And so devilishly good-looking to satisfy all a woman’s fantasies about her future partner from the inside out. Don’t you know how many women are eyeing you covetously?”

Pei Jingzhou replied, “l really don’t know.”

“Alright, it’s understandable that you don’t know. Only men who aren’t confident in themselves will scrutinize themselves over and over again.” Li

You praised her so much, and her small mouth seemed to be covered in honey.

The smile on Pei Jingzhou’s lips did not disappear for more than ten seconds.

The car arrived at Qjang Yue Garden. Li You thought that Pei Jingzhou would go in with her, but Pei Jingzhou only sent her into the Li Mansion. After giving her a few instructions, he prepared to drive back.

Li You stopped him and asked, “Aren’t you going in with me?”

“I’ll come tomorrow,” Pei Jingzhou said. Li You pouted. “Are you busy today?”

Pei Jingzhou nodded. “A little.”

Li You was a little dejected. “Alright then. See you tomorrow.”

She waved at Pei Jingzhou and was about to turn around and go in when Pei Jingzhou’s voice sounded.

“I’m busy because I have to go back and prepare gifts, supplements, baijiu, dried fruits, tea leaves. I’m coming to the Li Mansion to propose marriage. The Pei family values traditions from ancient times very much. Although I’ve almost finished preparing these a few days ago, I still have to go back and take a closer look before I feel at ease. I can’t miss out on any..”

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