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Chapter 48: 48 There's an Evil Mother-in-Law Next Door

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48 There’s an Evil Mother-in-Law Next Door

Han Qianye sounded a little smug. She was also a little proud. The expression seemed to convey silently: Not complimenting me?

Li Xiwu suppressed a smile. “Yes, it’s good to see it.”

Han Qianye: That’s it? Are you really not going to praise me?

Han Qianye was too embarrassed to say this. She pursed her lips. “Of course. This time, I’ll definitely convince them!”

Last time, because she did not recognize the wild protected animals, Han Qianye embarrassed herself on the first day of the live broadcast and was mocked by the netizens. Although the credit for the second time fell on her, Han Qianye did not recognize it herself. After thinking about it, she did not feel very comfortable.

She was thinking when she heard Li Xiwu’s voice. “You’re amazing to be able to finish the atlas in a day.”

Han Qianye’s lips curled up crazily. She almost laughed out loud. Suddenly remembering something, Han Qianye reminded Li Xiwu, “By the way, you’re not allowed to use your body against me this time. Don’t forget what I said. Divorce is better than being widowed. It’s unlucky to be widowed.”

Li Xiwu nodded in agreement. Han Qianye felt that Li Xiwu did not listen to her. She rambled on. “Nothing is more important than your health. You don’t want to take 400 million from me and end up not having the fortune to spend it.”

Li Xiwu: “…”

She knew that Han Qianye was reminding her out of kindness, but it sounded like it had another meaning. She smiled. “Don’t worry, Auntie. I’ll be lucky to spend this money.”

The car arrived at Fu Town.

Li Xiwu got out of the car first. Her vision was better, and she could see Director Gao standing outside the inn from afar, as well as a man similar to him standing beside him. Li Xiwu recognized him. It was the assistant director in charge of Group 2 and Group 3, Yu Jing.

“Miss Li, Miss Li’s mother-in-law. Good morning.” Director Gao waved enthusiastically.

As she approached, Li Xiwu shouted, “Director Gao, Director Yu.”

Han Qianye maintained a proper smile on her face.

Gao Yueban said, “Miss Li, you and your mother-in-law are the earliest guests to arrive today.”

The moment that was said, Han Qianye’s eyes suddenly lit up. “Really?”

Gao Yueban repeated what he had just said. “Of course it’s true. Among the four groups of guests, your group was the first to arrive.”

Han Qianye grinned. “To think I went to bed at seven last night.”

Gao Yueban’s lips twitched. “Sleep at seven…”

Yu Jing smiled bitterly. “How can people like us who only sleep at two in the morning live?”

Gao Yueban said, “Living day by day.”

Not long after, Group Two of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law arrived in Fu Town. Then came Group One of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. In the end, the third group of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, Xie Wen and her mother-in-law, arrived late. They had a lot of luggage, mainly baby supplies.

After changing the venue, in order to show her good mother-in-law’s side, Zheng Yuehua took all the bags and only let Xie Wen carry her daughter. The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law entered the inn one after another.

It was probably a deliberate arrangement by the production team.

Xie Wen’s room was opposite Li Xiwu’s.

At this moment, Han Qianye, who was in the room next to Li Xiwu, was a little anxious. Wouldn’t it be too noisy when the four groups of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were going to live together for three days? she thought.

Even though she knew that Li Xiwu was a boring person, Han Qianye could not help but go out and chat with Li Xiwu to see if she could relieve such a person’s anxiety. She arrived outside Li Xiwu’s door.

Han Qianye raised her hand and was about to knock on the door when an intense voice came from the room opposite Li Xiwu—

“I already said that you have to bring all of Shenshen’s things. I’ve reminded you hundreds of times. As soon as we arrived, I realized that you didn’t bring everything.”

“Can you count on me? You’re the one who brought Shenshen, not me.”

“It stinks. What did you give Shenshen for her to stink so much? Hurry up and change her diapers. Didn’t you hear the director urging you downstairs? The live broadcast is about to start.”

Han Qianye’s eyebrows twitched when she heard this outside the door. The room opposite Li Xiwu… seemed to be the room of Group Three’s mother and daughter-in-law, right? It was said that in order to make it easier to take care of the children, the director arranged for the third group of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law to stay in the same room. Was the mother-in-law of the third group so fierce?

Han Qianye immediately turned around and returned to her room. She closed the door quietly and took out her phone to find Lin Yourong’s number.

A woman was a young girl until her death. When she heard the gossip, she immediately shared it with her good friend, so Han Qianye called Lin Yourong. “Rongrong, let me tell you something interesting. The mother-in-law in the third group is an evil mother-in-law.”

Lin Yourong: “…”

After not hearing Lin Yourong’s voice for a long time, Han Qianye thought that she had not picked up. She took it down and saw that it was connected.

Han Qianye said, “Hello? Rongrong?”

Lin Yourong coughed lightly. “I’m listening.”

Han Qianye said, “I’m listening to you not speak!”

Lin Yourong was speechless. She didn’t know what to say.

Han Qianye continued to share with her good friend, “You weren’t there to hear it. That evil mother-in-law of Group Three spoke so badly that even dogs shook their heads.”

Lin Yourong asked, “What did Group Three’s mother-in-law say?”

Han Qianye repeated what she had heard to Lin Yourong.

Lin Yourong was very calm after hearing this. “This is normal. It’s easier to discipline a daughter-in-law when the mother-in-law is stricter. You haven’t interacted much with Li Xiwu in the past three years, nor have you cared much about her. Qianye, let me tell you, you have to learn how to discipline your daughter-in-law like the mother-in-law of Group Three. Act like a mother-in-law, understand?”

Han Qianye frowned. “I know everything you taught me, but I can’t learn the style of Group Three’s mother-in-law.”

Lin Yourong said, “Idiot.”

Han Qianye scolded back, “You’re the fool. Don’t scold me.”

Lin Yourong laughed a few times. After laughing, she did not forget to remind Han Qianye, “Don’t go astray this time. Remember what I taught you. Target Li Xiwu when you should. Don’t forget your original intention.”

What was the original intention? Han Qianye thought for a moment but could not remember. Afraid that Lin Yourong would scold her again, she immediately said that the director was urging her, so she hung up first.

Li Xiwu, who was next door, was also on the phone. It was a call to Pei Jingzhou. She returned to her room and took out her phone to see who the missed calls were from. In the end, she saw that they were all from Pei Jingzhou. She faintly remembered that she had muted her phone before she had dinner with Qiao Qiao last night. Her phone didn’t vibrate when he called, so she couldn’t feel it.

Did Pei Jingzhou go home last night? And then came home to find that she hadn’t gone back? Li Xiwu couldn’t guess correctly. One call could be ignored, but seven or eight missed calls couldn’t be ignored even if she wanted to. She could only bite the bullet and call back.

He didn’t pick up on the first try.

The second time, he still didn’t pick up.

Li Xiwu called a third time, but he still didn’t pick up. She wasn’t stubborn. She put down the phone and didn’t call back. She dug out the lip gloss from her bag and slowly colored her lips.

A few minutes later, the phone page lit up.

Pei Jingzhou called.

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