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Chapter 480: Chapter 480: Past in Country T (13)

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Chapter 480: Past in Country T (13)

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Li You had been smiling foolishly all the way in. She was almost to the door. Because she didn’t see the person standing there, she almost bumped into them.

“What are you so happy about?”

A question came from in front of her, making Li You, who was immersed in her own silly joy, suddenly come back to her senses. She stopped in her tracks and looked up at the person in front of her. “Uncle Cai.”

Cai Buqu smiled kindly. “Tell Uncle Cai, what made you smile so happily all the way in?”

Cai Buqu had been in the Li Mansion for many years. To Li You, Uncle Cai was equivalent to an uncle. Her father, Li Huaisheng, had always treated Cai Buqu as his biological brother. Uncle Cai had never been an outsider to the Li Mansion.

Therefore, in front of her biological uncle, Li You chose to share her joy happily. She raised her hand to her mouth and whispered to Cai Buqu, “Uncle

Cai, I’m about to get engaged.”

Cai Buqu was not surprised to hear this. He smiled and said, “I just found out about this.’

Li You asked, “Did Dad tell you on the way back?”

“Yes.” Cai Buqu nodded. “Your father said that you’re getting engaged to Little Pei.

Li You nodded. ‘Yes, I’m getting engaged to him.”

Pei Jingzhou’s existence was known to almost everyone around Li You.

Cai Buqu was no exception. When they were still in school, Li You had brought Pei Jingzhou to the Li Mansion many times. Cai Buqu had also seen Pei Jingzhou many times at that time.

Although Li You and Pei Jingzhou were still young at that time and no one could predict the future, every time Cai Buqu saw Pei Jingzhou and Li You living together, he couldn’t help but think that the person accompanying Little You now was that Pei kid. In the future, the person accompanying Little You would probably still be that kid Pei.

Unexpectedly, it really matched his guess at that time.

Cai Buqu recalled the past and couldn’t help but smile. “Your Uncle Cai is quite accurate. In the past, 1 thought that you and that kid Pei would most likely get married and have children. I didn’t expect that in the blink of an eye, you and that kid Pei are really getting engaged. Congratulations to our Little You first.”

“Thank you, Uncle Cai-” Li You’s mouth was extremely sweet. After saying that, she gave Cai Buqu a thumbs up. “Uncle Cai, you have good taste.”

Cai Buqu was all smiles. “That’s true.” With that, Cai Buqu raised his hand and patted the back of Li You’s shoulder. “Hurry up and go in. This time, knowing that you’re back, Uncle Cai hired an auntie to clean your room clean and spotless. I guarantee that you’ll live comfortably like when you were at home.”

Li You nodded obediently. “Okay.”

After Li You entered, Cai Buqu turned around and looked at her bouncing back. He smiled and said dotingly, “This girl will always be like a child who can’t grow up.”

It was a lively night.

Grandma and Auntie were all here. After the lively dinner ended, Guan Suling pulled Li You away from the stairs. It had been a while since they last met, and she had too much to say to Li You.

It was probably past nine.

Guan Suling looked at the time and thought that Li You was tired after coming back today. She had said everything she needed to say, so she urged Li You to rest.

When Li You returned upstairs, the first thing she did was call Pei Jingzhou via video call. It rang a few times before the call was picked up, but the screen was dark and Pei Jingzhou was nowhere to be seen. She did not think too much about it because Pei Jingzhou had been busy with other things in the past. It was not convenient for him to show his face in the video.

She lay on the bed with one hand on her head and the other on her cell phone. She asked briskly, “Are you still busy?”

Pei Jingzhou’s deep voice came from the dark video. “I’m done.”

Seeing that the dark image had not changed, Li You asked, “Then why didn’t you show yourself?”

Pei Jingzhou said, “l just took off my clothes and was about to take a shower.”

Li You’s eyes widened. Her head snapped up and she leaned closer to the screen. “Let me see.”

On the other end of the video, Pei Jingzhou:

There was a rustling sound in the video. Pei Jingzhou was probably fiddling with his cell phone. Immediately after, some white light flashed on the dark video screen, but it quickly turned completely black.

Pei Jingzhou asked her, “Are you sure you want to see it?”

There was a smattering of amusement in his voice.

Li You had never been a pervert in the past. When other girls saw boys showing their abdominal muscles, they would scream. Only she was especially calm. Because she had them beside her, she was never surprised by others’ abdominal muscles. She was only surprised by the person beside her. This made Pei Jingzhou feel especially at ease.

Pei Jingzhou had just said that he had taken off his clothes and was preparing to take a shower. The image in Li You’s mind instantly appeared, and it was even three-dimensional. Her mind was filled with Pei Jingzhou’s abs, Pei

Jingzhou’s biceps, Pei Jingzhou’s waistline that was full of strength, and Pei Jingzhou’s proud… long legs, of course.

She wanted to see it, and couldn’t wait to see it. It had been a long time since she and Pei Jingzhou lived together, and the literal meaning was deep. But when she thought about how she would get heaty when she saw it later, wouldn’t she be asking for trouble…?

Therefore, after much hesitation, Li You said, “Forget it. Take your time to shower. Come back when you’re done.”

Pei Jingzhou suppressed a smile and asked, “Are you afraid?”

Li You retorted, “Would I be afraid?”

Pei Jingzhou said, “Weren’t you afraid just now?”

Li You’s voice was much softer than before. “l didn’t want to disturb your shower. How can I be called a coward?”

Pei Jingzhou knew her too well. He asked again, “Are you really not going to watch it?”

Li You:

At this moment, Li You was frustrated. No, annoyed and frustrated. How could this man be like this? He knew that she could see but not touch him now, but he still insisted on seducing her.

“Pei Jingzhou.” She called his name seriously through the video call.

Pei Jingzhou replied, ‘Yes?”

Li You said, “Don’t you know what kind of beauty you are?”

Pei Jingzhou chuckled and asked her, “What kind of beauty am l?” He was in the bathroom. The empty tone around him was so heavy that it changed his timbre to an even deeper pitch, tapping section after section on Li You’s heart.

The next second, the video lit up. The scene in front of her made Li You’s eyes widen. Pei Jingzhou was satisfied to see her expression. He asked, “l have been working out recently. Are you satisfied?”

Li You closed her eyes and said in her heart, “Clear your heart and have few desires. Ifyou have no desires, you will be strong.” The next second, she opened her eyes and brainwashed herself. This is my own boyfriend. Who else ifnot me could see!? Therefore, she immediately replied, “I’m satisfied. I’m especially satisfied.”

Pei Jingzhou smiled.

The bathroom lights were blazing, making Pei Jingzhou’s fair skin look slightly transparent. His hair was slightly wet, and he had washed his face with water. His eyes were clear, but they did not lose the gentleness that was only for her.

He had probably boiled water. The dense fog around him was very thin, but at this moment it was like an ambiguous enhancer.

Li You was almost confused. The corners of her mouth were almost reaching the back of her head. Until Pei Jingzhou took half a step back and asked her, “Do you still want to look at my entire body?”

Li You pursed her lips and said with a serious expression, “Pei Jingzhou, you violated the rules.’

Pei Jingzhou raised his eyebrows and smiled. “Is it against the rules?”

Li You said righteously, “This is a bad video call. It’s extremely harmful to a beautiful girl like me. It’s already a serious violation. I’ve decided. I’m going to lock the door and turn down the volume before continuing to watch.”

Pei Jingzhou chuckled. “It’s quite righteous, but I suggest you put on your earphones..’!

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