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Chapter 482: Chapter 482: Past in Country T (15)

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Chapter 482: Past in Country T (15)

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Li You was indeed still young, but this did not mean that she could only wear cute and sweet dresses. Now that her curves had grown to perfection, the front and back curves were very suitable for a slim dress.

So in the end, MO Zhu chose this slim-fit dress. The length of the knee, the waist, and the curves were also outlined in detail.

This dress was simply made for Li You.

MO Zhu sighed at her unique taste. “Your father originally valued that cuter one more, but after seeing this, our tastes matched. At that time, I thought of you in this dress. Yes, it’s the same as what I see now. Super, super beautiful.” MO Zhu praised from the bottom of her heart.

Li You was almost embarrassed by her mother’s praise. “I’ll go look in the mirror.”

“Go.” MO Zhu said.

During this period, MO Zhu’s gaze stayed on her daughter. Wherever her daughter went, her gaze followed. When Li You returned from looking at herself in the mirror, MO Zhu asked worriedly, “Is it tight?”

Li You shook her head. “No, it’s just right.” With that, she pinched her waist with both hands and said, “But if 1 had eaten a few more mouthfuls last night, it would probably be tight.”

MO Zhu reminded her, “Then you can’t eat too much during the day today. It’s not that you can’t eat your fill. You have to try your best to control your eating.”

Li You nodded. “Okay.”

MO Zhu couldn’t help but reach out and touch Li You’s cheek again. “Bear with it for a while. Just for today. You can eat whatever you want tonight. Mom will make it for you.”

“Mom, you must still think that I’m a child…” Li You was about to cry.

MO Zhu’s voice was still as gentle as ever. “Mom is preparing her child’s dowry now.”

At this moment, she did not know what words to use to describe her current mood.

She had been pampered by her mother since she was a child. Whether she was studying, taking exams, or dating, her mother would never interfere in her life. Her mother would use all her gentleness to educate her to be a kind person, give her confidence, and teach her to love others while knowing how to love herself.

Her mother was very, very good.

She was the one and only best mother in the world.

MO Zhu saw Li You sniffle and teased her gently, “You’re not even married yet and you’re already crying?”

Li You pouted. “I’m not crying.”

MO Zhu said, “Yes, you didn’t cry. Your voice was just as muffled as a mosquito.”

Li You smiled through her tears. When it was almost eight o’clock, Guan Suling knocked on the door with Li Huaisheng.

At this moment, MO Zhu was preparing to put on makeup for Li You. She knew that her daughter relied on her good skin and was very perfunctory with her skincare, so before putting on makeup, MO Zhu specially put on a new skincare routine for Li You.

She heard a knock on the door.

Li You was about to get up and open the door. MO Zhu pressed her shoulder gently. “Just sit there obediently. Mom will open the door.”

Li You nodded. MO Zhu went over to open the door and saw her mother and husband outside. Li Huaisheng said, “Uncle Cai just sent me a WeChat message. The Pei family’s car is already outside Qjang Yue Garden.”

Nio Zhu said, “They came so quickly.”

Li Huaisheng said, “This is still a marriage proposal and engagement. If it’s the wedding day, they’ll probably come before dawn.”

Guan Suling could not be bothered with the two of them. She went in to see Li You first. When Guan Suling entered and saw Li You in her little dress, she instantly smiled from ear to ear. As she walked forward, she praised, “You’re really good-looking. My darling is really beautiful.”

Seeing that her grandmother had come in, Li You spun around in front of her. “This is the dress Mom ordered for me.’

Guan Suling said, “Ah Zhu has good taste. My darling looks the best in it.”

Then, Li Huaisheng and MO Zhu came in together. Li Huaisheng looked at his daughter’s dress and sighed. “In the blink of an eye, my Little You is about to get married ‘

Li You said, “Dad, we’re not married yet. We’re just getting engaged.”

Li Huaishengs tone was still emotional. “Isn’t it the same?”

Back then, MO Zhu and Li Huaisheng got married late. MO Zhu was already 28 years old when she gave birth to Li You. Therefore, after giving birth to Li You, Li Huaisheng was determined not to have a second child, even though MO Zhu and Li Huaisheng had discussed whether to give Li You a younger brother or sister.

At that time, MO Zhu did not want her daughter to be too lonely in the future.

However, Li Huaisheng did not want MO Zhu to have another child. In fact, MO Zhu’s health was not good. Giving birth to Li You had already been a risk. She could not take another risk.

Li You was born an only child. She grew up in the best family atmosphere and the happiest atmosphere. She was the apple of Li Huaisheng and his wife’s eye. She had grown up being cared for and had never experienced the ups and downs of anyone’s life.

Of course, Li Huaisheng also hoped that his most beloved daughter, the daughter who had grown up in his hands, his only daughter, would never suffer any hardship or ups and downs in her life.

At the thought of this, Li Huaisheng took out a small box from his pocket and walked over. “This is the engagement gift Dad prepared for you.” Li You was pleasantly surprised. “Dad?”

“Although I have a straight face, I’m not in a bad mood. It’s just an engagement. I don’t have to start paying attention now,” Li Huaisheng said seriously.

“Hehe.” Li You smiled and reached out to take it. She opened it and her eyes lit up. There was a golden little Pixiu lying in the box.

Li Huaisheng saw the surprise on his daughter’s face and said, “This Pixiu has been blessed. You have to bring it with you often.”

Li You nodded and closed it carefully. “l will, I will. A Pixiu attracts wealth.”

“It does attract wealth, but Dad wants you to have a Pixiu’s life more,” Li Huaisheng said.

At this moment, Li You did not know what Pixiu’s life meant. To attract more money?

They heard that the Pei family had arrived outside the Li Mansion. Li Huaisheng and Guan Suling went out to welcome them first, while MO Zhu continued to help Li You finish her makeup. Li You could probably imagine the commotion downstairs. Pei Jingzhou should be dressed very formally today, right? He usually did not like to wear a tie, so he would definitely wear one today.

After she was done with her makeup, MO Zhu reminded her, “Look in the mirror.” Li You looked up at herself in the mirror. MO Zhu said two words, “Peerless beauty.” Li You grinned. MO Zhu said, “Don’t smile like that. A gentle smile.’

Li You closed her mouth and smiled.

MO Zhu nodded in satisfaction. “That’s just right. A peerless beauty.” As soon as she finished speaking, Li You stood up and walked out. MO Zhu was neither happy nor angry. “What’s the hurry?”

“I’ll go take a look.”

Li You rushed out on her high heels. Instead of going straight downstairs, she looked down from the second floor.

Uncle and Auntie Pei came. At this moment, Han Qianye was holding Pei Qingji’s hand and chatting with Li Huaisheng and Guan Suling with a smile, but Pei Jingzhou was nowhere to be seen.

The carpet and coffee table in the living room were already filled with betrothal gifts. Those betrothal gifts were simply too much for Li You to take in. She had missed the scene of those betrothal gifts moving in just now.

Li You couldn’t stand it anymore, She hurriedly glanced at the dazzling betrothal gifts and continued to search for Pei Jingzhou.

“Fiancée, are you looking for me?”

Pei Jingzhou’s voice came from behind. Li You turned around and saw Pei Jingzhou, who was dressed in a formal suit, standing in front of her. She immediately asked, “When did you come up? I didn’t see you come up just now.”

Pei Jingzhou did not answer and looked at her in a daze..

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