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Chapter 489: Chapter 489: Past in Country T (22)

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Chapter 489: Past in Country T (22)

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In order not to let her emotions affect her mother, Li You forced a smile every time she came into the ward. She didn’t want her mother to see her grimace. It would also affect her mother’s mood.

“Little You.” She trudged to the door and heard her mother call out to her. “Come here quickly.” MO Zhu waved at Li You.

Li You’s facial muscles stiffened. She forced herself to smile and slowly walked in.

MO Zhu was half-sitting on the bed. Just now, she had been chatting with Li Huaisheng about too many unpredictable things. In fact, it could be considered an afterthought. Li Huaisheng could not stand this and was in an extremely bad mood. When Li You finally came in, MO Zhu took the initiative to break the silent and oppressive atmosphere.

Li You had just walked to the bed when she saw her father get up. He looked away and said, “You two can talk. I’m going to the bathroom.” With that, as if afraid that his daughter would see his red eyes, he rushed to the bathroom.


MO Zhu sighed helplessly. She looked up at Li You and reached out to her. “Come sit beside Mom.’

Li You placed her hand in her mother’s and sat down beside her bed. “Mom, are you feeling better?”

“Much better. Nothings wrong.” MO Zhu looked at Li You lovingly. She raised her other hand and gently touched Li You’s cheek. “Your father is angry with me.”

Her tone was light, but it sounded uncomfortable to Li You. “Dad doesn’t want to hear those depressing words. You’ll be fine. You’ll be fine soon after the transplant.”

MO Zhu put her hand down and asked gently, “Have you already made a match?”

Li You had no intention of hiding this matter. Because Dad knew, and he had always been by Mom’s side. As long as Mom asked a few more questions, Dad would definitely tell her. She nodded in acknowledgment. “Already did.”

MO Zhu was not angry. She was just worried about Li You’s body. “Did you feel any discomfort after the puncture?”

Li You shook her head and said, “No, I’m in good health.”

MO Zhu’s gaze traced Li You’s face inch by inch. Her heart ached as she said, “But your complexion looks terrible. Look at your lips. There’s no color.”

Li You bit her lip, as if trying to hide the pallor that was visible to the naked eye. She explained, “I’m fine. It’s just that… I’m probably too worried about you. In addition, I haven’t slept well for the past two nights.”

“Then you have to go home and sleep tonight. How can you sleep well in the hospital?” MO Zhu reminded Li You repeatedly, “Listen to Mom. Go home later and sleep early tonight. Don’t worry about me. The doctor said that I can be discharged after staying for two more days.”

Li You shook her head stubbornly. “l won’t.”

Mo Zhu smiled bitterly. “Is it because I’m sick and don’t have the strength to shout at you that you can disobey me?” Li You shook her head again. MO Zhu said gently, ‘Go back and rest early. Sleep well and come back tomorrow, okay?”

Li You was very reluctant, but in order not to anger her mother, she nodded obediently. “l understand.”

Seeing that Li You obediently agreed, MO Zhu smiled in relief. “That’s good.

Mom won’t be angry anymore.”

Mother and daughter chatted for a long time.

When Madam Di Xin came in, Li You realized that it was time to get the results of the blood test. Madam Di Xin stayed, and she found an excuse to leave. When she appeared in front of the doctor, the doctor looked clearly anxious. “Where are you going? No one answered my call just now.”

Li You had never heard the phone ring. She fumbled for her phone. The doctor quickly said, “Don’t hold your cell phone for now.” With that, he handed a report to Li You. “You’re indeed pregnant.”

Li You was calm when she heard this result. She was as calm as when she saw the two bars on the pregnancy test paper.

But what the doctor said right on the heels of that made her unable to calm down.

The doctor said, “You’re four weeks pregnant, but you’re showing signs of a precursor miscarriage. You need to lie in bed and rest now and observe the symptoms. If the situation is serious, you have to get an IV to protect the baby.

You can’t go wandering around again.”

Li You had recovered from the fact that she was pregnant. Now, she was immediately forced to accept the possibility that she could have a miscarriage at any moment.

The doctor called Li You’s name twice. Li You came back to her senses. If she listened carefully, she could definitely hear that her voice was trembling. “Is it because I had a bone marrow puncture?”

The doctor was shocked. “You even had a bone marrow puncture?” Li You confessed.

The doctor was very angry, but this was the patient’s private matter. No matter how angry he was, he could not predict or change anything in advance. He only reminded Li You repeatedly that she had to stay in bed to rest and protect the baby.

Otherwise, the situation would be critical. By then, it would be too late. There wouldn’t even be a chance to regret it.

When she came out of the doctor’s office, she folded and put away the report. She remembered everything the doctor had repeatedly instructed her to do. She returned to her mother’s ward again and told her mother and father that she would go home first.

MO Zhu was worried that she would obediently say that she wanted to go home and insisted that her father send her back

At this moment, Madam Di Xin stood up and said, “I’ll send her back.”

With that, Madam Di Xin gave MO Zhu a reassuring look. “Don’t worry.”

MO Zhu nodded.

In the car.

Li You sat quietly and did not say a word. Madam Di Xin did not disturb her until she returned home. Madam Di Xin watched as she entered and only changed her shoes. She did not even change her clothes before returning to the bedroom and lying on the bed.

She tucked herself in, afraid that half-leaning wouldn’t work, and lay straight down. Madam Di Xin poured a glass of water and placed it by the bed. “The fact that you chose to listen to the doctor means that you’ve subconsciously accepted this outcome.”

Li You nodded. “I’ve accepted it.”

She had another thought now, but she wouldn’t tell anyone. Madam Di Xin seemed to have seen through Li You”s worries and reminded her, “Little You, you have to know that pregnant women can’t donate their bone marrow.” Li You remained silent.

Madam Di Xin continued, “Besides, in your current condition, protecting the baby is the most important. If anything happens to your body, it will be very difficult to protect the small bean sprout in your stomach.” knew all this.

She had borne the consequences of a bone marrow puncture while pregnant. She would also face the consequences of donating the bone marrow, but she didn’t want to take such a huge risk if there was a way to get it both ways.

This was her and Pei Jingzhou’s first baby.

Although it was an accident, she didn’t resist. If there hadn’t been such circumstances, of course she’d have chosen to give birth. Delaying her graduation and her job were small things to her. Nothing could be more important than this child.

But now that her mother was sick and needed her bone marrow, she had to choose between the two.

The only thing she was conflicted about now was whether to tell Pei Jingzhou that she was pregnant.. Would Pei Jingzhou agree to let her give up the baby in her stomach?

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