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Chapter 490: Chapter 490: Past in Country T (23)

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Chapter 490: Past in Country T (23)

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At this moment, Madam Di Xin suddenly asked, “Little You, do you have an aunt?”

Li You suddenly opened her eyes. But soon, she slowly closed her eyes again.

“Aunt can’t donate bone marrow to Mom. She has a weak heart. She can’t take such a risk.’ Madam Di Xin was surprised. “Your aunt has a heart disease?”


Li You recalled that year. Her aunt had almost entered the ICU because of a cold. This cold had a lot to do with myocarditis.


She said softly, “Myocarditis is also a type of heart disease. Although it’s not congenital, and this condition hasn’t put any strain on her body over the years, she can’t make a bone marrow donation if there’s a little problem with her heart.’

Madam Di Xin understood this logic. “That’s true.”

Buzz buzz buzz.

The vibration of her cell phone came from outside. Li You sat up and was about to lift the blanket when Madam Di Xin said, “Just lie down. I’ll bring your phone in.”

Li You nodded. “Thank you.”

Madam Di Xin smiled and shook her head. She went out to bring Li You’s bag in and handed it to her. “After answering the call, lie down and rest well. I’ll go to the kitchen to take a look. If there are ingredients, I’ll make a pot of soup for you. Your body needs to nourish itself now.”

Li You shouted, “Madam Di Xin…

Madam Di Xin smiled knowingly. “You’re still a child in your mother’s eyes. In my eyes, you’re also a little girl who needs the care of her elders. Now that your mother isn’t by your side, I’ll take good care of you.”

Li You’s lips pressed down a little.

Madam Di Xin was afraid that Li You would cry. After urging her to answer the phone, she left. Li You was the only one left in the room. Other than her cell phone still buzzing, it was very quiet. She took out her phone just as the line went dead.

It was a call from the hospital. Worried that it had something to do with her mother, Li You quickly called back. The other party picked up and asked, “Is this Miss Li?”

Li You replied, “l am.”

After the other party revealed his identity, he told Li You the compatibility results of the bone marrow puncture. Before facing this result, Li You had not even completely thought about the ownership of the baby in her stomach.

The doctor said some technical terms. Li You asked directly, “Just tell me if the match is successful.’

Then she heard the doctor say, “Fortunately, the match was successful.”

The match was successful. This was the outcome Li You wanted the most. Just as the doctor had said the first two words, fortunately. Fortunately, the match was successful. She could save her mother.

But Li You was not relieved by this result. Her reaction was a little wooden. No matter how much the doctor said on the phone, she did not listen carefully.

After the doctor called Li You’s name four times, she finally came back to her senses. The doctor asked her if she had any concerns. Li You pursed her lips and was silent for two seconds before asking, “Will donating bone marrow cause harm to the donor’s body?”

When the doctor heard Li You’s question, he immediately understood her mood. “I can understand your worry, but in fact, donating bone marrow will not affect the donor’s health. It will completely dispel such concerns.”

Li You asked again, “What about pregnant women?”

The doctor on the other end was stunned.

As if he thought he’d heard wrong, the doctor asked again with uncertainty, “What did you say?”

Li You repeated, “Can pregnant women donate bone marrow?”

“Miss Li, I’m telling you very clearly that pregnant women can’t donate their bone marrow. This will affect the fetus greatly.”

How great that impact was, the doctor didn’t elaborate. But the doctor’s tone was enough to prove the danger of this matter.

Li You asked, “Will it cause a miscarriage?”

The doctor replied, “Yes. Even if she didn’t miscarry, the child she gave birth to might not be healthy.” After answering, the doctor vaguely guessed Li You’s condition, but he did not say it explicitly. He only reminded her, “If you have a plan to prepare for pregnancy, I suggest you postpone it unless you give up the bone marrow donation.’

Li You’s voice was bitter. “…l don’t want to give up.”

Those words spoke of her indecision in the matter. The doctor was very clear about Li You’s initial determination. Now that she was so hesitant, coupled with the question she had just asked, he was certain of the reason for her hesitation.

The doctor took the opportunity to say, “Of course, there’s something I only mentioned to Mr. Li and haven’t mentioned to you yet. Other than bone marrow transplantation, the probability of cord blood containing blood ties curing leukemia is as high as 90%. This is because cord blood contains abundant hematopoietic stem cells. It can be used as a method of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and can save Ms. MO Zhu to a large extent.”

Li You suddenly sat up straight, looking a little excited. She held the cell phone close to her ear and shouted, “Doctor!”

The doctor didn’t hang up. “Miss Li, go ahead.”

Li You took a deep breath and confessed her current situation. After she finished, there was silence on the line. Li You continued, just found out that

I’m pregnant. I want to know if my mother can still wait for my due date.”

The doctor told Li You responsibly, “1 can’t guarantee it, but it’s not a big problem.”

The doctor also said, “You’re pregnant, which means you have double insurance now. Your own bone marrow and cord blood. In my shoes, it’s not a bad thing that you’re pregnant now.”

It was not that the doctor was comforting Li You, but from the current situation, Li You’s pregnancy was indeed not a bad thing.

There seemed to be only one path in front of her. Whether it was a miscarriage before donating her bone marrow or giving birth to a dysfunctional child after the bone marrow donation, it was equivalent to giving up the child. But using umbilical blood was different. The chances of success were high, and the fetus could be saved smoothly.

Moreover, leukemia was not everything after a bone marrow transplant. The recurrence rate after a bone marrow transplant was actually very high, and the probability of cord blood curing leukemia was as high as 90%. Coupled with Li You and MO Zhu’s relationship, cord blood was also an important storage method.

The doctor told Li You all the pros and cons.

In the end, Li You said to the doctor, “l want to sign a confidentiality agreement with you.”

The doctor said, “Miss Li, I have to decide whether to sign this confidentiality agreement based on the situation you mentioned.”

Li You pursed her lips and said unhurriedly, “Help me hide the fact that I’m pregnant. Don’t mention it to anyone, including my parents. Also, no matter who asks, claim that my bone marrow is not a successful match with my mother’s bone marrow. After that, I’ll undergo a Cesarean section in advance while ensuring the safety of the fetus.”

The doctor was silent. He did not give Li You an immediate answer. This confidentiality agreement involved professional ethics as a doctor. However, this was Country T. Many things could be achieved. It was not that rigid.

Li You did not rush the doctor to answer immediately. She waited patiently for a moment before the doctor finally agreed. “We can sign this confidentiality agreement, but you have to listen to the doctor’s arrangements to ensure the safety of the fetus.”

Li You agreed. “l will do it.”

After ending the call with the doctor, all the strength in Li You’s body seemed to have been sucked away. The cell phone fell from her palm, and she did not notice it until she heard faint footsteps. She suddenly looked up and saw Madam Di Xin standing not far away.

Li You’s panic was written all over her face. ‘You heard it…”

Madam Di Xin walked over slowly. “Don’t worry. Just treat it as if I’m also one of the people involved in this confidentiality agreement. You have to know that you can’t do it all by yourself without them knowing that you’re pregnant. You’ll be exposed soon.”

Li You heaved a sigh of relief. “Thank you.”

Madam Di Xin walked to the bed. “l understand what you’re doing. I can help you hide it for the first few months. But as your stomach grows bigger day by day, 1 can’t hide it anymore.”

Li You lowered her eyes. “l know.”

Madam Di Xin slowly leaned over and placed her hand on Li You’s shoulder. “Li You, your actions did not disappoint me.”

Li You’s eyelashes fluttered.

Madam Di Xin said, ‘You love your mother, and your mother loves you more than you love her. If she finds out that you aborted the child in your stomach just to give her the bone marrow in order to save her, or even it you didn’t abort it and gave birth to an dysfunctional child in the end, this matter will become an eternal hurdle in her heart even if you saved your mother. This shadow will accompany her to her death. And your choice now is right, it’s just that it will be a little harder next. You have to race against time, but I believe you will definitely beat time..”

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