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Chapter 492: Chapter 492: Past in Country T (25)

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Chapter 492: Past in Country T (25)

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This was the ginger brown sugar water Pei Jingzhou had cooked this morning.

He had cooked it before and was experienced. It wouldn’t taste too bad. Pei Jingzhou turned around and handed the ginger brown sugar water to Li You. “Drink this cup first.”

Li You took it with both hands and took a few sips. Pei Jingzhou saw that there was still half left and reminded her, “You have to finish it.’

Li You nodded and finished the ginger brown sugar water in front of Pei

Jingzhou. Pei Jingzhou considered Li You’s current physical condition and cooked porridge for her for breakfast. However, she still did not have much of an appetite. She sat at the dining table and held the bowl of porridge in front of her for a long time, unable to eat it.


Pei Jingzhou did not force her. He poured her half a glass of warm milk and pushed it to her. “Drink another half glass of milk and go out.”

Li You had just picked up the half cup of warm milk and was about to drink it when she heard Pei Jingzhou say that he was going out. She shook her head and said, “I’m not going out today.” She didn’t say why, just that she wasn’t going out today.

Pei Jingzhou looked up at her. “You don’t want to go out?”

Li You took a small sip of milk and put it down. “Mom is worried about my physical condition. She asked me to stay at home today. I’m afraid that if I go over, she will be angry when she sees me, so I’ll stay at home obediently today.”

More than half of this was the truth.

Her mother had indeed instructed her to rest at home and not go to the hospital again today. However, the part that she had hidden from Pei

Jingzhou was that she had to listen to the doctor and lie in bed to recuperate.

Pei Jingzhou looked at her for a moment. “If possible, I hope you can stay at home for the next two days and wait for Auntie to come back.”

Li You was stunned.

“You’re so haggard.” Pei Jingzhou said everything he had been wanting to say recently. “No one can predict Auntie’s condition. I can understand your feelings, but you didn’t listen to anything I say. Not only me, but Uncle and Auntie don’t want to see you in such a dispirited state.”

How could Li You not understand these words? She nodded, eyes downcast. “l know.”

Pei Jingzhou stood up and walked towards Li You. He reached out to her. Li You placed her hand on Pei Jingzhou’s palm and wrapped her other hand around his waist. She leaned her head against his chest and said in a low voice, “I’m sorry for making you worry.”

Pei Jingzhou whispered, ‘You don’t have to say that to me.”

Li You pursed her lips. “I’ll adjust my emotions and mentality next. I won’t be like before.’

Her words undoubtedly reassured Pei Jingzhou.

Pei Jingzhou was very worried that she would continue to be dispirited, especially when he came over last night and saw Madam Di Xin, who was still awake. Madam Di Xin told him that the match had not succeeded and that Li You was in a bad mood.

No wonder she’d had a terrible nightmare last night.

This time, Pei Jingzhou will stay for two more days. He wanted to accompany Li You more. As long as he was by her side and talked to her more, he could divert her attention from thinking about matching.

Two days later, MO Zhu was also discharged.

The weather on the day MO Zhu was discharged from the hospital was very good. Of course, it was not just the weather. MO Zhu’s complexion and condition were also visible to the naked eye. However, everyone knew that MO Zhu’s good complexion was limited to this period.

After the chemotherapy began, her entire complexion and condition would be visibly haggard and pale.

Half a month later, MO Zhu began the most torturous path of chemotherapy.

At first, MO Zhu was reluctant to cut her hair. She wanted to hold on for a while longer, even if she saw a lot of hair falling off from chemotherapy in bed and on her pillow every day.

One handful at a time. More and more.

Li Huaisheng would put away those hairs every day, but he would only put them away after MO Zhu fell asleep. Actually, MO Zhu knew about it.

Currently, Li Huaisheng could not suspend work at the embassy. He ran between the hospital and the embassy every day. Compared to his previous high- spirited, gentle, and elegant self, Li Huaisheng looked more than ten years older in just a month.

It was not until MO Zhu’s hair fell more and more that she finally made up her mind to shave it off.

On the day she shaved her head, MO Zhu did not let Li Huaisheng accompany her. Even though they had been husband and wife for so many years, she still did not want her husband to see her ugliest side. The only person beside her was Li You.

Li You had a bag in her hand. MO Zhu thought that the bag contained the hat she was going to wear next. Until Li You took out a beautiful long wig from the bag. Li You helped her mother put on this beautiful long wig. “Actually, Dad prepared this for you.”

MO Zhu knew at a glance that Li Huaisheng had prepared it because she had casually mentioned in front of him that she wanted to wear a long curly wig in the future. She did not expect him to remember it.

MO Zhu closed her eyes and didn’t look at herself in the mirror. Her voice was bleak. “Actually, being sick isn’t the most painful thing for me.”

—What really hurt me was that I would eventually abandon you in advance.

Li You suppressed the tears in her eyes. “Mom, you’ll be fine.”

MO Zhu smiled bitterly. “l hope so.”

Two months passed in the blink of an eye.

On this day, after Li You returned from the hospital, she was in a low state. At night, she stood in front of the mirror and slowly lifted her clothes. What the doctor had said at the hospital appeared in her mind.

—Two yolk sacs.

This meant that she was pregnant with twins. What kind of physique did she have?

Perhaps the only fortunate thing was that she had not willfully aborted the baby and donated her bone marrow. If she had aborted it, it would have been the lives of both children. But the problem in front of her now was—it was impossible to hide it for three more months. Three more months and her stomach would be very obvious.

Originally, she thought that if nothing went wrong, she would be able to hide it until the fifth month.

And she hadn’t had a pregnancy reaction in the past two months or so. She was also glad that she was pregnant with an angel baby, which was why she hadn’t suffered from the pregnancy reaction. She knew very well that if it hadn’t been for the lack of a too obvious pregnancy reaction, she probably wouldn’t have been able to hide it until then. In the end, she was pregnant with twins.


There was a slight commotion outside. Li You’s mouth tightened and she quickly opened the door to leave. She saw her father pick up her mother, who had suddenly fainted, and hurry out the door.

Li You’s expression changed. “Mom!” She hurriedly followed him to the hospital.

MO Zhu entered the emergency room. Li Huaisheng stood outside in a daze while Li You sat in the waiting chair.

Recalling the scene of her mother being sent in for emergency treatment, Li You’s determination suddenly wavered. Her clenched fists turned pale. After struggling for a long time, she slowly stood up and prepared to go find the doctor.

She had only taken two steps when someone stopped her from behind—

“Little You.” It was Madam Di Xin. Li You stood rooted to the ground and looked helplessly at Madam Di Xin. Madam Di Xin walked over and grabbed Li You’s wrist. “Don’t make a decision you’ll regret.”

Li You suppressed the tears in her eyes. “But Mom needs…”

“She needs you as a daughter. She doesn’t need your marrow.”

Li Huaishengs voice sounded.

Li You froze and turned around. “Dad…

Li Huaishengs face was expressionless. “l know everything.”

Li You looked at Madam Di Xin in disbelief. Madam Di Xin smiled bitterly. “l promised you that I would keep this secret. I will definitely keep it.”

Li Huaisheng said, “Your mother found it.” With that, Li Huaisheng took out a

folded folic acid wrapper box from his pocket.

Li You stammered, “l clearly…”

Li Huaisheng sighed. “You clearly left it outside, but your mother went out with you that day. Now, your mother and I know about your situation..”

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