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Chapter 500: Chapter 500: With Mrs. Pei Coaxing

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Chapter 500: With Mrs. Pei Coaxing

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Pei Jingzhou handed Li Xiwu a hand. “Hold my hand.”

“Ah, you even became haughty.” She reached over and didn’t forget to tease him when she held his hand.

Pei Jingzhou held her hand and stood up. “l have no choice. Mrs. Pei dotes on me. I’ll become haughty when I have to. Anyway, Mrs. Pei will coax me.”

Li Xiwu poked him in the side of the waist. “Stop joking.”

Pei Jingzhou smiled and said, “Even if I’m not joking, Mrs. Pei will coax me.” Li Xiwu couldn’t be bothered to talk to him. The two of them went upstairs hand in hand.


The bedroom where Li Xiwu lived was very clean.

The first day she’d come back to stay, she’d tidied up her bedroom inside and out. Not much had changed in the furnishings, and the paintings on the walls hadn’t moved. They were just badly dusty.

Although Uncle Cai would clean regularly, there were always many hidden corners in the dust.

Pei Jingzhou stood in front of the bookcase and looked at the photo frame placed on it. The photo inside was a photo of Li Xiwu when she was 11 years old.

In the background were beaches and rows of coconut trees, and in the distance, blue waves. In the photo, Mr. and Mrs. Li were sitting on the beach. Li Xiwu was wearing a white dress and standing behind them, bending slightly to look at the camera. The wind on the beach was too strong, whipping her hair around.

Pei Jingzhou picked up the photo frame and noticed that there was no dust on the glass. It had clearly been wiped many times.

Li Xiwu pasted the two words “fortune” and came over to ask Pei Jingzhou, “Is that okay?” After asking, she noticed the photo frame in Pei Jingzhou’s hand and pursed her lips. “This was not originally in the photo frame.”

Pei Jingzhou said, “You changed it.”

“Yes, I changed it.” Li Xiwu took the photo frame from Pei Jingzhou and opened the clasp at the back. She took out the photo and placed it aside.

Pei Jingzhou knew what she was going to do. She switched to another one. She must have changed a photo every day for the past few days.

Li Xiwu took out the thick photo album from the drawer under the bookcase. She opened it to the third page and took out a photo. It was still a photo of a family of three, but Li Xiwu was only a year old in this photo and was in Mrs. Li’s arms.

Li Xiwu, who was more than a year old, was still young. She did not know how to look at the camera. When she looked around, she was photographed.

She placed the photo in the frame and placed the one she had just taken out back into the photo album. After doing this, she handed the photo frame to

Pei Jingzhou. “Fourth Brother, let me show you how I was when 1 was young.”

Pei Jingzhou held the photo frame and smiled. “Youyou does look like you.”

Hearing Pei Jingzhou’s words, Li Xiwu took the photo frame back from him and looked at it carefully. “l don’t think so myself, but now that you mention it, I think so too.’

It was said that a son was like their mother, and a daughter was more like their father. Perhaps because Yaoyao and Youyou were twins, Youyou looked like Li Xiwu when she was young, and Yaoyao looked more like Pei Jingzhou when he was young.

This genetic inheritance was quite fair.

Seeing that Li Xiwu was engrossed in the photo, Pei Jingzhou was worried that it would stir her feelings. He took the photo back and placed it on the bookcase. “It’s quite suitable here.”

Li Xiwu looked at the spot Pei Jingzhou had placed. “Of course it’s suitable. It was placed there in the first place.”

“Let’s go see the words you’ve put up.” He turned with her in his arms.

Li Xiwu smiled. “Don’t worry. I won’t trap myself easily. It’s all in the past.”

The fact that she could say the words “it’s all in the past” made it clear that she had really let go. It was all in the past. Those were memories, but no one could erase them. They would always be in their hearts.

At noon, Uncle Cai prepared a large table of sumptuous dishes. They were all Li Xiwu’s favorite dishes. After so many years, Cai Buqu would always remember what Li Xiwu liked to eat. Qiao Qiao also ate as much as she could. After a whirlwind, there was not much left on the table.

At around three in the afternoon, Li Xiwu and Pei Jingzhou planned to go to the MO Residence. The two children were at the MO Residence.

Li Xiwu persuaded Uncle Cai to go. But once Uncle Cai left, Qiao Qiao was the only one left in the Li mansion. In fact, Qiao Qiao wasn’t afraid, but Li Xiwu was worried, so she took Qiao Qiao to the MO residence too.

In the car back to the MO residence, Pei Jingzhou drove while Uncle Cai sat in the front passenger seat. Li Xiwu and Qiao Qiao sat in the back seat. Qiao Qiao grabbed Li Xiwu’s arm and asked, “What if Shao Jingmo arrives in the capital early?”

Li Xiwu glanced sideways. “Isn’t that simple? Let him come to the MO Residence.’

“He definitely won’t come,” Qiao Qiao said firmly. She thought of that proud man. He was very dictatorial and had always kept his word. He probably wouldn’t let her stay in the MO residence.

Li Xiwu didn’t think so. She thought carefully and analyzed, “He’s only one step away from taking charge of the Qiao family. He’s already a busy person now. In your grandfather’s critical condition, he can completely take charge and not listen to your grandfather’s arrangements. However, he still took the time to come to the capital this time. This means that he cares about you.”

When Qiao Qiao heard Li Xivvu say that Shao Jingmo cared about her, she quickly cleared her name. “No, no, no. He doesn’t care about me. He’s just putting on an act for Grandpa so that Grandpa can give him all the power in peace. ”

Li Xiwu said, “No, think about it carefully…”

“There’s no need to think about it.” Qiao Qiao’s tone was very firm, not giving Li Xiwu a chance to convince her at all. “He came here specially for another reason. Besides, Shao Jingmo has business friends in the capital. It has nothing to do with me. It’s just convenient.”

Li Xiwu looked at Qiao Qiao steadily. “Qiao’er, you’re really stubborn.”

Qiao Qiao was confused. “Huh?”

Li Xiwu looked away. “Nothing.”

In fact, Li Xiwu had been Qiao Qiao’s close friend for three years. She knew Qiao Qiao’s personality well. After thinking about Qiao Qiao’s thoughts a little, she could guess why she was in such a hurry to clear her name.

She was just feeling guilty. She looked silly, but in fact, she knew everything. Li Xiwu had seen through it just now. After being messed up by Qiao Qiao, she might as well not say anything even if she saw through it in the future and pretend not to know anything.

The car arrived at the MO residence.

Qiao Qiao was quite friendly wherever she went. It was mainly because she had a good personality. She was always enthusiastic and lively. When she saw

Guan Suling, she shouted, “Grandma!”

This voice shocked Guan Suling. When she saw that it was Li Xiwu’s friend, she gestured for Dao Xi and said, “Miss Qiao, you’re here. Go serve tea.”

“l don’t drink tea, Grandma.” The smile on Qiao’s pretty face was especially bright. “I drink orange juice.”

Guan Suling looked at Qiao Qiao’s lively and hot personality and naturally liked her a little, “Dao Xi, go tell the kitchen to squeeze fresh orange juice.”

Dao Xi nodded. “Aye, I’ll go now.”

Guan Sulings gaze shifted and her attention landed on Li Xiwu. Before she could step forward, she suddenly heard Qiao Qiao shout— “Godson!”

Qiao Qiao’s voice was loud. This sudden shout shocked even Li Xiwu, let alone

Guan Suling. Beside her, Pei Jingzhou frowned. Qiao Qiao walked towards Yaoyao, who was coming out. Before Yaoyao could react, she hugged him and kissed his face.

Yaoyao was shocked.

Yaoyao turned around and looked at Li Xiwu in horror. Without hesitation, he

called out, “Mom..

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