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Chapter 501: Chapter 501: Treasure

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Chapter 501: Treasure

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Yaoyao never took the initiative to call her Mom. When he suddenly called her Mom just now, his voice was crisp and clear, surprising Li Xiwu.

Even Pei Jingzhou was surprised. He glanced sideways at Li Xiwu and saw that she seemed to have yet to react to the way Yaoyao called her Mom. He clenched her palm and reminded her, “Yangui called you.”

Li Xiwu came back to her senses and nodded. She walked towards Yaoyao.

Qiao Qiao was still holding Yaoyao like a treasure. She kissed the left cheek and didn’t let go of the right cheek. Yaoyao’s terrified expression was heartbreaking and funny. Everyone around saw it, except Qiao Qiao herself!

She kissed both sides of his face and did not let go of his forehead.


When Yaoyao saw Li Xiwu coming over, he called out aggrievedly again,


This “Mom” was soft in Li Xiwu’s heart. Usually, she had to coax Yaoyao to call them Mom and Dad. Now that he called her twice, it was obvious that he was really afraid.

Just as Qiao Qiao was about to kiss Yaoyao’s forehead, Li Xiwu reached out and covered Qiao Qiao’s mouth. She was caught between laughter and tears. “That’s enough. Look at how scared you made my son.”

“How did I scare the little darling?” Qiao Qiao still didn’t notice and said firmly, “Look at me. I gave you two kisses the moment we met. The little darling should be secretly happy.”

Li Xiwu reminded her, “Look at Yaoyao.”

Qiao Qiao looked down at the little darling in her arms carefully. She hadn’t felt it when she kissed him just now, but now that she looked closer, she realized that the little darling looked aggrieved, as if he had suffered a great grievance.

“Aiyoyo…” Qiao Qiao was caught between laughter and tears. She touched the little darlings face and said with heartache, “Godmom cherishes Yaoyao so much that she can’t help but kiss him twice. Why are you crying? Don’t cry, don’t cry. I’ll kiss you again if you cry.”

Yaoyao didn’t cry. But when Qiao Qiao said to not cry, Yaoyao felt even more aggrieved. He pouted, as if he would cry immediately if she said another word.

Li Xiwu was shocked and quickly reached out. “Yaoyao, come to Mom.” Yaoyao bit her lip and walked towards Li Xiwu.

Qiao Qiao was also afraid that the little guy would really cry. She let go and quickly pushed the Yaoyao to Li Xiwu. This was the first time she went to the MO residence, if she made Old Madam Mo t s biological grandson cry, she would be too embarrassed to eat at the table tonight.

When Yaoyao reached Li Xiwu’s arms, he immediately reached out and wrapped his arms around Li XiWU’S neck, leaning tightly into her arms. Because he had been frightened just now, he was already very aggrieved. Now that he was in Li Xiwu’s arms, he became even more confident.

Li Xiwu coaxed gently, “It’s fine, it’s fine. Godmother just likes you too much.” Yaoyao didn’t say anything.

Qiao Qiao felt guilty when she saw this scene and pretended to look away as if nothing had happened. She turned her gaze and saw another small figure leisurely walking over with her hands in her pockets.

The little figure was the little girl.

She braided two hairs, one on each side. Because it was cold, she even wore a furry brown hat on her head. The little girl was also wearing thick clothes. She was covered in brown mink fur and looked very round and noble.

Qiao Qiao’s eyes lit up and she waved her hand. “Hey! Little Pomelo!”

Pei Jingzhou saw Qiao Qiao torturing his daughter after his son. He turned and asked, “Miss Qiao, do you like children?”

When they arrived at the MO residence, Qiao Qiao was not so obvious that she was afraid of Pei Jingzhou. She cleared her throat and replied, “l do. Mr. Pei, your children are especially cute and likable.”

Which parent didn’t like to hear others praise their child? Pei Jingzhou smiled. “It’s a good thing that Miss Qiao likes children. You can plan early.”

“A plan… a plan?” Qiao Qiao paused for a moment before asking, “What plan?”

Pei Jingzhou’s smile did not fade. “Isn’t Miss Qiao married?”

Qiao Qiao stammered, “…Sort of.”

Pei Jingzhou said, “Sort of?”

Qiao Qiao gritted her teeth. “Yes.”

Getting married was the most taboo thing for Qiao Qiao to mention outside because she didn’t admit to this marriage. Although she didn’t admit it, it wasn’t a pain that couldn’t be poked. It was just because she was very unhappy to hear it.

However, the person who brought this up was Pei Jingzhou. Qiao Qiao could only suppress her displeasure and understand what Pei Jingzhou’s so-called plan was. She replied calmly, “We have to consider this matter. It’s still too early. Newlyweds naturally have to enjoy the world of two people. Besides, my situation is different from yours…”

At this point, she immediately changed the topic to Pei Jingzhou. “President Pei, look. You and Xixi have never experienced the stage of raising children.

You’re so happy now. Your son and daughter could be independent now! I

can’t even be envious of this.’

Pei Jingzhou raised his eyebrows and looked at her. “Envious?”

Qiao Qiao nodded. “Yes, yes.”

Pei Jingzhou smiled faintly. “Is that so? I understand.”

Qiao Qiao was at a loss. She wanted to ask what he understood. Why did his smile make her panic? Forget it. She shouldn’t ask. Qiao Qiao didn’t want to let go of the opportunity to get close to Youyou. She walked towards Youyou with a smile.

At this moment, Youyou was walking over leisurely. Her big eyes darted around. There were so many people.

Could it be that Dad had picked Mom up?

Thinking that she would be able to see her mother soon, Youyou ran even faster with her short legs. As a result, she was stopped by Qiao Qiao as soon as she reached the front hall. She tried to circle around the person blocking her, but she realized that she couldn’t.

Youyou looked up at the person blocking her way. She was familiar. She had seen her that day. She was her mother’s good friend. Youyou said sweetly, “Pretty Sister

“Aye Q’ Qiao Qiao was touched by the word “pretty sister”.

Qiao Qiao wanted to hug and kiss Youyou like she did with Yaoyao just now, but she was afraid that she would make Youyou cry later, so she resisted the urge to hug Youyou and kiss her fiercely.

She suddenly regretted following them in a hurry and not buying a gift for the two little guys. Sigh, she was really not a qualified godmother.

With this guilt, Qiao Qiao planned to just give her a hug. She squatted down. “Can Pretty Sister hug Youyou?”

Youyou was very generous. She didn’t even answer if she could. She threw herself into Qiao Qiao’s arms and hugged her neck.

Qiao Qiao was already surprised and pleasantly surprised by her initiative.

Youyou created a more pleasant surprise. She cupped Qiao Qiao’s face with her small arms and pouted as she kissed her.


Wow, Qiao Qiao was stunned. Before she could react, Youyou kissed her on the other cheek again. Now both sides are the same.

Youyou held Qiao Qiao’s face and asked, “Where else do you want to kiss, pretty sister?”

Qiao Qiao was so happy that the corners of her mouth were about to crack. “That’s enough, that’s enough. Pretty Sister isn’t greedy. Haha, I’m super satisfied.’

Qiao Qiao was really satisfied.

Youyou’s initiative made her so happy that she almost danced. If not for the fact that there were so many people standing here, she would really dance on the spot.

As expected, others’ children were still the cutest.

She wanted to kiss Youyou, but she was afraid that her drool would be on Youyou when she kissed her back, so she made a flying kiss gesture and moved away from Youyou. “Go find your mother quickly.”

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