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Chapter 506: Chapter 506: Does It Hurt?

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Chapter 506: Does It Hurt?

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Qiao Qiao was speechless, not knowing how to refute what he had just said. The atmosphere gradually froze. She suddenly understood that Shao Jingmo was trying to chase her away. Did he not want her to see him in such a sorry state?

Now that she thought about it, that was possible.

Qiao Qiao quickly composed herself and couldn’t be bothered to argue with his dictatorial temper. Her gaze stopped at his waist. “l don’t know why you don’t want to go to the hospital, but your injuries clearly need to be treated again. If you trust me, 1 can help you.”

The main reason she said that was because she wanted to see how badly injured he was so that she could know. As for whether she knew how to treat the wound, she knew a little, but it was definitely different from professional medical staff. It all depended on Shao Jingmo.

She waited quietly for Shao Jingmo’s attitude, thinking that he would most likely refuse. She would grind him again until he made a choice. He would either go to the hospital or let her do it. However, Shao Jingmo’s attitude surprised her. He actually agreed. “Sure.”

Qiao Qiao raised her eyebrows. “Do you trust me?” Shao Jingmo’s lips twitched. “I do.”

Qiao Qiao smiled dryly. “l don’t even trust myself.”

“You’re my wife, the closest person to me. Who would I trust if not you?” His tone was so calm that there was no fluctuation. It was clearly a heart-wrenching statement, but it sounded especially flat coming from him now.

“Alright, alright, stop talking. That’s strange.” Qiao Qiao did feel uncomfortable when she heard that. Right now, she was most worried about his injuries and was also afraid that he would hurt badly.

She turned and went out.

Dao Xi and room service were waiting outside together. Qiao Qiao came out and asked the room service directly, “Do you have a first aid kit?”

Room service nodded. “Yes, I’ll get it now.”

Dao Xi asked, “Miss Qiao, how is Mr. Shao?”

Qiao Qiao was about to say that he was injured when she suddenly remembered Shao Jingmo’s attitude towards his injuries. She guessed that he didn’t want anyone else to know about his injuries. She replied, “He seems to have a cold, but it’s nothing serious. He’ll be fine after taking his medicine.”

When she said this, Qiao Qiao didn’t realize that her words didn’t match. Dao Xi knew in his heart, but how could a cold use a first aid kit? It obviously wasn’t as simple as a small cold, but Dao Xi didn’t ask too many questions he shouldn’t have. He silently retreated to the side.

Room service quickly delivered the first-aid kit. After handing the first aid kit to Qiao Qiao, the door was closed by Qiao Qiao before he could ask if she needed help.

Qiao Qiao carried the first aid kit to the bed. Seeing that Shao Jingmo’s eyes were closed, she panicked for a moment. It was not much different from when she came in and saw him lying on the bed with his eyes closed. She sat down by the bed and reached out to shake him. “Shao Jingmo?”

Shao Jingmo did not open his eyes. “Don’t shake. I’m not dead.”

Qiao Qiao said angrily, “Open your eyes if you’re not dead. You keep scaring me. I thought you were dead.”

After being frightened twice in a row, she felt that her small heart could barely take the shock burden. Shao Jingmo slowly opened his eyes and started unbuttoning his shirt without looking at Qiao Qiao.

Seeing this, Qiao Qiao stammered, “Can-can you just lift your clothes?”

Shao Jingmo, who was unbuttoning his shirt, paused and looked at her sideways. “Sure.”

“Alright, don’t move yet. I’ll help you treat your wound.” Qiao Qiao’s movements were very agile. She skillfully opened the first-aid kit and took out the disinfectant, iodophor, cotton balls, and other first-aid supplies inside.

At this moment, she did not restrain herself and said to Shao Jingmo, “Then I’m going to start, okay?”

Shao Jingmo stared at her with his deep eyes and replied, “Okay.”

After receiving Shao Jingmo’s response, Qiao Qiao first disinfected her hands before carefully lifting Shao Jingmo’s lower hem. Just now, she had been secretly coveting Shao Jingmo’s figure. Now that she had the chance to come into close contact, she was no longer in the mood to admire it. She had to quickly treat his wound.

She gritted her teeth and continued to lift the hem of his shirt.

The bandage on his waist and abdomen was exposed. When Qiao Qiao saw the blood on the bandage, her expression changed slightly. “It’s only been a while. Why are you bleeding so much? If you continue to bleed like this, you’ll…”

The word ‘die’ was on the tip of her tongue. She thought about it and decided it was unlucky. She bit it back and whispered, “Blood has soaked the entire area of the bandage.”

When she lifted Shao Jingmo’s clothes just now, she also saw that the bandage was stained with blood, but it was not so large. It had only been a few minutes, but the area covered in blood had become much larger.

When Shao Jingmo saw how worried she was about him, he felt for a moment that she actually cared about him. “Don’t worry. I won’t die.”

Qiao Qiao retorted, “You’re in your thirties, after all. Don’t you know that people can die from blood loss? Do you think you’re made of steel?”

Shao Jingmo smiled. “Thank you for reminding me of my age under such circumstances. ”

Qiao Qiao snorted. “You’re already in your thirties. It’s not like I’m deliberately calling you old.”

Shao Jingmo remained silent and looked at her quietly.

“Shao Jingmo, are you in pain?” Qiao Qiao had already lifted half of his clothes.

Shao Jingmo did not respond.

“Shao Jingmo?” Qiao Qiao became nervous and shouted again, “Why aren’t you saying anything? Does it hurt?”

Shao Jingmo did not miss the nervousness in her eyes. He replied gently, “It doesn’t hurt.’

“How can it not hurt? It hurts just looking at it.” Qiao Qiao frowned. “You’d better not talk. I’ll unwrap the bandage for you first. The process will definitely hurt more. You have to bear with it.”

“Okay,” he said.

With that, she began to work on it. She found the knot of the bandage and slowly untied it.

The process of unwrapping the bandage from his waist and abdomen bit by bit would undoubtedly affect his wound. When it was completely unwrapped, Qiao Qiao saw the knife wound on his waist and abdomen. It was about seven or eight centimeters long and blood was flowing out. It was obvious that the wound was very deep.

Seeing that she was frowning, Shao Jingmo asked, “Are you afraid?”

Qiao Qiao looked up. Although she was usually timid and didn’t have much backbone, she could remain calm in the face of this bloody smell.

“I’m not afraid.” She shook her head.

Shao Jingmo said, “You’re quite bold.”

Qiao Qiao retorted, “It’s not the first time you’ve met me.”

As she spoke to Shao Jingmo, she opened the iodophor and applied the cotton ball around the wound bit by bit. Her technique was unprofessional, and she had only learned how to bandage and stop the bleeding in university. She had almost forgotten about it.

Fortunately, she was careful enough. When she rebandaged the wound, in order to prevent it from getting infected again, she used a bandaging method. This kind of bandaging could effectively prevent bacteria from invading, but it was not as effective as stopping the bleeding.

During the bandaging process, Qiao Qiao realized that his clothes were in the way, so she went straight to unbutton Shao Jingmo.

Shao Jingmo looked at her quietly and did not stop her.

Qiao Qiao had just unbuttoned a button when she looked up and met his dark eyes. She immediately explained, “l unbutton your shirt to make it easier to bandage it. Don’t misunderstand. I’m not that kind of person..”

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