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Chapter 513: Chapter 513: President Pei Is So Blessed

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Chapter 513: President Pei Is So Blessed

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“Matriarch MO, this is my first visit today. I don’t know what gift is suitable.”

As he spoke, Shao Jingmo handed over the gift box in his hand. “Qiao Qiao carefully chose this. I hope you like it.”

Shao Jingmo did his best to be polite. His words were very humble, displaying the attitude of a junior very appropriately.

Guan Suling was usually very serious and was someone who valued etiquette. At this moment, Shao Jingmo had done his best, and his attitude was indeed rare. She raised her hand and gestured. Dao Xi understood and went forward to take the gift box from Shao Jingmo’s hand. He took it and placed it beside Guan Suling.

Guan Suling glanced at the gift box and then at Qiao Qiao. She smiled and said, “Qiao’er, that’s very thoughtful.”

“As long as Grandma likes it.” Qiao Qiao felt very guilty. Shao Jingmo had prepared all of this, but Shao Jingmo said that she had carefully chosen it for Matriarch Mo. She had neither paid nor contributed, so of course she felt guilty.

Guan Suling smiled and gestured to the two of them. “Sit down. I just made tea. The oranges are ready. Try the roasted oranges.”

Li Xiwu also said, “Qiao Qiao, lead Mr. Shao to a seat.”

“Oh, okay.” Qiao Qiao gently tugged at Shao Jingmo’s sleeve, indicating for him to sit down.

Shao Jingmo pulled out a stool for her first. After Qiao Qiao sat down, Shao Jingmo sat down beside her. The charcoal stove was fiery red, and the orange skin was already burnt. It smelled quite good with the burnt smell of the orange.

Qiao Qiao drank the tea and ate persimmons and oranges. She also ate a lot of peanuts, chestnuts, and cinnamon. The atmosphere was very good. Guan Suling and Li Xiwu both had an unspoken mutual understanding and didn’t mention Qiao Qiao’s true relationship with Shao Jingmo.

In the evening, Qiao Qiao stayed in Li Xiwu’s room to talk about private matters after dinner. Pei Jingzhou was watching over Yaoyao and Youyou. He had come over at five. Now, he was in the courtyard with Yaoyao and Youyou. The searchlight illuminated the entire courtyard like it was daytime. There was laughter in every corner.

Shao Jingmo came out with a cup of hot tea. It was easy to feel restrained in a completely unfamiliar place, and this was no exception for Shao Jingmo. The residual warmth of the hot tea in his palm gradually faded, but he did not go in for a refill for a long time.

The two small figures running around the courtyard attracted Shao Jingmo’s gaze. Unknowingly, he looked at them for a long time until the hot tea in his palm turned cold.

—Husband and wife are loving, and they have a son and a daughter.

How could he not be envious? And he probably wouldn’t have these in his life.

Yaoyao was more lively tonight with Pei Jingzhou around. Youyou, who was beside him, was already hot from running. She was panting and her face was red. The bangs on her forehead were a mess.

Pei Jingzhou squatted down and tidied the bangs on Youyou’s forehead. “You can’t run anymore. You’ll catch a cold if your clothes get wet.”

Youyou hadn’t had enough fun yet and was clearly reluctant. “Can we play for two more minutes?”

Although Pei Jingzhou doted on his daughter without any bottom line, he would not dote on her too much. If she caught a cold after running, she would suffer even more. Hence, he said with a serious expression, “No, go in with your brother. Go wash up and sleep early.”

Youyou pouted and hugged Pei Jingzhou’s elbow. “Daddy is the best in the worl&

Pei Jingzhou smiled. “What about Mom?”

Youyou repeated, “Mom and Dad are the best in this world~”

Pei Jingzhou said, “Since Mom and Dad are the best, shouldn’t you listen to Dad?”

Youyou puffed up her cheeks. “But Yansheng hasn’t had enough fun yet.”

“No.” Pei Jingzhou remained unmoved.

Youyou said, “Daddy is the most handsome father in the world!”

Pei Jingzhou couldn’t help but laugh. “That won’t do.” He turned to look at the quiet Yaoyao. “Yangui, reason with your sister.”

Such a huge responsibility was thrown to his son without any intention of discussing it in advance. Yaoyao originally thought that his father was right. What if his sister caught a cold? For his sister’s health, he accepted the order and coaxed his sister into following him into the house.

Fortunately, Youyou listened to Yaoyao. He only coaxed her with a few words. This made Pei Jingzhou, their old father, very gratified.

After coaxing his sister, Yaoyao held Youyou’s hand and the siblings slowly entered the house. When they passed by Shao Jingmo, who was standing on the steps, Youyou, who was in a good mood, waved at him. “Godfather,

The way she called him godfather was extremely unexpected. Shao Jingmo was a little surprised. Pei Jingzhou walked over and said calmly, “Miss Qiao is the godmother of my children. Mr. Shao, you’re Miss Qiao’s husband, so you’re naturally the godfather of my children.”

When Shao Jingmo heard this, he understood. He lowered his head and replied to the little girl, “Good night.” After watching the two little guys enter, Shao Jingmo turned around and looked at Pei Jingzhou, who was walking towards him. He smiled faintly and said, “President Pei, you’re so lucky.” Pei Jingzhou was not humble at all. “I’m indeed lucky. I admit that.”

Shao Jingmo:

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