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Chapter 516: Chapter 516: I Really Like It

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Chapter 516: I Really Like It

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Li Xiwu gladly took the New Year’s gift that Pei Jingzhou had prepared for her.

She knew that even if she asked him, he wouldn’t say what it was, so she guessed first. “A ring again?”

“Again?” Pei Jingzhou asked with a smile. “In your eyes, do 1 only know how to give rings and jewelry?”

Li Xiwu played with the small gift box in her hand. “Not really, but you really like to give me rings. The most common thing in the jewelry cabinet at home is rings. All kinds of rare gems are almost collected.”

“l don’t see you wearing it either,” he said faintly.

“How am 1 not wearing it!” Li Xiwu stretched out her hand and flicked her sleeve. Then, she raised her hand to show Pei Jingzhou. ‘E l!m wearing my favorite sunrise today.”

A pigeon-blood ruby ring.

Pei Jingzhou’s gaze landed on Li Xivvu’s raised hand. Her hand was especially slender and beautiful. The dark red color of this pigeon-blood ruby ring was a stark contrast to the cold white of her skin.

Li Xiwu asked him, “Fourth Brother, do you remember this ring?”

Pei Jingzhou looked away at her. “Do you think my memory is bad?” Li Xiwu said, “It’s been months. What if you really don’t remember?”

“I remember.” His tone was firm.

Of course he remembered.

He had bought this pigeon-blood ruby ring from the Paulie Auction House a few months ago. At that time, there was only one gem that had not been made into a ring. Moreover, this gem had a very romantic name. It was called Sunrise.

After bidding for this gem, he directly sent it to make a ring for Li Xiwu.

While Pei Jingzhou was reminiscing, Li Xivvu opened the New Year’s gift box that Pei Jingzhou had given her. This gift box was much bigger than the ones he had given before. It was not heavy and was lighter. She casually guessed that it was a ring, but she felt that it should not be.

She actually hoped it was something she could eat when she opened it. Because Pei Jingzhou had given her too much jewelry, the astronomical amount of jewelry in her jewelry cabinet could buy several planes. It was not that her estimation was exaggerated, but the jewelry Pei Jingzhou gave her easily cost seven digits.

She was stunned when she opened the gift box. For a moment a bold thought occurred to her. Was this a magic box? She could have whatever she wanted. She quickly closed the box.

Seeing this, Pei Jingzhou probed, “You don’t like it? Are you disappointed?”

Li Xiwu looked up at him. “No.”

In Pei Jingzhou’s opinion, she thought that she was actually very

disappointed, but she denied it tactfully. Just as he was about to take the box from her hand, Li Xiwu stopped him. “Why did you take away the New Year’s gift for me?”

Pei Jingzhou said, “This doesn’t count. The real New Year’s gift is at home.” There was still time to go back and prepare.

Li Xiwu slapped Pei Jingzhou’s hand away and said with a smile, “l don’t want anything else. I just want this.”

With that, she pulled Pei Jingzhou to sit down. There was no one here. Everyone went to the front to eat the roasted whole lamb. Li Xii,vu asked Pei Jingzhou to sit in Director Wangs seat.

The environment of the production team naturally could not be compared to home and the company. Just the chair alone had two or three clothes on its back. It was impossible to tell if they were clean or dirty. There was also Xue

Jinzhu’s clothes and a big hat on the back of the chair Li Xiwu was sitting on.

In addition to the chairs, the table in front of her was also relatively messy with all kinds of things. It was not that Pei Jingzhou did not mind, but the environment was not that important at this moment.

Li Xiwu opened the box again in front of Pei Jingzhou and took out the stick of candied hawthorn inside. The candied hawthorn was wrapped in a layer of glutinous rice paper. It was indeed impossible to tell that there was a stick of candied hawthorn inside such a packaging, so Li Xiwu was especially surprised when she opened it. What followed was a huge surprise.

She said to Pei Jingzhou, “After I opened the box, I immediately closed it. Did you think I was disappointed to see a stick of candied hawthorn inside?” Pei Jingzhou did not deny it. “Yes.”

“Are you stupid? If I’m really disappointed, I won’t show it directly, okay? No matter what, this is a New Year’s gift you prepared for me with your heart.” She really couldn’t help but want to laugh at him.

Pei Jingzhou was not sure if she was serious. He asked with uncertainty again,

“Do you really like it?”

Li Xiwu nodded. “l like it.’

Pei Jingzhou said, “You don’t have to force yourself.”

“What do you mean forced? I really like it and am very happy.” The expression on Li Xiwu’s face was especially vivid. She even told Pei Jingzhou, “It would be boring if it was jewelry again. When I opened the box just now, I thought that it would be good if there was food inside. In the end, when I opened it, I realized that it was really food. I thought you were giving me a magic box.”

The more she spoke, the happier she became. All her joy showed on her face.

Pei Jingzhou no longer suspected that his judgment was wrong. Now, he could confirm that she really liked it. He said, “l chose the hawthorn myself and tasted it in advance. It’s a little sour. It should be just right after being wrapped in sugar. Try it.”

Candied hawthorn couldn’t be all sweet to begin with. It had to be sour and sweet combined to be the best candied hawthorn.

Li Xiwu had made candied haws herself and knew this very well. She took a small bite and her eyebrows slowly relaxed because her taste buds felt the sweetness. Pei Jingzhou knew from her expression that it was delicious. He held her hand and ate the remaining half of the candied hawthorn. Li Xiwu was already used to his behavior. He wouldn’t hesitate to continue tasting what she’d tried. If she couldn’t finish it, he wouldn’t hesitate to continue eating. If anything good was in his hands, as long as she was there, the first bite of the good stuff in his hands would always be hers.

Li Xiwu’s eyes were a little hot. Although there was nothing too obvious, Pei

Jingzhou could tell at a glance. He let go of her hand. “I’m not eating.”

Li Xiwu, who was originally a little depressed, couldn’t help but snort when she saw him like this. This emotion caught her off guard. “It’s not because you ate my candied hawthorn.”

Pei Jingzhou asked her, “Then why?”

Li Xiwu said, “l feel a little guilty.”

Pei Jingzhou thought about it carefully and understood why she said that she felt a little guilty. “Yaoyao and Youyou are with Mom and Dad. It’s just the two of us for the New Year. We can spend it however we want. This is our own life.”

He knew that she was feeling guilty. She was on set for the New Year and did not have time to spend the New Year with him and the two children. She moved her chair closer to Pei Jingzhou and ate the candied hawthorn. “I’ll tell

Yuanyuan to keep an eye on Jinzhu later. We’ll go home early.”

Pei Jingzhou said, “There’s no need to forcefully change the time. It’s fine if it’s a little later. I’ll wait for you as long as you stay.” Li Xiwu smiled. “What if it’s late at night?”

Pei Jingzhou said, “That’s nothing.”

Although Pei Jingzhou did not care about time, since Li Xiwu had said that she wanted to leave early, she would keep her word.

After a while, Xue Jinzhu came over with a roasted lamb leg. She was not surprised to see Pei Jingzhou here. Although Yuanyuan did not see Pei Jingzhou, she saw him walking into the set. She guessed that he was looking for Sister Li.

“Sister Li, President Pei.” Xue Jinzhu walked over and placed the roasted lamb leg and a clean piece of foil on the table. “You don’t know, but when the five roasted whole lambs moved in, everyone fought over them like there was a famine. I almost couldn’t snatch them..

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