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Chapter 525: Chapter 525: Their Wedding

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Chapter 525: Their Wedding

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Yaoyao immediately panicked. “Dad!”

Pei Jingzhou raised his eyebrows and scooped with his arm. His strong arm easily supported Yaoyao’s body. It looked effortless. Compared to Youyou’s weight, Yaoyao was much lighter.

Although he and Li Xiwu had already put in a lot of effort to nourish Yaoyao’s body, this was not something that could be done overnight. It required a process. Pei Jingzhou carried his son with one arm and said as he walked, “Eat more tonight.”

“Got it,” Yaoyao said. After entering the elevator, Yaoyao placed his chin on Pei Jingzhou’s shoulder and wrapped his arms around his shoulder and neck. He whispered, “Dad.” Pei Jingzhou nodded. Yaoyao asked curiously, “Is being stubborn good or bad?”

Pei Jingzhou smiled. “The definition of good or bad won’t be fixed. If you think it’s good, it’s good. If you think it’s bad, it’s bad.” “I don’t understand,” Yaoyao said honestly.

Pei Jingzhou said, “That’s right.”

Yaoyao was silent. The elevator reached the ground floor and the doors slowly opened. Pei Jingzhou carried Yaoyao out of the elevator.

There were not many people in the area around the hotel. Pei Jingzhou brought Yaoyao to the nearby street market to stroll around. When they arrived at the street market, they would find that most tourists were gathered there. It was very lively.

Yaoyao looked at the many people who passed by with different looks. Some were blond, some were dark- skinned, and some had explosive hair. At this moment, he thought that it would be strange if his sister saw them.

He had already seen many such scenes in Country T, so it was not strange.

After walking for a while, Yaoyao asked, “Dad, where are we going?”

Pei Jingzhou said, “A bridal shop.”

Yaoyao looked confused when he heard those words. He had heard of marriage, wedding candy, red packets, and the words bride and groom, but he had never come into contact with the words, bridal shop, because he had never had the chance to.

This was very novel to him.

Yaoyao immediately asked, “What kind of place is a bridal shop?”

Pei Jingzhou said, “A place with a lot of wedding dresses.”

Yaoyao asked again, “What’s a wedding dress?”

Pei Jingzhou asked, “Do you know what a bride is?” Yaoyao nodded. Pei Jingzhou said, “When the bride gets married, she will wear a white wedding dress.’

“Is it the kind of white dress Auntie Subasha wears when she gets married?” Yaoyao asked seriously.

Pei Jingzhou did not know who Auntie Subasha was, but Yaoyao was right. He explained, “Yes, the white dress the bride is wearing is the wedding dress.” After explaining, he asked, “Who’s Auntie Subasha?”

Yaoyao said, “Uncle Bolin’s wife.”

Pei Jingzhou raised his eyebrows. He knew about Bolin. He was Madam Di

Xin’s eldest son and had interacted with Bolin a few times when he went to Country T in the past. He was also the one who sent Yaoyao back to the capital. He still owed him a thank you in person.

Yaoyao asked again, “Are you going to buy a wedding dress and marry someone?”

Pei Jingzhou came back to his senses and laughed in anger. “Who do you think I can marry?”

Yaoyao said to Pei Jingzhou with a serious expression and attitude, “You’re already married to Mom, so you can’t marry anyone else.”

Pei Jingzhou said angrily, “You can shut up.” Yaoyao fell silent, but his expression looked aggrieved. Pei Jingzhou looked at his son’s aggrieved expression and sneered. “I’m not buying a wedding dress, nor am 1 marrying anyone. I’m going to the bridal shop to choose a veil.”

Yaoyao asked curiously, “What’s a veil?”

Pei Jingzhou: ‘

Before he could answer, Yaoyao asked, “Dad, what’s a veil?”

Pei Jingzhou pursed his lips. “Heh, ignorant and stupid son.”

Yaoyao naturally continued Pei Jingzhou’s words. “I’m sorry. I’m like Mom. I’ll tell Mom about this seriously when I get back.”

These words came out of Yaoyao’s mouth very smoothly. Although he often didn’t say anything and didn’t like to express himself, he was actually very good at expressing himself. For example, at this moment, Pei Jingzhou, who had heard him clearly, was already gritting his teeth. “Go back and tell her what?”

Yaoyao said honestly, “Go back and tell Mom that you said she was ignorant and stupid.”

Pei Jingzhou gritted his teeth and warned in a low voice, “Don’t be too arrogant. ”

Yaoyao’s big eyes were bright and clear. “Mom said that my personality takes after Dad.’

Pei Jingzhou: ‘

He might as well not be this father!

The street market was too lively. Pei Jingzhou brought his son around and did not find a satisfactory bridal shop. He didn’t like the quality of those veils. They were all too inferior. In the end, he simply searched the entire bridal shop on Oahu and took a fancy to a good bridal shop. Then, he made a call.

After instructing the other party to send the best veil in the entire shop to XX Hotel and express the style he needed, he brought Yaoyao back to the hotel to wait.

Half an hour later, in the hotel lobby.

Yaoyao was bored from waiting, but he was not a child who would make a fuss out of boredom, so he quietly dozed off beside Pei Jingzhou. Several times when his head was about to slide down, Pei Jingzhou would reach out and support it.

Finally, the manager of the bridal shop arrived. She hurried in, followed by two assistants, each pushing two suitcases that were estimated to be twenty- six inches long.

Pei Jingzhou and his son were the only ones sitting on the sofa in the entire lobby. The manager came forward to ask. When she found out that the other party was Mr. Pei, who needed a veil, she quickly introduced herself and introduced her wedding dress brand.

Pei Jingzhou raised his hand and looked at his watch. Then, he said to the manager, “Take out that veil. I’m in a hurry.”

The manager nodded quickly. “Okay, okay.” Then, she instructed the two assistants behind her to open the suitcase. This time, the manager brought a total of five veils. They were the most expensive and best veils in the shop. Each one was packed in a separate dust bag and displayed in front of Pei Jingzhou.

The manager tried her best to introduce them. Her mouth was dry.

Pei Jingzhou finally chose a long veil. He was very satisfied with the texture and design. At the side, Yaoyao, who had been awake since the manager and the others came in, had been watching silently. Seeing that his father had chosen a veil, he asked, “Whose veil is this for?”

Yaoyao knew that only married brides wore veils. So he’d never understood why his father had insisted on buying a veil.

Pei Jingzhou did not answer his son’s question immediately. He paid a six-figure price. After the manager and the others left, he said, “Because I owe your mother a wedding.”

Yaoyao’s eyes suddenly widened. “A wedding? A wedding with Mom?”

Pei Jingzhou said, “Mhm.”

The expression on Yaoyao’s face became vivid. “Does a wedding have to invite a lot of people?”

“Yes,” Pei Jingzhou replied, then sighed. “But this won’t happen.”

Yaoyao expressed her confusion. “Didn’t you say that you owe Mom a wedding?”

Pei Jingzhou sneered. “Young brat, do you think I haven’t thought of holding a grand wedding with your mother? I dream of it! But your mother said that there won’t be a wedding.” Yaoyao looked curious. Pei Jingzhou muttered, “It’s destined to be a pity that very important people are absent, so she said that she won’t make up for it.”

Yaoyao fell silent. He seemed to understand why his father had said that someone important was absent from the wedding.

The people who were absent were his grandparents, whom he and his sister had never seen. But Dad had chosen a veil that only brides could wear. Was that… As he thought about it, he heard his father say—

“I’m going to have a wedding here with your mother that belongs to both of us..”

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