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Chapter 526: Chapter 526: Yaoyao: They’re All Ways of the World

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Chapter 526: Yaoyao: They’re All Ways of the World

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In the hotel suite.

After Pei Jingzhou left with Yaoyao, Li Xiwu only slept for half an hour before she stopped feeling sleepy. She woke up very quietly, afraid of waking Youyou up. As soon as she got out of bed, Youyou sat up and asked her with sleepy eyes, “Where are you going, Mommy?”

Li Xiwu thought that the sound of her waking up had woken Youyou up and she returned to the bed. “Mom isn’t going anywhere. Do you want to sleep a little longer?”

Youyou nodded. “Yes.”

So Li Xiwu coaxed her daughter to sleep for a while more. But when she got up, Youyou woke up again. Li Xiwu was caught between laughter and tears. She simply picked Youyou up and brought her to wash up. Then, the mother and daughter went out together.

Li Xiwu planned to call Pei Jingzhou when she reached downstairs. If Pei Jingzhou was near the hotel, Pei Jingzhou might come and pick her up if she called now. Although he said that he was not tired, he had been arranging everything for the past few days. It would be strange if he was not tired. Li Xiwu’s heart still ached for him.

She held Youyou’s hand and took the elevator downstairs. When she came out, she saw a familiar figure sitting on the sofa in the lobby not far away.

Who else could it be but Pei Jingzhou?

As it was from the side, from Li Xiwu’s angle, she could only see Pei Jingzhou and not Yaoyao. She was about to lead Youyou over when she was suddenly attracted by the three people standing outside the sofa.

Li Xiwu stopped in her tracks and was in no hurry to go over. She wanted to see what was wrong first. Youyou turned her head and saw that her mother was not leaving. She was about to ask when Li Xiwu suddenly squatted down and gently covered Youyou’s mouth with her hand. “Shh.”

Youyou’s big round eyes blinked. Seeing such a cute daughter, Li Xiwu almost couldn’t help but kiss her. She lowered her voice. “Your father and brother are over there. Let’s go over quietly and surprise them.”

Youyou’s eyes lit up even more and she nodded vigorously. “Okay.”

After saying this to Youyou, Li Xiwu held Youyou’s hand and walked quietly towards the sofa. The closer she got, the clearer the conversation between Pei Jingzhou and the manager entered her ears.

As she listened, Li Xiwu suddenly stopped.

A veil? Was it the kind of veil she understood?

At trus moment, tne manager took out tne veil from tne clust bag and carefully displayed it in front of Pei Jingzhou. Seeing the thin white veil, Li Xiwu was stunned.

It was really the kind of veil she understood.

Li Xiwu immediately changed her mind and brought Youyou to the sofa behind Pei Jingzhou. She gestured for Youyou not to make a sound and continued to eavesdrop on what Pei Jingzhou was going to do with the veil.

Youyou listened to her mother and sat obediently beside her without saying a word.

About ten minutes later, she heard Pei Jingzhou choose a satisfactory veil, then heard Yaoyao ask him, “Who exactly wore this veil?” Pei Jingzhou said, “l owe your mother a wedding.”

Yaoyao asked again, “A wedding with Mom?”

Pei Jingzhou said, “Yes.”

Yaoyao asked, “Does marriage involve inviting a lot of people?”

Pei Jingzhou said yes and said, “But this day won’t come.”

Li Xiwu heard the end. Including Pei Jingzhou’s words: I’m going to have a wedding here with your mother that belongs to both of us.

When she was still the carefree daughter of the Li family, when she was still dating Pei Jingzhou, she had fantasized many times about how grand her wedding with Pei Jingzhou would be in the future.

At that time, she often whispered in Pei Jingzhou’s ear about the style of the wedding, the scene of the wedding, and what to do at the wedding. Pei

Jingzhou said, “Then we’ll go to this plan, you’ll wear a Xiu He when I escort you for the wedding, and a wedding dress during the wedding.”

She had really fantasized a lot.

Pei Jingzhou had also promised her a lot.

At that time, she knew that Pei Jingzhou would fulfill all his promises. Then something happened to Mom and Dad, and there was no wedding.

When she got back together with Pei Jingzhou, she was also in a state of amnesia. In order to protect her from the painful memories of the past, Pei Jingzhou kept a low profile and registered his marriage with her. There was no wedding.

If he had been selfish for once, even without Mr. and Mrs. Pei’s attendance, he would still have insisted on holding their wedding. He probably wouldn’t be so regretful now…

Li Xiwu removed her thoughts from her memories and carried her daughter out of the hotel lobby. She took the elevator back to the suite upstairs.

She closed the door.

Youyou asked curiously, “Mom, didn’t you say you wanted to surprise Dad?”

“Let’s put the surprise aside for now. I’ll give it to him tomorrow.” Li Xiwu sat cross-legged on the sofa and turned on the television. Then, she reached out and patted the seat beside her. “Come and sit here.”

Youyou jogged over, climbed onto the sofa, and sat beside Li Xiwu. “What surprise?”

Li Xiwu made a shushing gesture. “Mom hid the surprise. When Daddy comes back later, don’t say it in front of Daddy, okay?”

Youyou nodded. Then she asked, “Can I tell my brother?”

Li Xiwu wanted to shake her head, but after thinking for a few seconds, she nodded. “Sure, but you have to tell Brother secretly.”

Youyou nodded. “Yansheng understand.”

Li Xiwu picked up her phone and called Pei Jingzhou. When Pei Jingzhou picked it up, she asked in a soft voice, “Fourth Brother, where are you?” Pei Jingzhou replied gently, “I’m downstairs in the hotel. Are you awake?”

“Yes, I just woke up.” She yawned. “Youyou is awake too. Why don’t I bring

Youyou down now?”

Pei Jingzhou got up and said something to Yaoyao. Then, he said to her, “Wait for me. I’ll come up and pick you up.”

Li Xiwu hummed. “No need. Since you’re downstairs, I’ll just bring Youyou down.”

“Wait for me,” he said. “I’m already in the elevator.”

Yaoyao, who was following Pei Jingzhou, said loudly, “Dad, we haven’t reached the elevator yet.”

Pei Jingzhou glanced at his son. Yaoyao closed his mouth. Before entering the elevator, Pei Jingzhou ended the call with Li Xiwu. He and Yaoyao entered the elevator one after another. There was no one else at this time. There were only father and son in the elevator.

Pei Jingzhou had one hand in his pocket as he looked down at his son. “You’re really my good son.”

Yaoyao grinned slightly. “Thank you, Dad.”

Pei Jingzhou raised his eyebrows. “Can’t you tell the implied meaning?”

Yaoyao looked obedient. “I know.”

“Why are you thanking me if you know?” Pei Jingzhou sneered.

Yaoyao said calmly, “It’s all about the ways of the world.” Pei Jingzhou smiled and asked, “Who taught you the ways of the world?”

Yaoyao answered seriously, “I figured it out myself.” “Heh, figure it out yourself.” Pei Jingzhou snorted.

Every day, he was stunned by the various words his son said.

As the elevator rose level by level, they quickly arrived at the floor. When the elevator door opened, the father and son stepped out of the elevator almost at the same time. Yaoyao’s legs were short, and he had to take three steps to be comparable to Pei Jingzhou, so he walked faster..

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