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Chapter 53: 53 Li Xiwu Finally Knows the Truth

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53 Li Xiwu Finally Knows the Truth

Han Qianye looked apologetic. “…I’m sorry, I didn’t know.”

Xie Wen smiled. “It’s fine.”

Han Qianye did not know that what she had blurted out without thinking would attract a lot of controversy.

The netizens watching the live-stream quickly flooded the screen—

[Why did Han Qianye’s words sound so strange just now?]

[At first, I thought Han Qianye was a stupid mother-in-law who couldn’t hide her intentions. Is she pretending?]

[How scheming.]

[Xie Wen’s mother-in-law is simply a model mother-in-law! Han Qianye doesn’t know anything herself, and she even said that Xie Wen’s mother-in-law doesn’t help Xie Wen take care of the child.]

[Help! I just became Li Xiwu’s fan. Is the house about to collapse?]

Han Qianye still did not know that the good impression she had gained from her unintentional performance was all gone because of her unintentional words.

Li Xiwu, who was preparing dishes in the kitchen downstairs, still didn’t know what had happened.

All the ingredients in the kitchen had been arranged in advance by the production team.

Li Xiwu prepared six dishes and stewed the soup in advance. Then, at eleven-thirty, she cooked the rice in advance.

The six dishes for the time being were stir-fried chicken with ginger, braised Ankang fish, steamed meat with vermicelli, spicy stir-fried conch, ginger duck stew, and corn keel soup that was stewed in advance in a pressure cooker.

Every time the cameraman was about to remind her as he thought that she would forget the dishes in the other pot, and would be burnt, in the blink of an eye, he saw Li Xiwu go over and stir-fry them.

The cameramen and staff were dumbfounded. The two dishes last time were especially simple. They looked easy to make and there were no troublesome procedures. However, the six dishes this time were all hard dishes. Li Xiwu still made them without even looking at any recipes. She knew what to do every step.

Director Gao touched his mouth in front of the monitor. “I thought Miss Li had revealed her skills that day. I didn’t expect her to have hidden them.”

The junior assistant swallowed. “Miss Li’s culinary skills are really not fake. I suspect that being an artist manager is just her side job. Her main job is a chef.”

Yu Jing clicked his tongue. “I’m also a fan of Mother Dragon. To be honest, other than being pleasing to the eye, Miss Li’s cooking is indeed very Mother Dragon’s style.”

The junior assistant asked, “Director Yu, do you think Miss Li imitated the essence?”

Yu Jing said, “Lack… too much.”

Gao Yueban didn’t think much of it. “There’s no such thing as an original method of cooking.”

Yu Jing lowered his voice. “The two dishes, Braised Ankang Fish and Ginger Duck Stew, have both appeared in Mother Dragon’s video. Their cooking methods are exactly the same.”

The junior assistant asked, “Does this affect anything?”

Gao Yueban said calmly, “So what if it’s similar. The more everyone discusses this matter, the more popular the show will be. It’s a good thing.”

Yu Jing looked at Gao Yueban. “It’s indeed a good thing. Miss Li will probably be criticized very badly. She brought popularity to the variety show. Yet, she’ll take the blame alone.”

Just as Yu Jing had thought. During the time Li Xiwu was cooking, the live-stream was very popular online. The number of online viewers exceeded four million.

She was an ordinary person and was not a celebrity. She did not have any basic fans. Just by cooking a few dishes, the number of viewers online broke a new record. Such popularity was indeed very rare.

[I like all six dishes. Hurry up and show off the dishes in my mouth.]

[It’s really rare for Mother Li to have such good culinary skills at such a young age.]

[I announce that Li Xiwu is my… mother!]

[Who isn’t here for the hashtag #MotherDragonSecondGen#?]

[Li Xiwu is doing very well. Don’t do it again.]

[First, Han Qianye opened her mouth to spout nonsense. Then, Li Xiwu imitated Mother Dragon’s cooking twice. Such a cold bucket.]

[The “cold-bucket” pair.]

[The cooking method of Braised Ankang Fish is exactly the same. The order of the ingredients is the same. You’ve learned it quite well. You must have watched the video of Mother Dragon more than a hundred times, right?]

[I hope Li Xiwu has her own cooking style.]

[Today’s favorability towards Li Xiwu is negative one.]

After Li Xiwu finished cooking, she washed her hands and let down her slightly messy hair. She combed it a few times before tying it up again. She wondered if she should take a shower and wash her hair later before going to Pei You’an’s school.

While Li Xiwu was combing her hair, Han Qianye, who had come downstairs, happened to see this scene and her expression was confused for a few seconds.

—It was a little stuffy.

—Her figure is really good.

—No wonder my son is so confused.

—Who wouldn’t be confused?

She was confused, too.

After Li Xiwu tied her hair, she looked up and saw Han Qianye looking at her intently.

Li Xiwu shouted, “Mom.”

Han Qianye was stunned. Not to mention the past few days of interaction, in the past three years, Li Xiwu had only called her ‘Mom’ once. It was the day she went to Lake Lu after she found out about Li Xiwu’s existence. She had said very clearly: Don’t call me Mom. I didn’t acknowledge you as my daughter-in-law.

Ever since then, Li Xiwu had never called her ‘Mom’ again.

Seeing that Han Qianye did not react for a long time, Li Xiwu washed her hands again and walked over to ask, “Is Little Shenshen awake?”

Han Qianye replied in a daze, “She’s awake.”

Li Xiwu nodded. “I’ll go up and take a look.”

Han Qianye stepped aside. “Go on.”

After Li Xiwu went upstairs, Han Qianye’s expression became quite subtle.

Li Xiwu actually called her ‘Mom’? Hmph! Li Xiwu must have felt that she was recording a show. She couldn’t just tell her not to call her ‘Mom’.


This ‘Mom’ was quite pleasant to the ears.

After Li Xiwu went upstairs to see Shenshen, she went to the director to ask for leave.

Gao Yueban asked, “Can you be back in an hour and a half?”

Li Xiwu nodded. “Yes.”

Although Gao Yueban was curious about what was going on, he did not pursue the matter. He even handed the car keys to Li Xiwu. “Drive my car.”

Li Xiwu took it. “Thank you, Director Gao.”

Gao Yueban smiled and said, “What are you thanking me for? You’ve brought so much popularity to the variety show. I feel bad that you have to bear all the negative consequences yourself.”

Li Xiwu’s group was the most popular now. However, the controversy was also on this group of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Li Xiwu drove out with her car keys and did not see Han Qianye. Thinking that time was tight, she left. She arrived at the Fourth High School. After registering and entering the school, Pei You’an came down to pick her up.

Pei You’an had lost some weight and his facial features had grown a lot. The moment he saw Li Xiwu, Pei You’an cried. “Sister-in-law, you’re finally here to save me.”

On the way in, Li Xiwu first understood the situation. “Tell me what happened.”

Pei You’an told Li Xiwu the general situation.

The rough idea was that Pei You’an had received a love letter. He had received too many love letters and did not take them seriously. Later on, when the defendant sent them to the teacher, he found out that the girl had imitated his handwriting and written this love letter as a reverse confession.

Now, that girl insisted that Pei You’an wanted to date her, and she was the one who was unwilling. She even said that he was very scared.

So it led to this.

After hearing this, Li Xiwu frowned. “You said that the female classmate’s name is Chi Xia?”


Pei You’an looked unhappy. “She actually said that her sister-in-law didn’t like her brother in the past. In the end, her brother still took her down. After they got together, they were very loving. She even said that mental control was the easiest. She said that I was her exclusive. She was really sick. In the end, the negotiation broke down. She insisted in front of the form teacher that I was the one who wrote her a love letter. I didn’t record what she said, so I couldn’t explain it no matter what.”

Li Xiwu was silent. If she remembered correctly, Chi Xu’s sister was called Chi Xia? Let’s hope it’s just the same name…

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