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Chapter 537: Chapter 537: Take It Off

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Chapter 537: Take It Off

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Qiao Qiao asked, “How?”

Shao Jingmo asked her, “How do you want me to scold her?”

“Although I came in through connections, she didn’t do anything to hurt me. She just made me wear a sexier business attire.” Qiao Qiao knew very well in her heart. “Little Uncle, you can scold her, but don’t fire her. I’ll pay attention to these things in the future and try to avoid them.”

Shao Jingmo looked at her serious expression and asked, “Are you afraid that

I’ll fire her?”

Qiao Qiao nodded. “Yes.”

“It won’t come to this easily,” Shao Jingmo said. “There has to be a good reason to dismiss the secretary of the board of directors. I don’t have the right to fire her directly.”

Qiao Qiao nodded.

Shao Jingmo reminded her, “You’re not allowed to appear in the company in this outfit in the future.’

Qiao Qiao fully understood. “So my work clothes aren’t of this style?”

Shao Jingmo asked, “You seem to like this style?”

“How is that possible!” Qiao Qiao was afraid that Shao Jingmo would think that she liked it and let her wear it like this in the future. “l don’t want to wear it at all, but in front of Secretary Dou, I know that resistance is useless.” Shao Jingmo said, ‘You don’t have work clothes. You just have to wear serious clothes. You have to get used to wearing serious clothes in the company.” There it was again.

This time, Qiao Qiao asked clearly, “Why do you always have to correct my clothes?”

“Because you’re too young and your aura is too small. Your serious attire can add an aura to you and suppress those old fellows in Deep Blue,” Shao Jingmo said to her.

Qiao Qiao was surprised. Shao Jingmo actually asked her to suppress those old fellows in Deep Blue? But after the surprise, why did these words sound so funny? Qiao Qiao couldn’t help but grin. “I’m not a Daoist priest. Those old guys aren’t demons. Why should I suppress them?”

As soon as she finished speaking, Shao Jingmo’s gaze on her deepened. Qiao Qiao couldn’t stand Shao Jingmo’s gaze. After dodging a few times, she heard him say something—

“You have to take charge one day.”

This time he sounded more serious than ever.

But Qiao Qiao couldn’t quite understand why he suddenly said this to her. After thinking about it carefully, she asked, “Little Uncle, do you mean that after settling the matter with the Bai family, I’ll leave Deep Blue and go back to support the Qiao family myself?”

Shao Jingmo said, “Yes.”

Qiao Qiao had a very serious expression a second ago, but in the next second, she clicked her tongue in boredom and said in a nonchalant tone, “The Qiao family only has Deep Blue Corporation to establish itself in Xingzhou. When the Deep Blue Corporation completely becomes yours, the Qiao family will be an extremely ordinary family. 1 don’t have to support them. I’ll just live a normal life.’

Shao Jingmo wanted to say something, but after looking at her for a moment, he did not say anything else.

Qiao Qiao didn’t take Shao Jingmo’s words to heart at all. Her mind was filled with what had just happened. No wonder Dou Ying was so imposing. As the secretary of the board of directors, no one except the old chairman seemed to be able to fire her easily. She had a pivotal position in the entire Deep Blue.

She couldn’t afford to offend her.

At this moment, Shao Jingmo was staring at Qiao Qiao’s knees. Although there were black stockings blocking it, the color on both sides of the knee was clearly different. He whispered, “Take it off.”

Qiao Qiao was thinking about what had just happened when she heard Shao Jingmo’s words. Her eyes widened and she looked at him in disbelief.

Shao Jingmo’s thin lips moved as he repeated the word expressionlessly, “Take it off.”

Take it off? Take it off? Why did Shao Jingmo ask her to take off her clothes? Didn’t he ask her to button it up just now? Why did he ask her to take it off in the blink of an eye? Was this man tempted by her figure and couldn’t help but want to do something to her?

Ah, beast!

She crossed her arms over her chest. “No!”

Shao Jingmo didn’t know how much fantasy Qiao Qiao had been thinking about in those few seconds. “How can I look at your injuries if you don’t take them off?”

Qiao Qiao stuttered. “Look, look at the injury?”

Shao Jingmo raised his eyebrows. “What else did you think?”

“No, 1 didn’t think anything.” Qiao Qiao looked serious. “Take-take-take off my stockings, right?”

Shao Jingmo replied, “Yes.”

Qiao Qiao looked awkward. “Then make yourself clear.”

Shao Jingmo propped his elbows on his knees and looked at her patiently. “So you think I told you to take off your clothes just now? Then I’ll do something to you?”

Qiao Qiao wanted to deny the dirty thoughts she had just had, but Shao Jingmo looked like he had seen through her. Denying could only comfort herself, so she nodded and said in a voice as thin as a mosquito, “Yes.”

Shao Jingmo smiled. “Don’t worry. Even if you’re my legal wife, I won’t do anything to you.”

With that, he stood and turned his back on her. “Take it off.”

“Okay,” Qiao Qiao replied obediently.

When she was chatting with Shao Jingmo just now, she did not feel any pain in her knees. It was probably because she had been distracted. Now that she was about to take off her stockings, her knees hurt.

Qiao Qiao had already taken off half of her stockings to the bottom of her thighs. Shao Jingmo had his back facing her like a gentleman and didn’t look at her. He was really a gentleman. Qiao Qiao suddenly had a bad idea. It was mainly because Shao Jingmo had always looked cold. She wanted to see a different expression on his face.

Thinking of something, she raised her voice and deliberately shouted, “Little Uncle, can you help me?”

Shao Jingmo did not turn around. He only asked, “Help you with what?”

Qiao Qiao smirked. When she spoke, she tried to make her voice sound the same. “Help me… take off my stockings.” With that, Shao Jingmo’s body stiffened visibly. Qiao Qiao caught the subtle change. She continued, “l don’t have the strength. My leg hurts. I can’t lift it.”

Shao Jingmo glanced sideways at Qiao Qiao, who was asking him for help. It was clearly a trick that could be seen through at a glance. She probably didn’t know that he wasn’t a gentleman. It was just that he had restrained himself well and hid it well in front of her.

If she had to tease him, then she couldn’t blame him. After all, he was not a gentleman.

Shao Jingmo slowly turned around and squatted down in front of her. Without saying anything, he reached out and grabbed her calf. His silent action frightened Qiao Qiao. She had only wanted to tease him. She didn’t expect him to really turn around and help her take off her stockings.

Qiao Qiao quickly retracted her leg, but Shao Jingmo’s wrist was too strong. She couldn’t retract it at all. She immediately said, “Little Uncle, I was just joking with you.”

“It’s not appropriate to joke about your injuries. I took it seriously.” Shao Jingmo held her calf with one hand and helped her remove her stockings with the other. His movements were very natural, but in Qiao Qiao’s opinion, it was another scene.

She blushed and her heart raced as she tried to stop him again. “Little Uncle, really, there’s really no need.”

“I’m happy to help.”

His tone left no room for argument as he pulled her stockings down to her calves.

The smooth and fair skin on her legs was in stark contrast to the black stockings. Qiao Qiao’s heart was about to jump out of her throat. She swallowed hard to steady her heartbeat. She thought that she would be fine after Shao Jingmo took off her stockings, but Shao Jingmo’s hand suddenly stopped at the base of her leg.

She called out softly, “Li-Little Uncle?”

Shao Jingmo did not respond. His fingertips moved slightly on her fair calf..

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